Top 10 Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns in 2019

Who doesn’t know about lanterns? A handy light that was the must-have in every house at some point in time. Well, innovation has taken the world by storm and traditional lanterns have lost its sparks. In the recent era also, you can have a lantern at your house which you can use on a daily basis. Rechargeable LED lanterns lets you have a sturdy lantern and use it on the move as these are rechargeable in nature. Also, the LED lights provide you with enough brightness to meet your day to day needs.

Here are the top 10 best rechargeable LED lanterns to make your life easier. Have a look at their descriptions to know the products well before buying.

List of Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns Review

10. Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern

Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lanterns

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Tough Lights presents you an LED lantern which is rather trusted by numerous customers for its reliability and superior build quality. It has 6 different lighting modes that come in handy in various situations. There are the basic light settings of low, medium and high.

As a result, it provides you light with progressively higher levels of luminous intensity from 40 lumens to 400 lumens. At low settings, the battery would last for up to 200 hours.

Key Features
  • Has a battery life indicator that clearly hints whenever the charge is going low.
  • SOS mode flashes light for unpredictable situations.
  • Has high-water resistance with an IPX6 rating certainly makes it capable for working in wet conditions.

9. Brionac LED Camping Lantern


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This LED lantern from Brionac has two ways of drawing power. Firstly, you can use it with AA batteries or just charge up the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Hence, it is built into the lantern. Secondly, it is charged via any generic USB cable. And the 1200 mAh battery gives you a high0battery life than most others in the market.

For making your work easier it has 3 strong magnets at the bottom. Hence, it attaches the lantern to any metal surface. It is indeed lightweight in nature and has a high-quality ABS construction.

Key Features
  • The handle is foldable and that also in two different ways.
  • Adjustable height lets you control the brightness.
  • Features as many as 4 lighting modes.

8. Lighting Ever LED Camping Lantern

Lighting EVER LED Rechargeable Lanterns

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This lantern really comes in handy when you have a power failure or at camping. With high waterproof capabilities, it is rated IPX4 and is used in most places that you want to go camping. Furthermore, water splashes from any direction aren’t a threat anymore.

It even has two built-in flashlights which are detached from the lantern and used individually. The flashlights are rather powered by AAA batteries which come with the package to save you some dollars.

Key Features
  • Indeed charged via common USB cable or the included car charger.
  • Has an 1800 mAH built-in battery.
  • It is super bright at around 600 lumens.

7. Wsky Led Camping Lantern

Wsky LED Rechargeable Lanterns

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Wsky has equipped this LED lantern with foldable handles that save space in your backpack when not in use. It certainly has a small handle on the side which lets you use the top flashlight. With a magnetic base, it uses 3 powerful magnets positioned strategically. However, you would be able to place the lantern on most metal surfaces to free your hands for work.

This waterproof product is perfect for outdoor usage and it is extremely light in weight. Finally, you can have access to straight 12 hours of immensely bright illumination without fail.

Key Features
  • Powered by AA batteries or built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Rather charged by power bank, laptop or car via USB cable.

6. LUX · PRO Rechargeable LED Lantern

LUX · PRO LED Rechargeable Lanterns

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If you really want something with high luminosity when the power is out or while camping, this is the best product. It has a control dial for adjusting the brightness. Just twist it to adjust it within the range of 75 lumens to a 1000 lumens. At the lowest brightness, it gives you immense battery light. Plus provides you more than enough light at the highest setting.

As a matter of fact, it is safe to be used in any weather and indeed has a rubberized body.

Key Features
  • Uses a rechargeable battery of 2000 mAh.
  • Comes with a micro USB charger.
  • Broadbeam technology gives you light in every direction too.

5. SUBOOS Ultimate Rechargeable LED Lantern


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Suboos gives you an LED lantern with one of the highest capacity rechargeable batteries in the market. The pair of 2600 mAh battery with its massive capacity would power your lantern for long hours. Next, it is easily charged via USB cable. You can even use it as a power bank to power your smart devices like tablet, phone or action camera.

In addition to that, with an IPX5 rating, it is highly waterproof. So, you can rather take it on most outdoor adventures.

Key Features
  • Comes with a warranty period of 5 years.
  • Gives maximum brightness of 185 lumens.

4. LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern


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LE brings you an amazing LED lantern that is also used as a spotlight. It has been rated IP44 so it is waterproof and is used even when the outside elements are at work. With a 3600 mAh battery, it gives you long battery life and keeps your surrounding illuminated for a very long time.

However, you get the brightness of 1000 lumen and as many as 5 lighting modes. It is indeed super bright and you won’t miss a spot.

Key Features
  • Solid construction yet lightweight to rather makes it portable.
  • Easily chargeable with the help of a USB port.

3. Streamlight 44945 Siege Work Lantern

Streamlight LED Rechargeable Lanterns

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Want a heavy-duty and premium LED lantern that can give you high output even in the worst conditions? Then look no further than this Streamlight Siege Series Lantern. For illuminating your surroundings it uses 5 C4 power LEDs. As a matter of fact, it has an immensely huge battery capacity of 8800 mAh to power them.

You get a simple on or off button that also indicates your battery level. Above all, now you know when to charge it up or use it more conservatively.

Key Features
  • One can use it as a power bank.
  • Has a small storage compartment to keep things dry.

2. Kyng Bolt Lite LED Lantern

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Kyng Bolt Lite has made one of the most values for money LED lantern that gives you maximum performance. The outer shell is crafted out of high-quality ABS plastic and covered with rubber material for shock resistance.

Moreover, it is waterproof and can handle light drops. So you can use it in most situations without damaging this rugged lantern. Having both white as well as red light modes, you can choose the light color as per choice.

Key Features
  • Covered by a 3 year warranty period.
  • Up to 250 hours of battery life with the 6000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Max brightness of 400 lumens is indeed enough.

1.Lighting Fever Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

Lighting EVER

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Lighting Ever has made one of the smallest LED lanterns that would fit on your palm. It is best for the backpacker in you who always has to ration their storage space carefully. Even when there is a hurricane you would be able to use it due to its waterproof capability.

Furthermore, the strong magnetic bottom sticks itself to a most metallic surface. Finally, it also has a carved space on its surface for holding the USB cable that charges the device.

Key Features
  • One can use it as a power bank for your phone.
  • At full brightness, it has an output of 280 lumens.

Make the LED rechargeable lantern’s good use during power cuts or camping in your backyards or any other location. Feel the thrill and always have sufficient light.

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