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10 Best Gel Pens in 2024

There are many who prefer gel pens over a ballpoint pen. There are multiple reasons for the same such as the ink is thinner which enhances the style of writing. Besides, the handwriting looks neat and highlighted. A gel pen is considered to be a jack of all trades as you can use it for various purposes including professional writing. There are beautiful gel pens available to choose from online. Our team has done extensive research and enlisted the top 10 best gel pens in 2024.


The Best Gel Pens to Buy in 2024

10. Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pens

Sakura-Gelly Gel Pens

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With an ultra-white and quick-dry ink, the gel pens come with three different ballpoint tips. The pens also make ideal choices for artists, calligraphers, and more. Moreover, the medium, bold, and fine nibs of the pens match your every need for coloring, lining, and sketching. You can simply use these pens as correction pens at school, home, and other places.

The super-fine flow of the pens also does not fade, bleed, smear, and feather. Furthermore, the waterproof ink of the pens is non-toxic. So, you can safely use these pens on your skin. The pens are perfect for different types, textures, and colors of paper.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with acid-free, non-toxic inks.
  • Ideal for professional sketch artists.
  • It makes a perfect gift for students.

9. Pentel Retractable Liquid Gel Pen


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With the ballpoint tip of 0.7mm, these gel pens help you to write and do artwork with precision. The latex-free grip of the pens offers a comfortable grip. So, you can use them for hours without stressing your hands.

Moreover, the retractable pen design makes the operation more convenient for everyone. The pens also come with 0.7mm stainless-steel tips. So, you can enjoy smooth and fine flow while writing. Furthermore, the high-performance ink technology of the pens offers a consistent ink flow for smear-free and fade-resistant writing. Therefore, the left-hand writer love enjoys writing with these pens for quick-drying ink technology.

Reasons To Buy

  • Superfine ballpoints deliver fine lines.
  • The inks dry faster, ideal for left-hand writers.
  • It comes with latex-free grips for comfort.

8. Gel Pens by Shuttle Art

Shuttle Art Gel Pens

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The set contains 30 pieces of colorful gel pens and 30 pieces of refills. The complete set also makes every adult and children happy, as they can do the coloring with precision. Moreover, you can use this set for drawing, doodling, crafting, bullet journaling, and scraping. Therefore, these colorful pens come with ballpoint tips from 0.8 to 1.0mm.

The set also includes 11 glitter, 9 metallic, 6 neon, and 4 classic gel pens. Furthermore, the comfortable grip of the pens helps you to write and draw with precision. The inks of the pens are free of toxins and acids. So, everyone can use these pens with safety.

Reasons To Buy

  • Makes coloring fun for adults, kids.
  • Includes metallic, neon, classic, and glitter pens.
  • Includes 30 pieces of refills.

7. Uni-Ball Impact Gel Pens


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The gel pen set comes along with 12 pieces of bold point pens. With a thick and consistent ink-flow, you can do your regular writing by using these pens. Moreover, the metallic silver ink of these pens lets you do art, doodling, crafting, calligraphy with precision. You can also use the pens for filling coloring pages with precision.

The faster drying technology of these pens also prevents them from smudging. Furthermore, these acid-free and water-based inks are safe for everyone. The contemporary barrel design of the pens offers a comfortable grip. So, you can write or fill colors to the coloring books without stressing your wrist.

Reasons To Buy

  • Smudge-proof, rapid-drying inks.
  • It comes with water-based, acid-free inks.
  • Delivers a smooth and consistent writing flow.

6. Pilot Rollerball Stick Gel Pen

Pilot Gel Pens

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This set includes 6 pieces of black or blue inks. With the help of a unique two-tone barrel, the pens also look classy. Moreover, the 3 pieces of pens come in blue, and the other 3 pieces of pens have black inks. These pens have 0.7mm superfine ballpoint. So, you can write smoothly on any paper without bloating or fading.

The gel pens also come along with ribbed grips. Therefore, you can write with comfort. Furthermore, you can control the ink flow according to your wish. The fine needlepoint technology of the pens helps you to take running notes in your class without any difficulty.

Reasons To Buy

  • Offers to bloat-free writing or coloring experience.
  • The dual-tone barrel makes the pen look unique.
  • Controllable ink-flow for precise writing.

5. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

Paper Mate

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This set comes along with 14 pieces of assorted gel pens with different colors. The uncommon colors of the pens also make your artworks, writing, doodling, and other experimental arts with pens enjoying. Moreover, for ultimate smear reduction, the inks of these pens dry very faster. Therefore, you can effortlessly draw fine lines without bloating.

The smooth ballpoint of 0.7mm of the pens also delivers fine strokes every time. Furthermore, the consistent flow of the gel pens helps you to write or do fine arts or doodling with precision. You can enjoy writing with some of the unique colors, like teal, slate blue, cocoa, and more.

Reasons To Buy

  • Faster drying ink for a reduced smear.
  • It comes with a wide variety of distinctive ink colors.
  • Superfine ballpoints for consistent ink flow.

4. BIC Retractable Gel Pen

BIC Gel Pens

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With the ballpoint diameter of 0.7mm, you can enjoy the smooth-gliding and fine flow of ink while writing. These gel pens also come with faster drying ink. So, your hands and writing stay neat and free of smudges. Moreover, the quick-retracting mechanism of the pens makes the use more convenient than the capped pens.

The set also includes 3 pieces of gel pens. Furthermore, the ink of the pens is resistant to fade and does not spread or bloat on the sheets. The full-barrel grip design of the writing supplies helps you to have a comfortable grip for writing. Therefore, you can write about your projects or do any delicate works.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a faster retracting mechanism.
  • It comes with a full barrel grip structure.
  • Suitable for students and other professionals.

3. Color Gel Pen by myPALETTEUS


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This set contains 96 pieces of colorful gel pens for adults. The set also includes 48 pieces of gel ink refills. Moreover, the multi-purpose pens are suitable for several purposes, like a bullet journal, arts, paint, craft, drawing, and more. Therefore, you will get 24 glitters, 12 neon, and 12 metallic gel pens. The acid-free and toxin-free and water-based inks of these pens help you to use it with safety.

The free-gliding and smooth-flowing inks with 0.8 to 1.0mm ballpoints also make the writing or sketching easier. Furthermore, all of these pens come in a PU leather case. So, the case consists of different mesh storage to make traveling and store convenient.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with different ballpoints.
  • The set includes a PU leather case.
  • It makes a perfect present for everyone.

2. Arteza Gel Pens


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This gel pen set includes 60 pieces of individual color pens. With the help of 0.8 to 1.0mm ballpoint, the pen set also allows you to color books with precision. Moreover, the set includes 10 pieces of fluorescent, 12 pieces of glitter, 10 metallics, and 6 pieces of neon-colored pens.

You will also get 6 pieces of rainbow colors, and these links change color when you draw. Furthermore, the set has 9 pastel and 7 classic pieces of gel pens. By putting minimal pressure on the pens, you can draw super fine lines. The acid-free and non-toxic formula of the inks does not skip, fade or smear.

Reasons To Buy

  • The inks do not fade or smear.
  • The inks are safe for children.
  • It comes with different types of gel pens.

1. PILOT G2 Rolling Ball Gel Pens


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With a buttery-smooth ink flow, this gel pen makes an ideal writing supply for students, teachers, and other persons. The pen comes along with a super-soft rubber grip. So, you can write comfortably for hours. Moreover, the gel pen comes along with a refilling system. The pure black ink lasts for a very long time.

You can also take running notes, write novels, or update your to-do list by simply using this pen. Furthermore, the pen is available in ultra-fine, bold, extra-fine, and fine. Therefore, you can write fine flowing lines. The comfortable rubber grip allows you to write with comfort without aching your wrist.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with an easy pen refilling system.
  • Suitable for people with different professions.
  • Delivers consistent and uniformly flowing lines.

Buying Guide Choosing on Gel Pens

Check out the following parameters while you opt for a gel pen.

Careful About The Color Selection

Every user should determine their choices of colors for gel pens. This market offers countless colors of ink for gel pens. However, the color selection basically depends on the purpose of use. From glittery, metallic, neon to basic colors, you can pick any type of ink to match your needs.

Some of the specific colors of the gel pens only match with the personalities or needs of a group of people. For example, a designer needs detailing gel pens for their artwork which will not match the need of business professionals.

Ponder On The Pen’s Point Size

It is helpful for you to determine the perfect gel pens for you as per the size of the ballpoint. The tips of the pen can be ranged from 0.2 to 1.5mm. The ballpoint generally determines the thickness of the lines.

For writing purposes, most of the students and teachers prefer to select the pens with the ballpoints of 0.5 to 0.7mm. However, a professional artist requires a wide variety of ballpoints to match their needs for illustrations accordingly.

The Grip Of The Pen

The grip plays a vital role while using a pen. Some people do not prefer to use a gel pen with a grip. On the other hand, many users like to use a rubberized grip for their pens. As they find rubberized grip very much comfortable. However, many of the users love their gel pens with plastic barrels. Actually, the choice varies from one person to another.


If you think that buying a gel pen or a set is no big deal. However, there are certain parameters you need to get right in order to get the best gel pens out there. The buying guide is provided for the same reasons so that you check those points while shopping. Otherwise, the gel pens we have listed are the best-in-class and worth your investment.