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10 Best Hanging Egg Chairs in 2024

Whether you have a nice balcony, studio apartment or patio, a hanging egg chair can be a worthy addition. These chairs are not only comfortable but they augment your decor greatly. With these hanging chairs, you will be able to impress your guests and give out a classy vibe.

However, you have to be careful while choosing a chair. You need to be cautious about the durability and build of the product. Now, you will have to make sure that it can carry your weight without any complication. Indeed a comfortable way to make your times feel worthy, this hanging egg chairs buying guide will help you to be in track. So, see which one can beautify the surroundings and then buy it.


List of Best Hanging Egg Chairs Review

10. Barton Hanging Egg Chair

Barton Hanging Egg Chairs

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If you are trying to shake up the look of your deck, or patio, this will be a great choice. Although, you can use it indoors if you wish to also. The product even though it is hanging, is really sturdy. One great factor about this product is that it has a steel construction.

For this reason, not only is the product sturdy but free from the fear of any rusting. The polyethylene rattan resin wicker wrap around the steel frame adds to the durability of the product. It also provides a headrest for added comfort. Having a detachable design, only one person can sit on it and rest. Finally, it’s fluffy cushion will let you sink in it and feel the comfort.

Key Features: 

  • For a snuggly nap, the hanging chair provides a premium quality fluffy cushion with the product.
  • It promises to be able to brave any weather without any damage to the product.
  • The product is easy to disassemble for quick relocation without any hassle.

9. Island Bay Hanging Egg Chair

Island Bay

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Island Bay is known for producing various amazing hanging egg chairs, and this one will certainly not disappoint you. The beautiful soft orange cushion adds a fashion statement to any setting. Moreover, the steel frame comes with a proper coating.

Therefore, you can depend on the product to last you for a long time. Further, one useful feature of the product is that the height of the seat can adjust to your liking. Also, the product is chip-resistant, extending the life of the chair. Due to the presence of a UV inhibitor, it will not fade even when exposed under the sun.

Key Features:

  • Unlike most egg chairs, this is much more spacious, so that you can easily sit and get up without any struggle.
  • All the hanging hardware necessary for the assembly comes packed in it.
  • If the person is or under 220lbs, he or she can use it.

8. Greenstell Egg Chair

Greenstell Hanging Egg Chairs

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If you are looking for an egg chair that is suspended to keep the floor free, this can be a great option. The stainless steel hardware necessary for hanging the product is provided with the package itself. Moreover, expansion screws come as a plus for a concrete base. The chair has rattan PE material created by handweaving. This makes the chair soft and comfortable, yet strong enough to tolerate the sun or rain without any injury to the chair.

Besides, the pillow provided with the product will offer ergonomic support to your head. As a matter of fact, the special space is tested to accommodate your body’s curve. Lastly, it has a beautiful red cushion where you can rest peacefully.

Key Features: 

  • The special shape of the chair does not only look stunning but is proven to reduce the fatigue matching the natural curve of the body.
  • It is tough enough to be able to hold a good 300 pounds without any problem.
  • For long use, it is corrosion-resistant and won’t lose its glamour soon.

7. IslandBay Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

Island Bay

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This is a unique item among the various egg chairs available. Unlike most products, this has a steel frame that is again beautifully covered in resin wicker. Thus, the cloth is much more soothing and comfortable on your skin. It is weather-resistant, so you do not have to worry about the sudden downpour. Not only the chair but you also get a top-quality polyester cushion with the product.

Furthermore, even though it is fabric, the material is extremely durable. The stand of the product is sturdy to easily accommodate any person. Since the seat has a 330lbs high weight limit, any person can easily fit in without any space crunch.

Key Features: 

  • The cushion has a beautiful tufted design where you can sit relaxing.
  • The opening of the egg chair is 37.5-inches wide. This allows you to get in or out of the chair quickly without fumbling.
  • It includes an 8.30-inches chain that is used for hanging the chair.

6. Luckyberry Patio Hanging Egg Chair

LUCKYBERRY Hanging Egg Chairs

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This is a very smart looking egg chair, which will make you want to run back home as quickly as possible. Among various benefits offered by the product, the chair is UV resistant. Thus, there will be no discoloration throughout long usage. Furthermore, the product is also waterproof. Hence, whether there be rain or you spill your drink that will not damage your chair.

While the iron provides strength to the frame, the PE wicker increases the durability of the product and prevents any moisture from forming rust on the chair. Whether you place the chair inside or outside, it will not seem out of place.

Key Features:

  • In order to ensure the stability of the chair, a safety buckle is added to the product.
  • The superior quality fabric is polyester fitted. Polyester is known for its long-lasting properties.
  • It also sports a non-slip mat as a thoughtful addition.

5. Art To Real Egg Chair


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This product has been designed with a lot of thought. The frame has aluminum. thus, even though it is sturdy, it is light for easy movement. Moreover, the white powder coating on the top of the product elongates life to the chair. If you are not particularly great with tools, no need to worry.

The product walks you through each step of the easy assembly. Besides, the tools required for the assembly are included in the package. Thus, you do not need to spend any extra money on the chair. Any adult who is of 300lbs or less can comfortably sit on it.

Key Features: 

  • The cushion of this product is overstuffed to provide the utmost comfort after a tiring day.
  • One great feature of this product is that the cushion cover is washable. Thus, you can easily keep the cushion clean.
  • The cushion of the chair is removable to make it easier to clean.

4. Modway EEI-739-ORA-SET Egg Chair

Modway Hanging Egg Chairs

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This premium quality product with its intricate design is sure to win your heart. Not only the chair but even the cushion on the chair is UV resistant as well as waterproof. Because of the circular base, the product is aided with stability. The rattan used for weaving is top quality synthetic.

To lessen your trouble of maintenance, the cushion cover of this product is machine washable, reducing both time and effort. The powder-coated steel frames assure that you can use this product without breaking or damaging it. Lastly, it has a durable rattan weave which is soft to touch but really long-lasting.

Key Features: 

  • In order to liven up the look of any place, the cushion of this product is available in 9 different alluring colors.
  • Having a wooden texture, it flaunts a contemporary style.
  • Due to the PE coating, one can use it throughout the year.

3. Sunnydaze Décor Caroline

Sunnydaze Decor

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If you are looking for a classic egg chair, you should go for this without a second thought. The chair maintains the classic design which goes with the natural curve of the body, offering you ergonomic relief. If you have any doubts about the quality of the product, all such thoughts are driven away with a year-long warranty on the chair.

Being powder coated, the steel frame does not run any risk of catching any rust anytime soon. The polyester fiberfill cores inside the cushion make the cushions even fluffier to touch. In fact, the rattan wrapped around the frame is able to survive through any weather.

Key Features: 

  • Since all the tools required for assembly are provided with the product, you can use the product upon its arrival.
  • Having a self-weight of 20-pounds, it can carry any individual weighing 265-pounds.
  • The headrest pillow gives your head comfortable support to spend long hours on the chair without any complaints.

2. Brafab Hanging Swing Egg Chair

Brafab Hanging Egg Chairs

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This egg chair will become your favorite item to read a book or take a quick nap. The snuggly cushion will cover your body into a much-needed slumber. This egg chair can support a massive 350lbs with ease. Further, the product has a detachable design, so it can be easily relocated.

Besides, having aluminum as one of its main components, the product is lightweight without being weak. Its cushion is of polyester and you will certainly not feel uncomfortable on it. Plus, the whole thing is UV protected The headrest is tied to the chair, so it does not slip off while you enjoy your lazy afternoon. With the fun swinging, you will be able to develop your sense of balance and body perception.

Key Features: 

  • It has a collapsible design. This makes the chair easily portable from one place to another.
  • The hook as well as the chain included with the product are really strong and can support any person easily.

1. DVCOM Hanging Egg Chair


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If this product does not impress you with the various functions, it will certainly win you with its exceptional look. Whether in a lounge or in a garden, this chair can jazz up the look of any place. The entire frame is wrapped with gorgeous resin wicker with a rich espresso finish.

Moreover, the design is extremely intricate which makes the chair a clear winner among many. As an added bonus, the tools required for the assembly are all included with the package. This allows you to use the product just after you bring it at home.

Key Features: 

  • It has a reinforced hanger. This helps to easily hold 500lbs without any harm to the chair.
  • With the help of the step by step manual, you can assemble the product all by yourself without any help.
  • This cushion of the chair has tufted polyester. Polyester provides comfort as well as adds durability.

Your lazy afternoons will be more comfortable once you include the best egg chairs in your backyard, patio or any part of the home. Have a beautiful time with your book and coffee and have a self-time.