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10 Best Folding Hand Trucks in 2024

Do you often have to move things from one place to another in the office or home? If yes, then there is no better option than the best folding hand truck that is available in many different designs in the market. It is exceptional equipment that allows the users to move heavy things with ease. They are crafted in very lightweight construction making sure you can conveniently move it when not in use.

Right folding trucking always comes with solid wheels that make moving with things effortless even for an older adult. However, many companies are involved in the manufacturing of this equipment that confuses the mind of an average buyer. If you are thinking the same, then we suggest you read the complete article carefully.

At this platform, our expert team has created a list of best folding hand trucks in 2024 after an extensive research and testing process. We have spent more than 50 hours on this process to ensure authenticity at the purest level. Look at all the models carefully and buy the one you like the most.


Best Folding Hand Trucks to Buy in 2024

10. Mount-It! Folding Hand Truck (best with 250 lbs capacity)

Mount-It! Folding Hand Trucks

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We are up to begin this post with an incredible folding hand truck equipped with a solid 250 pounds capacity. It is a high-quality premium portable utility that provided with a telescoping handle for better convenience. This easy to use model collapses in a few seconds.

If we talk about transportation performance, you will amaze to know it surprises almost every buyer. The reputation of this model is very positive among them, and the internet proves that.


  • Folds down in seconds conveniently
  • Manufactured using aluminum alloy for extra sturdiness
  • Convenient to use due to telescoping handle
  • Doesn’t need any assembly


  • Issues about maneuverability
  • Shipping packaging is very bad

9. KingSo Folding Hand Truck (beast for easy use)


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This folding hand truck is made for people who want to buy things without complicated working. It is a heavy-duty model from the KingSo brand that doesn’t need any assembly and can be used straight away. The majority of buyers who shop this unit use it for couriers, trade show exhibitions, and traveling.

It is an adjustable dolly made using aluminum that is fully resistant against rust & corrosion. Also, storing this folding hand truck is very easy as it takes minimum space. Overall, it is a complete package that you shouldn’t miss shopping at all.


  • Incredible 330 lbs capacity
  • Extremely sturdy & durable construction
  • Takes very less space to store
  • Work for a variety of applications


  • Wheels create difficulty while moving over rugs
  • Slightly costly to shop

8. Liberty Industrial Hand Truck (best with 150 pounds capacity)

Liberty Industrial Folding Hand Trucks

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Some people usually have to move small stuff in their home can think about buying the Liberty Industrial 10001. It comes with a capacity of 150 pounds that is enough for such things. Also, an average homeowner can easily afford it considering the low price of the unit.

The company delivers it in a pre-assembled form ensuring that the buyers don’t have to waste their time. Its durable aluminum design makes sure the hand truck offers solid performance.


  • Available at an excellent price
  • Easy & quick to fold down
  • Equipped with solid quality plastic wheels
  • Made using high-quality aluminum


  • Not compatible for heavy stuff
  • Sturdiness little bit low when compared with others

7. Harper Trucks Convertible Hand Truck (best budget-friendly price)

Harper Trucks

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If you want to make full utilization of your money and want perfect returns, then invest money in this unit without even thinking once. It is manufactured exclusively in the United States using a nylon plastic frame for a stable level of strength. This material is nearly 30% lighter than steel that ensures solid power.

Despite being sold at a good price, the process to convert it into a dolly or cart takes less than 10 seconds. Additionally, there is a three-position telescoping handle added to the unit for making movement easier.


  • Incredible weight capacity
  • Available at a very good price
  • Equipped with three-position handle
  • Extremely lightweight construction


  • Assembling takes time to complete
  • Hardware missing in certain packages

6. Magliner GMK81UA4 (best convertible hand truck)

Vergo Folding Hand Trucks

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The people who are seeking a convertible hand truck that works with minimum convenience. It is manufactured using industrial grade for long-lasting durability. There are large pneumatic wheels and bearing swivel casters attached to the unit that make sure you can turn conveniently even with a super heavy load.

It is one of the best folding hand trucks that have a capacity of nearly 1000 pounds as a dolly, whereas you can accommodate up to 500 pounds as a hand truck. Moving things like appliances even become easier with this unit.


  • Truck’s parts can be replaced
  • Made using top-grade material
  • Solid weight capacity
  • Easy to convert


  • Minor issues about tires not holding air

5. The Vergo Industrial Folding Hand Truck (best for trade shows)


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The fifth position is accommodated by this top-class industrial folding hand truck that is capable of handling things up to 275 pounds quite adequately. If you often become part of the trade shows, then invest in this product as it can carry a tremendous sort of thing.

You can easily move luggage, water jugs, groceries, and other related stuff with minimal effort. There is also a high-quality telescoping handle attached to the unit for making things convenient. This lightweight frame equipped with rubber wheels that work without any requirement of air.


  • Sold at a very good price
  • Crafted with top-grade aluminum frame
  • Extremely convenient to carry
  • Equipped with large rubber wheels


  • Manual isn’t easy to read
  • Some may complain wheels are large

4. Vevor Portable Climbing Cart (best for climbing stairs)

VEVOR Folding Hand Trucks

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If you often have to deal with stairs and curbs while moving things from one place to another, then this unit from Vevor will serve your needs adequately. It is an excellent option for individuals who stay or work above ground level. This brilliant model is capable of accommodating up to 330 pounds with ease.

It is one of the best folding hand trucks equipped with 5 inches rubber wheels. This unit can run perfectly on all types of surfaces making things easier for the users.


  • Give perfect value for the money
  • Crafted with heavy-duty material
  • Don’t cause damage on stairs
  • Incredible 330 pounds capacity


  • Paint doesn’t last long
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual

3. Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck (best lightweight folding hand truck)

Seville Classics

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The third position is accommodated by this brilliantly crafted unit where the manufacturer has used a solid quality aluminum frame. Despite having an incredible built, this unit has a very lightweight construction allowing the users to move it easily.

Furthermore, folding it when not in use is a straightforward task thanks to its wonderful design. The company has attached five inches rubber tires on this unit that will let the unit move easily on all types of surfaces.


  • Easier to move from one place to another
  • Equipped with solid 150 pounds capacity
  • Rolls smoothly on all types of terrains
  • Manufactured using top-quality aluminum


  • The less durable handle shaft
  • Irresponsible customer service

2. Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck (runners up)

CoscoProducts Folding Hand Trucks

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Packed by an impressive capacity of nearly 300 pounds, this heavy-duty frame is something that every buyer will wish to have. It is one of the most frequently used options in large American stores for moving stuff. You can shop in three different colors like pink, green, and orange.

This easy to use model can be converted quite easily without any use of tools and pins. It is a multi-use unit that can work as an upright hand truck or even a four-wheel cart according to requirement.


  • Available in three beautiful colors
  • Crafted using heavy-duty material
  • Capable of working in different positions
  • Easy to transport from one place to another


  • The design needs to be better
  • Very costly to buy

1. Welcom MC2S Magna Cart Elite (editor’s choice)


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If any product deserves to top this list, then we will definitely recommend the name of MC2S that perfect for carrying things from one place to another. It is a wonderful folding hand truck equipped with 7 inches of solid quality tires. This unit is an excellent option to buy for people who travel a lot.

This solid quality model can effectively support up to 200 pounds that is pretty great. Overall, this brilliantly crafted unit is all you need to buy for moving things easily from one place to another.


  • Constructed in a highly compact size
  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Tires made from high-quality rubber
  • Capable of moving smoothly on all types of terrains


  • Very cheap padding on the handle
  • Poor customer service

Buying Guide – How to choose the best folding hand truck?

Do you know what kind of factors can affect your purchase of a folding hand truck? Many might not be aware of them due to which their purchase gets affected greatly. However, you shouldn’t worry as we have explained about them in detail below:

  • Weight Limit

It is essential that every buyer should analyze the weight limit of the hand truck before buying. Having the right limit will ensure you can carry things effortlessly without any problem. If you follow the advice of our team, then we will say to go for a model that has a weight limit of at least 100 pounds. You can even go for a better weight limit if it is something you need in a folding hand truck. ‘


The next thing to consider while shopping for this equipment is the material used for manufacturing it. The frame of a folding hand truck should be tough enough to carry adequate weight and withstand normal wear easily. The materials that are considered perfect for a folding hand truck are aluminum and steel. They have enough durability to carry things for a long time.

  • Price

The third most crucial prospect of a folding hand truck is its price. Lots of buyers think that investing in a costly unit is the right thing to do, but that’s not always true. Instead, buy a unit that equipped with the options you need and sold at a price that fits your budget.

  • Ease of Use

Not even a single buyer will wish to invest in a folding hand truck that has a complicated working system. There are many models in the market that can be used conveniently even if you are a complete beginner. Make sure the unit you shop has convenient to use handle along with an adjustable height system.

  • Wheels

If we talk about the wheel thing, then we will tell the buyers to consider both size and type. It is better to go for the models that have pneumatic or rubber tires due to their ability to ride smoothly on every terrain. Also, they have enough durability to withstand shocks adequately.


Having a high-quality folding hand truck will make sure things can be easily moved around the place comfortably. Our team has provided the proper information about the best folding hand trucks that ensure you enjoy a comfortable sort of experience. If there is a query in your mind regarding this equipment, why don’t you write about it in the comment section? Our team will answer to your issue as soon as possible.