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10 Best Cordless Soldering Irons in 2024

A soldering iron is an electrical tool that melts solder by heating to join two metal pieces together. The iron is first heated to a temperature above 600° Fahrenheit to melt the solder and then is cooled down to create a strong bond, joining both metals together.  It is commonly used for quick repairs, installation, or electronics assembly, making it a must-have in the tool kit of a professional electrician.

Cordless soldering irons are necessary when there is a lack of electricity supply to use a simple iron. These handy tools are used not only to fix electronics appliances and build circuit boards but also for making jewelry and craft projects.

Choosing the best cordless soldering iron is not an easy task as it requires an understanding of various critical elements like different specs, heating elements, features, and quality. That is why we are providing you the top 10 best cordless soldering iron to help you make a well-informed decision.


List of Best Cordless Soldering Irons Review

10. Weller Pro Series Soldering Iron

Weller Cordless Soldering Irons

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Weller is recognized as a leader in building a professional quality soldering machine since 1945. This Pro Series Battery soldering machine by Weller is perfect for anyone interested in buying a machine capable of handling various tasks. This machine consists of iron with a long-lasting BP10 conical tip, rechargeable batteries, Lead-free solder, Tip wrench, and a user manual to guide you through the use of the equipment.

This soldering iron comes with features like a co-molded soft-grip handle for comfortable use and an LED work light for a clear indication of power mode. It heats up quickly under 30 seconds and has a temperature range of 710° F – 950° F. The iron is also supported by a protective safety cap to turn off the power.


  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Cordless portability
  • Power mode LED indication
  • Protective safety cap


  • Dim LED light

9. Master Appliance Butane Soldering Iron

Master Appliance

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This portable, sturdy and compact soldering iron is a flameless Butane powered professional iron, including soldering and hot air attachments. The sleek, lightweight, and easy to hold plastic body makes it an excellent choice for everyday use without hand fatigue.

The Ultratorch Series self-igniting and flameless soldering iron gets ready to use in 30 seconds and runs for approximately 1.3 hours with the temperature rising to 1202° F. The high-end ultra tip provides a longer tip life and higher thermal conductivity. It can be used as both a soldering iron and a brazing tool. Thus, it is ideal for pinpoint heat, remove surface mount components, repair vinyl, solder and disorder, strip insulation, and many more.


  • 1-year guarantee service
  • Compact and comfortable to hold the plastic body
  • Quick heat-up mechanism
  • Self-igniting function
  • Butane powered


  • Takes time to cool down

8. MILWAUKEE Soldering Iron

M12 Cordless Soldering Irons

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When speed becomes your prime importance, you should go for MILWAUKEE soldering iron that delivers speed by attaining operational temperature within 18 seconds and maintains optimum temperature right through the use.

The redlink Intelligence on heat indicator updates users exactly when to use the tool and when it is safe to lay up. So, this eliminates unnecessary guesswork and accidents. The Redlithium battery technology of this soldering iron delivers up to 40 minutes of run-time. The 3-stop pivoting head offers matchless access by permitting users the facility to acclimatize the tool for solder and application in more cramped spaces.


  • Heats up quickly maintaining optimized temperature
  • Safe-to-store tip indicator & Ready-to-use
  • 3-Stop pivoting head for unmatched access
  • 18-second heat-up time


  • Battery not included

7. Weller Cordless Soldering Iron


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The Weller BL60MP soldering iron is a high geared iron featuring a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. The iron is compact, portable, and has an elegant, sleek design making it an excellent option to purchasing.

This soldering iron gets charged up quickly and, when fully charged, supports 45 minutes of incessant soldering or produces 1,100 soldering joints. The ergonomic handle provides a soft and comfortable hold for your hand. LED illumination is used the first in soldering iron. The iron achieves a 536 °F, solder melting point, in just 35 seconds and can rise to 950 °F.


  • Cordless, compact and portable
  • Provides 45 minutes of constant soldering in one full charge
  • Round, co-molded handle designed for comfort
  • Uses LED illumination
  • Long-lasting battery


  • No charging indicator

6. Hakko Cordless Soldering Iron

Hakko Cordless Soldering Irons

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The HAKKO is a portable, lightweight, and AA alkaline battery-operated cordless soldering iron. The model comes with an integrated ON/OFF switch with a protective cover. It gets heated up fast and maintains a soldering temperature of above 600°F for up to 2 continuous hours, which is quite high compared to all other soldering irons. The FX-901 is one of the safest tools used by field service technicians, electricians, maintenance personnel, artists, homeowners, and hobbyists. This Cordless soldering iron can be employed for various activities such as repair appliances, solder electrical wiring, alarm systems, jewelry, and RC cars.


  • Easy to carry
  • Integrated ON / OFF switch with protective cover
  • Maintains the soldering temperature of at least 600°F
  • Separate battery magazine for easy replacement of batteries
  • Long-life battery power
  • Cordless design makes it handy to use virtually anywhere


  • Designed for very light work

5. Portasol Super 125-Watt Pro Heat Tool Kit


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The Portasol Pro Heat Tool is uniquely designed with DuPont-engineered plastic that prevents deterioration and provides extra durability to the tool. It is a high-powered soldering iron that features an ultrasonically welded gas tank for averting leaks on exposure, thus improving its quality, strength, and safety.

This cordless, butane-powered heat tool has reliable self-ignition and gets heated up in under 30 seconds with a continuous running time of 2 hours. It has adjustable temperature control ranging from 25 to 125 watts and needs a 10-second gas refill time. The kit comes with seven soldering tips and a safety cut-off switch for extra security. These high-ended features make this tool ideal to be used in the automotive, aircraft, marine, and electronic jobs.


  • DuPont-engineered, butane-compatible plastics for better durability
  • Reliable ignition and adjustable temperature control
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Refills quickly with butane-gas


  • The battery is not included in the kit

4. Weller Cordless Soldering Iron Kit

Weller Cordless Soldering Irons

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This butane gas soldering iron kit comes with several high-ended tools like Portasol P2C Soldering Tool, PPT12 flame tip, PPT10 hot knife tip, PPT9 hot air tip, sponge, and tray, etc. It is light-weight and compact, making it portable and comfortable to use.

The tool uses Piezo ignition through push-button for convenient usage. The automatic cut-off switch provides extra safety while the exhaust button enables a fast heat-shrink facility. It offers ESD safety protecting its sensitive components. The machine heats-up speedily with a high temperature of 850° F and melts solder within 40 seconds. The gas capacity of this kit allows up to 1 hour of uninterrupted use and can be refilled in less than 20 seconds, increasing its productivity. It can also be utilized as a mini-torch.


  • Lightweight and compact for ultimate portability
  • Fast heat-up and cool down for high productivity
  • Soldering in less than 40 seconds
  • Piezo ignition with push-button for convenience


  • Comparatively expensive

3. LEXIVON Multi-Purpose Soldering Iron Kit


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If you are looking for a practical and convenient soldering iron kit, then LEXIVON multi-purpose is the answer. Perfect for wire soldering, decorative wood burning, jewelry making, etc., this kit solves various requirements, making it a go-to tool for professionals.

This accessory set has 13-pieces and comes with a flame locking button & an electronic self-igniting trigger. The 100% metal refillable large tank with butane gas permits for 75 minutes of run time and can be refilled in 10 seconds for continuous work. The advanced electronic self-ignition trigger meets the U.S. CPSC-Child resistance standard requirements, making it child safe. You can adjust the flame from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ with a working temperature of up to 2400° F, which enables the tool to perform better.


  • Portable & ergonomic
  • Easy self-ignition startup
  • Precise and adjustable flame control
  • Large leak-proof tank


  • Shipped with no butane

2. POWER PROBE Electronic Ignition Soldering Kit

Cordless Soldering Irons

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This incredibly portable soldering tool from Power Probe comes with many essential features such as smooth start electronic ignition, adjustable flame with multiple tips, maximum flame temperature, etc. What makes it different is its capability to run for two continuous hours and easy butane gas refillable feature.

The tool functions at a temperature of 950° F (soldering tool) and 2500° F (torch). The flame length can be adjusted between 0.5″-1.25″ depending upon the requirement. It has a 500 BTU kit of 120 watts, which comes inside a hard and durable carry case for easy maintenance. Overall, this is a great tool and an excellent buy for multiple uses such as soldering, heat shrink wrapping, cutting wire and other plastics, brazing, splicing, and more!


  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Electronic ignition and adjustable flame
  • Long continuous working duration
  • 1-year warranty against defect in parts


  • Expensive

1. Dremel Precision Butane VersaTip


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If you are passionate about doing detailed work with complete precision, then Dremel Versa Tip butane soldering torch is the buy for you. This versatile 14-piece accessory kit idyllic for pyrography, wood burning, shrinking, soldering, area heating, cutting, and further crafts projects.

This portable tool features an integrated ignition trigger accompanying a safety lock for effortless start-up, preventing accidental ignition. It permits you to regulate the temperature and extent of the flame, with an operating temperature of 1022° F – 2192° F. The torch’s flame can be kept in a lock-on position to get incessant flame for more straightforward operation and comprehensive use. Mechanized by liquid butane fuel, the tank can smolder for up to 75 minutes, providing uninterrupted service.


  • Integrated ignition trigger with safety lock
  • Variable temperature control for precise control
  • Flame lock-on mechanism
  • Protective cap
  • 2-year warranty


  • Difficulty in getting replacement tip

Buying Guide to Help Buy the Best Cordless Soldering Iron

Factors to consider before buying the best cordless soldering iron are as follows:

1. Power source

The primary power source of cordless soldering irons is either battery or butane gas. Though butane gas enables high-temperature capacity, this also makes the iron expensive in comparison to battery-powered irons. These machines must be frequently refilled, and in the absence of butane gas, it can get troublesome for the user. On the other hand, batteries in soldering irons are either rechargeable or replaceable. The purchase or recharge of batteries usually falls within the budget range, but it can get a bit annoying to do it over a while.

2. Run Time

The run time of the soldering iron has a direct consequence on its efficiency and productivity. Buyers generally look for a tool with higher run time since it provides steady service. The total run time of soldering irons ranges typically between 30 minutes to a few hours. Amongst all, butane powered irons provide the highest run time. Similarly, rechargeable batteries run for a longer time than replaceable batteries.

3. Temperature Control

Soldering irons are available with or without a temperature control feature. Temperature controlled machines allow you to monitor and maintain the right temperature throughout the job as per the requirement. Though soldering done by temperature-controlled irons are always better, they are costly for your wallet. You may go for a simple iron for occasional use, but professional buyers should always opt for a temperature-controlled one.

4. Ergonomics of the Iron

The temperature of the soldering machine generally runs high when in use, which makes it necessary to have a well-protected and comfortable handle. A silicone handle is always better and more in demand.

5. Warranty

The availability of a warranty period is also essential while choosing the right iron for you. A few companies offer you a year of warranty window, but others do not give any. So, make sure to look for a warranty guide when you buy an expensive soldering iron.


The market is packed with a large number of cordless soldering irons having different features and applicability. Thus, it is always healthier to review the pros and cons of irons to get a better idea of your requirement. We hope that our buying guide will help you choose the best cordless soldering iron for yourself.