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10 Best Digital Tape Measures in 2024

Do you often think about how the measurements of things stay precise? Well, the technology has made it possible for the users to craft products with accurate length & width by the invention of best digital tape measures. There is no doubt the market has lots of manual measures, but they can’t match the accuracy of the digital versions.

Nowadays, the majority of people shop online which makes the selection process confusing due to the availability of too many options. Every brand advertises its products with a single motto, i.e., their models are better than competitors. However, the real query is which one really are good ones to buy. If you have the same issue, then this post is all you need to read. Our team has created a list of top 10 best digital tape measures to choose from in 2024 after a huge testing process. Let’s have a look at all the models and buy the one you like the most.


The Best Digital Tape Measures in 2024

10. Aomaso Laser Distance Measure

Aomaso Digital Tape Measures

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We are going to begin the list with a model that is crafted in purely lightweight construction for easy carrying from one place to another. The majority of people who often heads towards the field choose to shop this brilliant model. It has a large illuminated display that makes reading easier in dark areas. There are tons of multi-measurement modes of this unit that help in calculating area, length, Pythagoras, and volume.

This model used by people in different applications like construction, industries, factories, rooms, apartments, and many more. The package is delivered with tons of accessories like a portable bag, a hand strap, two batteries, and a user manual along with the main laser distance meter.


  • Automatic remediation ability
  • Provide terrific accuracy
  • Notifies with beep siren
  • Capable of measuring a variety of things


  • Doesn’t show fractions

9. MulWark Digital Tape Measure


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The next one is another budget-friendly option that equipped with a pretty large LCD display. The company hasn’t compromised in terms of quality and used premium material for making it. It comes with short term memory function along with an auto midpoint calculation system.

The company has used a long-life lithium battery that can be replaced easily when not in use. It is one of the best digital tape measures backed by a worry-free guarantee along with brilliant customer service.


  • Very affordable to buy
  • Manufactured using top-grade material
  • Backed by a worry-free guarantee
  • Equipped with short term memory function


  • The locking mechanism is a little bit bad
  • The description is hard to understand

8. Lexivon Digital Laser Tape Measure

LEXIVON Digital Tape Measures

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Are you completely beginner and looking to shop tape measure for the first time? If yes, then this digital measure is all you need to think about buying. It is a beautifully crafted model equipped with auto off technology and stud center markings. Also, you will get a one-year warranty on this unit that is quite amazing in every sense.

The package will include two AAA batteries and a screwdriver along with the main machine. It works by using smooth single-button giving quick and more comfortable measurements. This machine always gives precise results to the users without causing too many problems.


  • Made using rubberized ABS case
  • Equipped with auto shut off technology
  • Beginner-friendly single button operation
  • Nylon coating for corrosion prevention


  • Laser quality needs improvement
  • Side location of the tape might be irritating for many

7. Stanley STHT77138X (best 100 feet digital tape measure)


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The Stanley STHT77 is a brilliant model that works perfectly on all types of surfaces. It is a class 2 laser model that calculates distance, volume, and area perfectly. In addition to the main machine, this package includes two AAA batteries and a quick start manual.

This impressive model allows the users to find distance quite easily from a target. Overall, it is an excellent product that you should think about buying without waiting further at all.


  • Delivered with a great set of accessories
  • Provide brilliant foot range
  • Calculates area & volume perfectly
  • Easy to understand manual


  • Lack of back-lit might be an issue
  • Flatness on the bottom is a great issue

6. Leica Disto D2 (best for long-range)

 Leica Geosystems Digital Tape Measures

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The sixth position is accommodated by the unit that is known for its long-range. The Leica Disto D2 has a large back-lit LCD display giving you the right information about the measurements. This Bluetooth compatible model can provide a range up to 330 feet giving it perfect for professional use.

You will be amazed to know that this model is almost three times better when compared with a standard laser model. In simple words, the thing we want the buyers to know is this model is incredible for making quick & accurate measurements.  Also, the company delivers this tape measure with a two year warranty period.


  • Equipped with IP54 rating
  • Compatible with Bluetooth technology
  • Brilliant range up to 330 feet
  • Reach difficult areas easily


  • Super costly option to buy
  • Customer service has a long waiting time

5. eTape ET Digital Tape Measure


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If you want to shop a tape measure at an ultra low price, we suggest the buyers for investing model in this product from the eTape brand. There is a measurement memory feature available in the unit allowing you to save measurements for future measurement.

It is available in two different variants, named 1st Generation and Generation-2 for extra choice. Despite being an affordable option, it equipped with short-term memory function that can be very handy in the long run.


  • Super affordable to buy
  • Large LCD display
  • Available in two different variants
  • Capable of keeping the memory of calculations


  • Lack of laser might be an issue
  • Ask for slow movement

4. Tacklife Laser Tape Measure

TACKLIFE Digital Tape Measures

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The next one is a 2-in-1 digital model that is known for its excellent accuracy among the buyers. It equipped with an energy saving tool making sure the minimum battery used during the operation. There is a magnetic hook in this unit allowing the users to attach it to any ferrous material.

Its blade also has impressive stability that very few models can offer to the users. This excellent unit is backed by 24 months warranty and wonderful after-sales customer service.


  • Capable of saving a solid amount of energy
  • Attaches perfectly to ferrous material
  • Brilliant after sales service
  • Give accurate measurement


  • Slightly unreliable laser

3. Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C (best for functioning)


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Beating this beast in terms of operation is a pretty difficult task in any manner. It is a brilliant laser measuring tool that equipped with a variety of features like real-time length, Bluetooth compatibility, two years warranty, and brilliantly lit display among others.

This compact size digital tape measure is crafted by the manufacturer in handy pocket design for convenient buyers. Overall, we want to say it is a complete package that you can buy for having a brilliant measurement experience.


  • Equipped with convenient to read lit display
  • Incredible battery life
  • Variety of modes for choosing
  • Pretty large memory


  • Low IP rating might be an issue
  • Little bit lower battery life

2. Leica Disto E7100i (runners up)

 Leica Geosystems Digital Tape Measures

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The runner up in the list is a terrific digital tape measure that can work up to 200 feet quite precisely. It is one of the best digital tap measures if we talk about the most extended range in the market. Apart from making brilliant measurements, this unit lets the users import their measurements directly to the tablet or phone.

It is a perfect Bluetooth enabled device equipped with min-max mode for scanning area and determining its closest or furthest point automatically. You may have to pay slightly higher for buying this unit, but the features available in it make this investment worthy in every manner.


  • Designed with Bluetooth & min-max mode
  • Capable of calculating volume and area automatically
  • Pretty longer distance range
  • IP54 certification


  • Quite an expensive pick
  • Not capable of laying flush on walls

1. General Tools LTM1 (editor’s choice)

General Tools

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If you are looking to shop the very best model among the abundance of options available in this pool, we suggest shopping the LTM1 model from the General Tools brand. It is a dual model crafted in a compact size and fits perfectly in the hands of users. This ergonomic unit can measure up to 50 feet quite quickly and conveniently.

It comes with a large LCD digital display that helps in making measurements easily. This class II laser product works with a touch of one button allowing users to measure long distances with minimum effort. Another good thing is you don’t need to spend too much money shopping for this unit at all.


  • One-button convenient operation
  • Give precise measurements
  • Works perfectly for long distances
  • Extremely compact design


  • Replacing batteries is very time-consuming
  • Minor complaints about its accuracy

How to choose the best digital tape measures?

A digital tape measure is an excellent equipment that needs to be selected carefully. There are lots of things that need to be examined before one reaches a final decision. Many people don’t care much about them and end up regretting later. We want our readers shouldn’t be one of them and choose the right option. You can see the factors that need to be checked while making your purchase below:

  • Measuring Range

If we talk about average, then we will say the range for a digital tape measure is between 100 feet and 300 feet. The thing you need to ensure here is to buy the model that has the range you need. Make this decision carefully so you can make the right calculations.

  • Display

The next factor that you have to consider carefully is the display of the digital tape measure so you can see the calculations adequately. Try to find the ones having a back-lit screen that will allow the users to see things in the bright glare.

Battery Life

The battery life is also an essential thing that you can’t miss while shopping for a tape measure. After all, you won’t wish to waste all your time for charging this unit. Make sure the unit you buy has a solid battery that lasts for a couple of hours easily.

  • Memory

If you are one of those people who have to complete complex jobs, we suggest the buyers go for the models with pretty large memory. However, the buyers who want to complete basic tasks can think about shopping for the one with lower memory.

  • Functioning

The functioning factor needs to be considered carefully to ensure you end up shopping the perfect model. The shoppers who want to use it in their home can buy the model with basic functions. On the other hand, professional people should invest in the ones that come with high-end functions.


We believe that this post is beneficial for the buyers in selecting one of the best digital tape measurers quite easily. Every model here is known for its accuracy along with durability that allows the unit to last for many years.  Don’t forget to less us know about which model you are going to shop after reading this post.

If there is a query in your mind regarding this equipment, we suggest writing about it in the comment section. Our team will answer your question with a proper explanation.