Top 10 Best Lawn Mower Covers in 2020

If you have a big lawn, porch or a garden, you know the importance of owning a lawn mower. But the maintenance of this equipment is really very hard. With the change of seasons and unpredictable rains, there are chances of hampering the functionality of these machines. Thus, a lawn mower cover comes in handy to keeps the mowers safe even during rough winter nights or rainy days.

From size to shape features, everything varies with the brands. In the list below, we have detailed every necessary point before you proceed to buy.

List of Best Lawn Mower Covers Review

10. ToughCover Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower

Tough Cover Lawn Mower Covers

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Like any machine, your lawn mower adds ease. Plus, it has the convenience to your life but needs to be protected for extending its lifetime. Tough Cover provides you with an inexpensive way to shield your investment. The cover is crafted out of heavy-duty and super thick 600 Denier fabric that protects your mower throughout the seasons.

Moreover, it is rather tear-resistant and fully covers your mower with the sealable drawstring design.

Reason To Buy
  • Water resistant material prevents rain from rusting your mower.
  • Prevents UV rays from discoloring your lawn mower.
  • Indeed comes with a storage bag for transportation purpose.

9. Classic Accessories Zero Turn Riding Mower

Classic Accessories Lawn Mower Covers

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Your zero turn riding lawn mower is probably one of the most expensive products you have for gardening. Now with this tailor-made zero turn lawn mower cover from Classic Accessories, you can protect your prized investment with ease.

As a matter of fact, it certainly has an air vent. Thus, it is reinforced and allows some air to pass through which makes the cover resistant to tears or flying away in strong winds.
Due to the water-resistant fabric rainwater also flows down instead of seeping in and damaging your mower.

Reason To Buy
  • Handle makes removing the cover and putting it on effortless.
  • Bottom beam rather has an elastic cord running through to make the cover fit better.

8. Family Accessories Riding Lawn Mower

Family Accessories Lawn Mower Covers

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With this cover from Family Accessories, your lawn mower would be protected and in pristine condition for a long time. Even during heavy rainfall, the water-resistant nature of this fabric would keep water out.

However, moisture might condense inside the cover on your lawn mower of air can’t pass through. So the cover has dual air vents which keep the air flowing and doesn’t allow mildew formation on your mower.

Reason To Buy
  • Dust and UV rays are kept out.
  • No compromise on quality with the 600D tear resistant fabric.
  • Sealed seams certainly add extra waterproof capabilities.

7. Toro 490-7516 Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Toro Lawn Mower Covers

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While most manufacturers offer cover made of a 300D polyester fabric, Toro doesn’t believe in cutting costs for cheap gains. Their polyester fabric is resistant to tear and abrasion and woven extra thick at 600D.

Furthermore, the use of polyester fabric certainly means that water won’t be able to pass through. As a result, it won’t damage your mower.

Reason To Buy
  • Air vents to reduce moisture condensation.
  • Secured as well as snug fit due to elastic opening.
  • Generous size for small zero turns mowers.

6. Formosa Covers Deluxe Riding Lawn Mower

Formosa Covers

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Formosa Covers have coated this lawn mower cover to make it resistant against dust, pollen, birds and more. Even the harmful UV rays which can easily discolor the paint job of your lawn mower are kept at bay. The cover will indeed not fly away and will keep your reliable mower look as good as the day you bought it.

In addition to that, it features a weatherguard coating that makes this lightweight cover tolerant to the adversities of nature. Finally, with the use of elastic hem at the bottom, it becomes easy to use.

Reason To Buy
  • Resists strong winds and mold formation due to two air vents.
  • 300D polyester fabric can repel water.
  • Certainly avoids the occurrence of ballooning.

5. Classic Accessories Walk Behind

Classic Accessories

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One of the greatest advantages that you get with this lawn mower cover from Classic Accessories is its compatibility. It is large enough to fit most types of push or walks behind mowers irrespective of the motor they use.

Made from Weather-X™ fabric, this cover can certainly repel water and keeps most natural elements outside. Nonetheless, shock cord which is elastic in nature runs through the bottom hem to give you a snug fit. Therefore, it prevents the cover from flying away.

Reason To Buy
  • Covered by a warranty period of one year.
  • Straps that close with a click and let you remove the cover with one hand.
  • The storage bag is rather integrated into the cover.

4. Himal Lawn Mower Cover

Himal Outdoors

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You need a lawn mower cover which is durable and wouldn’t get worn out easily. Himal Outdoors has made this cover from Oxford fabric which has a thickness of 600D. Thus, it can certainly take a lot of abuse. Unlike others, it has seams which are double stitched, which boost the longevity of this product.

As a matter of fact, in the inner surface features 2 layers of the waterproof coating. Hence, it doesn’t allow any moisture to get to your lawn mower.

Reason To Buy
  • Drawstring design makes for a snug fit.
  • 2 years of the warranty period.
  • Fully offers UV protection to keep your mower safe.

3. STARTWO Lawn Mower Cover

STARTWO Lawn Mower Covers

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Startwo provides you with one of the most resilient lawn mower covers in the market at an unbelievably affordable price. Firstly, this cover is highly water repellent and can withstand water pressure as high as 2000 pascals. Moreover, it is made from 420D Oxford fabric.

Above all, with the PU coating, it is not just shielding your mower from water, sun and air but also doing it in an eco-friendly manner.

Reason To Buy
  • The double stitched seams have a waterproof seal.
  • Certainly, won’t crack due to excessive cold, will not tear, etc.
  • You can have a custom fit with the tightening cord.

2. Eventronic Riding Lawn Mower Cover


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You can stay worry-free about your lawn mower being out of harm’s way with this cover from Eventronic. To make it waterproof the cover is indeed coated with polyurethane that repels water and the stitching is seamless. Moreover, water has little to no chance to reach your lawn mower.

Strong gales of wind won’t be able to uncover the mower due to the elastic hem. Lastly, it keeps a secure fit around the mower in all conditions.

Reason To Buy
  • It offers a storage bag that helps in carrying it.
  • 210D polyester is adequately thick and fit for long use.

1. Porch Shield Push

Porch Shield

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Apart from an elastic hem, this cover also uses which you can use for a more comprehensive fit. These buckles allow you to secure extra fabric hanging out at places to be tightened against the mower’s body.

Furthermore, your cover would have a warranty period of 3 years which is more than most competitors provide. This factor along with the low price allows you to buy this cover with no worries

Reason To Buy
  • Easily fits mowers smaller than 78-inches.
  • PU coating makes the fabric water resistant.

Now ensure the safety of your mower and keep it as good as new. The lawn mower covers will maintain your machine’s glamour even in worst days.

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