Top 10 Best Desk Pads in 2020

Getting a smooth surface for writing and protecting your desktop from stains and scratches is very important. To achieve these, you need to purchase the best desk pad which will satisfy your needs. Since desk pads are non-slip, dust-proof, and water-resistant, you’ll find them wonderful for your desktop.

However, desk pads come in different sizes to allow you to pick the one that accommodates your needs. Asides this, desk pads vary in color and materials. To help in your decision making, we have tested and reviewed many of them, and have come up with the top 10 best desk pads in 2020.

Best Desk Pads A Complete Guide:

10. BUBM Anti-skid Desk Pad Protector

BUBM Desk Pads

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Before going ahead to purchase a desk pad, it is necessary to check out its size. The 35″ x 18″ size of this BUBM product makes it ideal for most desks. Also, the desk pad is designed from a top-quality durable heavy-duty leather, which makes it easy to clean. You only need to clean with a damp cloth. It comes flat (not folded) and does not smell unpleasant.

Furthermore, you have a variety of colors to select from depending on what you love. The beautiful thing about the desk pad is that it has an anti-skid surface, which makes it perfect for all desktops. As a result of this, you’ll get a smooth writing surface. It has a wide enough area for a laptop, mouse, journal, keyboard, and sketchbook, among others.


  • Comfortable rest surface
  • 35″ x 18″ surface area
  • Durable, heavy-duty leather built
  • Anti-skid surface finish

9. BUBM Non-Slip Leather Soft Surface Office Desk Pad


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The BUBM non-slip desk pad is an outstanding consideration you should look out for if you’re interested in getting the best desk pad. It is designed to handle most tasks such as sketchbooks, keyboards, journals, laptops, and others. This comes as a result of its wide 27.5″ x 15.8″ surface.

You can as well choose from other sizes of the same model. Apart from the different size options, it also comes in a variety of colors for different users. The desk pad has its edges locked for excellent performances. In addition, the BUBM non-slip deck pad is designed from a top-quality PU leather for easy cleaning and prolonged use.


  • Arc angled lip-wraps
  • 5″ x 15.8″ size
  • Four-layer built PU leather
  • Edge locked for excellent performance

8. ZBRANDS Smooth Leather Desk Mat Pad


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Designed with high-quality leather material, the ZBRAND leather desk pad is highly durable and will serve you for a long period. Its quality leather makes cleaning easy and without any unpleasant odor, making it perfect for office use.

It is a great choice of desk pad which has been made for both smooth and rugged experience on every kind of surface. Hence, it can be used to accommodate the keyboard, writing, mouse, and laptop, among others. With a 24″ x 17″ size, it is a wonderful product you do not want to miss in your office.


  • Size of 24″ x 17″
  • Leather construction
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Rugged and smooth surfaces

7. Dacasso Mocha Office Leather Desk Pad


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If you are looking for an ideal writing surface, this Dacasso Mocha product is a wonderful desk pad selection you need to start with. It is designed with a high-quality leather material, which makes cleaning easy and lasts for many years. Because of the large size of this desk pad, it can accommodate most of your office tools. You can use it for your journals, mouse, keyboards, laptops, and much more.

In addition, the desk pad features a matching felt backing that makes it suitable for different kinds of desk sizes. Also, with a 25.5″ x 17.2″ size, it is appropriate for different kinds of desks. It also features side-rails which allow you to use blotter paper. It’s an excellent way to keep your desktop beautifully decorated, organized, and protected!


  • Easy to clean
  • Top-quality leather
  • 5″ x 17.2″ size
  • Felt backing
  • Side rails for blotter paper

6. KINGFOM Writing and Reading Desk Pad and Desk Mat


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This desk pad/desk mat is suitable for use as both a reading and writing surface, using a mouse or keyboard. The desk pad features a well-textured surface, and it can be a great plus to your workspace. Also, it comes in a wide range of colors that will fit any desk or workspace. With this desk pad, you will be giving your workspace a professional look as well as brightening the surroundings with your favorite color.

The desk pad also features a large surface which is very perfect for a wide range of uses. Besides, it is designed with synthetic texture, and its high-grade leather surface is easy to clean. Besides being used as a desk pad, it also functions well as a mouse pad.


  • Functions as a mouse pad
  • The surface is stain resistant
  • Available in different colors
  • Large surface constructed with synthetic texture
  • Non-slip backing

5. BUBM Writing Table Desk Pad


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Yet another BUBM product on our list that comes in a variety of colors, you can select your favorite color desk pad for your satisfaction. With a 35.4″ x 17 ” size, the desk pad is relatively bigger and can fit most desk tables.

It has a water-resistant surface (non-slip rubber) that does not easily get wet and is easy to clean, making it convenient for use in your workspace. In addition, the desk pad is made from a durable and high-quality heavy-duty PU leather that makes it perfect for long term use.


  • Durable heavy-duty PU leather
  • 4″ x 17″ size
  • Water-resistant surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Thick and clear

4. Jelly Comb Gamers’ Desk Pad

Jelly Comb Desk Pads

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This desk pad is exceptionally perfect for gamers. It’s made of a smooth, silky, and waterproof coating. With carefully stitched edges to ensure that the material doesn’t fray, the desk pad easily resists friction during intense gaming sessions. Its non-slip rubber base is top-quality, and it helps to keep control efficiently. You don’t have to bother about accidents due to slipping.

Gamers can easily slide their mouse smoothly across the surface with less resistance. To enhance multitasking, the desk pad comes with 2 built-in kickstands for holding your phone. It makes it easy to check your phone or make calls while gaming. Its size (33.6″ x 22.8″) makes it appropriate for medium and large desks.


  • Stitched edges to avoid fraying
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Large pad for multi-functionality
  • Soft fabric for mouse control  

3. Plenty Leather Gamers’ Desk Pad & Mat


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This desk pad and mat has a size of 24 inches by 14 inches. It’s designed with top-quality leather that is visually attractive and feels great on the skin. The desk pad is large enough to take your mouse, keyboard, computer, and other items efficiently and comfortably. The multi-purpose desk pad is well made with soft leather (polyurethane) which is very soft to touch.

Unlike some other brands, it’s not made of plastic or vinyl. The leather material protects the desk against scratches and spills. Its anti-slip rubber grip prevents any moving around of the pad, which will enhance productivity while gaming or working. To reduce eye strain, the desk pad also has anti-glare features. It makes your office or home look fantastic as it is aesthetically appealing.


  • Can be used for gaming and working
  • Large surface area
  • Anti-slip rubber base

2. SEESO Vintage Multipurpose Desk Pad

seeso Desk Pads

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Measured at 25.2 inches x 13.4 inches, this SEESO Vintage Desk Pad has a stylish design that features beautiful pastel colors. It includes 2 convenient clear pockets in its design. Business cards or pictures can be placed in each pocket to give it a customized photo appearance and keep the items safe.

It features a waterproof surface that has a ruler printed on it, which enhances the easy measurement of items for your projects. To help in keeping track of your plans, it comes with a weekly/monthly planner. It features a non-slip standard rubber bottom that enhances productivity without having to slide around.


  • Has a built-in ruler designed on it
  • Customizable with pictures
  • Has a weekly/monthly schedule

1. Corey-z Extended Gamers’ Mouse Pad


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The Corey-z Gaming Mouse Pad is highly rated among other products and has been designed to assure use for a long period. The desk pad comes in a variety of color options to allow you to select your favorite color or one that’s suitable for your office.

Because it is manufactured using the best quality leather material, the desk pad can last for many years. It provides a comfortable and soft feeling on every surface. Also, the surface area of this mouse pad measures 31.3″ by 11.8″, which makes it suitable for desktops too. The mouse pad keeps your desktop from stains and scratches and offers the best protection for your elbow. It is very easy to clean.


  • Multi colors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Has a large size of 31.3″ by 11.8″

Buyers Guide Choosing on Desk Pads

There are numerous desk pads available on the market with different functions. To purchase the best pad that offers comfortable gaming or working experience, here are some factors you should consider.

  • Materials

Different desk pads are manufactured using different materials. The most popular materials are faux leather, plastic, and leather. What you need the desk pad for will determine which material you should buy. For keeping your laptop, you can go for an anti-static desk pad. For writing, the leather desk pad will be perfect. Also, for general use, a plastic desk pad is okay.

  • Easy Cleaning

It is necessary to clean your desk pad after a long use period. Cleaning some can be tough. Choose a desk pad that is easy to clean or wash with detergent and water without damaging its quality.

  • Multipurpose Use

A large mouse pad is needed for gamers. Using a multi-purpose desk pad will easily fulfill your demand and provide a comfortable gaming session. A multi-purpose desk pad can function as a writing pad, desk surface protector, and mouse pad.

  • Surface

When purchasing a desk pad, this is one of the major features to consider. If you’re looking to write on the desk pad, you have to consider faux leather material. The softness of a leather desk pad surface is necessary, as it offers a smooth writing experience. However, some laser mouse options don’t work well on a clear mat. So you should check your mouse on the desk pad before buying it.

Non-slip Backing

Anti-slip desk pads are always acceptable as they protect your laptop or keyboard from slipping. Foam and rubber material are both preferable for a great non-slip experience on your desk pad.

  • Color

Different desk pads come in different color varieties to pick from. The most popular colors are grey, white, brown, and black. You should consider your desk color before choosing a desk pad. Perfect matching with your desk gives it an awesome look.

  • Price

Desk pads are not usually pricey. They are cheap and affordable. You should consider the price with quality. Whether you’re on a budget or not, ensure to buy a leather desk pad that offers you comfort while working or gaming.

  • Size

Ensure to check for a suitable desk pad size for your desk. Some may be relatively smaller while some may be larger. Hence, you need to select one that fully covers your desktop and keep it from stains and scratches.


To keep your laptop safe, protect your desktop from staining or scratching, and get a smooth surface for writing, you need to purchase the best desk pad. With our detailed review and buyers guide, we hope you can now make a perfect decision regarding the desk pad that suits your needs. Consider every factor outlined above, and we’re positive you will make an excellent purchasing decision.

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