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10 Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2024

Have any problems to see while parking? Then you need some good lighting to help you carefully park your car and without a scratch. The LED parking lot lights are going to light up the places in just seconds and you will never face any viewing problem again. Having advanced built, you can surely maintain your car’s condition.

So which should you vouch for? Our expertise has been put in this article and all the suggestions will direct you correctly.


List of Best LED Parking Lot Lights Review

10. AntLux Shoebox Pole Light

ANTLUX LED Parking Lot Lights

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Replace your old power-hungry parking lot lights with this efficient solution from AntLux. It uses LEDs instead of gas-based lights. So you certainly get a significant amount of savings on your energy bill. It will moreover last much longer than the old metal halide lights that you have.

Plus, it is super bright and produces an output of 18600lm and performs as a perfect option for commercial things.

Key Features:
  • With an IP66 rating, it can rather bear the brunt of harsh weather elements like mist, rain or salt.
  • Rated to last for 50000 hours.
  • Doesn’t emit harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

9. HYPERLITE LED Parking Lot Lighting


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The best feature of these lights is the smart sensor technology that makes it automatic. It has a photocell sensor that can detect the natural amount of illumination due to the Sun. Therefore, you can indeed set it up to a custom level that triggers the on or off function.

So when it gets dark the lights switch on and with the arrival of dawn, it will automatically be switched off. Finally, this sturdy product has heavy-duty construction and strong shell.

Key Features:
  • Slip fitter mount certainly enables one-person installation.
  • Covered by a warranty period of 5 years.
  • Uses an excellent heat sink that provides superior cooling performance.

8. LEDMO LED Parking Lot Lights

LEDMO LED Parking Lot Lights

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Ledmo has created this parking lot LED light for you to cut costs. Thus, enjoy better profit margins in the long run. It has a rugged construction with an IP65 rating, as a result, provides high resistance to dust and water. So even during rainy or windy days, the light would work without any problems.

You also get a mounting bracket that is rather rotated easily for versatile installation. Furthermore, the slip mount included is adjustable in nature and you can get bright light anytime.

Key Features:
  • Aluminum alloy body is indeed light and allows better heat dissipation.
  • Ultra-bright at 26000 lumens with just 200 watts of power.
  • With photocell, you can automate the lights and get even better savings.

7. NGTlight LED Parking Lot Lights


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NGTlight provides you with a really affordable, yet powerful LED light that will brighten up your parking lot. With just 300 watts of power, it can give you an output of over 40000 lumens. As a matter of fact, it is better than anything that others are offering at this price range.

It certainly uses SMD3030 chips which have a high luminous efficiency of 130 Lm/w. Above all; this means that it gives more brightness with less power saving.

Key Features:
  • It is recognized and received certification from Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Good customer service that is rather quick to respond.
  • It has heavy-duty die-cast aluminum built and the polyester powder coating adds to the beauty.

6. RuggedGrade LED Lights

RuggedGrade LED Parking Lot Lights

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ReggedGrade has produced an amazing LED light for your parking lot. It essentially pays for itself by saving you on your energy bill. The chips are highly efficient and have a diffuser. Therefore, reduces glare and indeed protects the LED chips from damage.

It is, however, very environment-friendly since it doesn’t have mercury, brother does it emit UV rays.

Key Features:
  • The mounting head is certainly moved till 180-degrees to suit your needs.
  • Works in most areas since it accepts a voltage range of 110-277 volts.
  • The aluminum housing has high-quality paint that won’t fade or chip away easily.

5. Kadision 150W


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Kadision has made a really superior quality LED light that has certification from both UL and ETL. Having the photocell sensor, you can rather use your labor elsewhere. With changing luminous intensity from the Sun it can switch on or off to bring you huge power savings.

On the other hand, if you want to control the lights manually, the shorting cap comes in handy.

Key Features:
  • Aluminum housing with a powder-coated finish for rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Features type III light distribution that’s indeed more than enough for three adjacent parking spots.

4. dephen LED Parking Lot Light

dephen LED Parking Lot Lights

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Dephen presents to you an LED light that works within the range of 100 watts and 300 watts. Therefore, gives you much better and efficient performance than the HID metal halide that you already have. You can use this not just as a parking lot light but for driveways, residential areas and more.

Moreover, it is mounted on poles, posts, walls and more easily. Perfect for both industrial as well as commercial use, you will certainly provide you with better design.

Key Features:
  • It rather has surge protection that even works with 10kV of voltage passing through.
  • IP65 rating shows its high resistance to dust and water damage.
  • Has around 280 pieces of 3030 LED chips from Philips.

3. Hykolity LED Parking Lot Light


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With a color temperature of 5000K, this LED light illuminates your driveway, parking lot or roadway. And that indeed with a bright white light that brings everything into a clear vision. It, as a matter of fact, has type-III distribution.

That’s why a wider area of illumination and makes one of these lights enough for covering three cars. You indeed get an industry-leading 5 year warranty period with this light that lets you buy the product without worries.

Key Features:
  • You can adjust the angle of lighting within 60-degrees.
  • It is certainly mounted on the square as well as round poles.

2. EverWatt 600W Metal-Halide Equivalent Replacement

EverWatt LED Parking Lot Lights

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Now you can have tremendous savings with just one-fourth of your current power use without any compromise on brightness. This 5000K bright white LED light furthermore gives you the brightness. It is rather equal to your existing 600W metal halide lamp by just using 150 watts of power.

Above all, this is possible due to the highly efficient LED chips. It together can provide over 20000 lumens.

Key Features:
  • Certified. Y both UL and DLC and is compliant with RoHS standards.
  • Can last you for over 370000 working hours.
  • Extremely affordable and can indeed save around 358 dollars in utility bills.

1. LEONLITE LED Parking Lot Light


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Unlike other manufacturers, Leonlite has equipped its LED light with slip fitter mount that is compatible with various installations. However, it can slide over or by the pole, be it square or round and can easily go up on walls.

It also has high-quality housing that protects it from shocks and doesn’t allow water or dust to enter the light. With an IP65 rating, even heavy downpours aren’t going to affect the performance of this light

Key Features:
  • Has a special transparent water drop lens.
  • The short cap can rather protect your light from electrical leakage.

Buying Guide For LED Parking Lot Lights


The one that has high-quality construction will make sure that you use it for a long time. It must have rugged construction and come in a weatherproof design making it perfect for outdoor use. The LED parking lost light has to be suitable for all seasons, and you can see if it has better heat dissipation ability.


You will find LED parking lot lights in different designs. Select the one that comes with better aesthetics and has an attractive look.


It can come in different colors, and you can get the one according to your preference. You need to see if it has enhanced color temperature. It is on the Kelvin scale and can range accordingly.


Cri or Color Rendering Index is the quality of light. For improved light quality, you can see if it has a higher CRI.


The wattage determines the overall performance of the LED parking lot light. The one that has higher wattage will make sure there will be better light.


The lumens can accordingly, and you will have to get it according to the size for maximum coverage. It must offer visible light output so that there will be a remarkable performance. For coverage of up to 30 feet, it must come with 40,000 lumens. Similarly, for up to 20 feet coverage, it must have 20000 lumens.

Light Pattern:

To make sure there will be perfect coverage, you need to consider the light pattern. This can vary accordingly, and the one that has a T3 pattern light pattern will make sure there will be reliable performance. However, you will have to know the area and then make your purchase. The distribution pattern will make sure there will be perfect illumination.

Mounting Options:

The product must let you have easy mounting. Select the one that lets you mount it in multiple ways. You can see if it eliminates the need for having a technician so that there will be a cost-effective installation. Go for the one that comes with all the necessary hardware. The different types of mounting options are trunnion, straight arm, and slip fitter.


Some can come with a feature of cross over lighting that helps to balance the light and decrease the shadows. Look for the one that can deliver efficient performance so that you can save on the cost of power bills. Although it can reduce energy costs, you can see if it has easy maintenance.

Get the best of the views whenever you are in the park. The LED parking lot lights provide the brightest illumination and in the best way.