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10 Best Book Scanners in 2024

Often the documents you receive and the books have small letters. It’s not possible to read without any proper help. But in the age of digitization, you can always convert these verses into a digital format and that also without working hard. As science has developed, you can definitely trust on an innovation made by science. A book scanner is an impressive tool to have if you need to digitize books often. Plus, it is an effective tool for using as a reading surface. So, it comes in multiple uses.

In this book scanner review, you are going to find out about what to buy and whatnot. Hence, keep an eye on our article to know about every detail.


List of Best Book Scanners in 2024

10. CZUR Aura B-Book Scanner

CZUR Book Scanners

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The CZUR Aura B-Book can easily add to the might with which you can digitize books. This device has integrated lasers boosted by AI technology. Three laser beams traverse on your books scanning everything printed and even straightening he curves. Once scanned, you can easily save the documents in any format that you like- PDF, JPEG, TIFF and Doc.

Moreover, the scanner also comes with LED lights that help tremendously if you are reading. The colour temperature is maintained remotely through your smartphone. Lastly, the device is also repeatable to voice commands.

Key Features:

  • If any problem, you have the promise of a 1-year warranty from the house of CZUR.
  • This device is compatible with computer devices running either Mac OS or Widows without any problem.
  • It is not only foldable but also facilitates easy carrying.

9. CZUR ET16 Plus Document Scanner


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The CZUR ER16 Plus is a premium device to aid you in scanning books, documents, binders, etc. And that also without having to unbind them. It features smart technology such that the colour correction enables pages without the curved pages. The device has 10 LED lamps that sufficiently light up the subject as it is scanned.

Two supplementary lights ensure that there are no shadows in any way as you are scanning the books. The scanner has a 16MP camera from Sony. Hence, gets you the most magnificent images of whatever you are scanning.

Key Features:

  • Also of scanning 3-dimensional objects and getting you an image on the screen.
  • Create a digital library with the use of this.
  • The software that connects this device to your PC can read through 186 languages allowing you to easily edit the material.

8. iOCHOW S3 Book and Document Camera

iOCHOW Book Scanners

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Looking for a scanning device that gets you the best images of scanned books, documents, binders, etc? Now, do it quickly and in a high resolution with the use of iOCHOW S3 Book and Document Scanner. It has a terrific 17 MP camera that takes fabulous scanned images of anything you place under it. The AI has a Flattening Curve Technology. So, the curvature at the binding is not recorded and you get clear straight images.

As a matter of fact, the device houses 9 LED lamps that sufficiently light up the surface of the subject. So, get images without any shadows. The software is integrated with appreciable functions that enable to scan documents of any kind in any way. Plus, it will even fix scanned documents very easily.

Key Features:

  • You can set a timer to the camera such that the scanner can automatically capture scanned images as you turn the pages.
  • It can run on PCs running Windows OS as it is not compatible with Mac OS.
  • This allows real-time projecting as well for clear results.

7. CZUR Professional ET18-P Book Scanner


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The CZUR ET18-P is a lovely device to get professional quality scanned images from books, documents and binders. It is ideal for the purpose of scanning bigger things and can efficiently scan anything up to A3 size. Next, it has integrated lasers that make it very easy to scan book pages. The lasers accurately note whatever is printed and get you images without the curve of books.

The book is lighted by 10 LED lamps aided by two supplementary lamps. Hence, there are no shadows on the surface giving you clean, high quality, scanned images.

Key Features:

  • The laser technology impregnated is very efficient and can scan up to 1.5 pages every second.
  • Besides, the quality of images from these lasers is up to 18 MP.
  • The software that connects this device to your PC is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows OS ensuring varied application.

6. Fujitsu PA03641-B305 Book Scanner

Fujitsu Book Scanners

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The Fujitsu PA0.641-B305 is a versatile and impressive overhead scanner for all kinds of big documents to easily digitize them. It features ample space to even scan multiple documents at one time. Sometimes the fingertips get scanned but with the software, you can easily remove those. The scanner has a very powerful and versatile lens. Hence, gets you the best of high-resolution images from books and documents.

Moreover, it comes with image flattening software. It ensures that the curve of books is not recorded in the scanned images. Easily convert the scanned images to any format that you want in the software.

Key Features:

  • Have intelligent sensors that can detect the turn of pages and scan accordingly. Now, you do not have to hit the scan button every time.
  • You can also scan many documents under this device at one time.
  • It can intelligently detect different documents and crop accordingly for easy and versatile use.

5. iCODIS X7 Book Scanner


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Indeed a scanning device that is easy to use and gets you high-quality images, you should try the iCODIS X7 Book Scanner. This amazing device comes packed with practical software to connect it to your PC. The software has terrific functions that make scanning different things a breeze. You can scan and save the images in any format you like and can even edit them in any way.

Moreover, the scanner uses laser lights to get you high-quality images. Plus, this features curve flattening function it gets you the perfect digitized versions. You can also use the intelligent continuous shoot function if you do not want to click the scan button every time you turn a page.

Key Features:

  • The codes X7 has a collapsible design allowing you to easily carry it from place to place.
  • Has a comparatively heavier base that ensures that you always get a steady and stable base to scan.
  • This facilitates automatic segmentation as well as merging beautifully.

4. iCODIS X9 Book Scanner

iCODIS Book Scanners

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The iCODIS X9 is a modification on the already existing X7 and is an even more impressive scanning tool. If part of your work entails digitizing hard copies of books and binders, then this is a great device to do so. The X9 has a camera that can take images up to 21MP ensuring a very high resolution. Next, the device can, however, only be run on Windows OS and is not compatible with Mac OS devices.

There are 9 LED lights built into the scanner. As a result, your subject is always well lighted leading to high-quality images. It also has real-time projecting features making it a very versatile and handy tool to have with you.

Key Features:

  • This scanner features an ample work surface. Thus, you can easily scan either A4 or even A3 sheets with great ease.
  • Its Optical Character Recognition feature ensures that the software intelligently recognizes the character printed on the page for easier editing options.
  • This is ideal for both homes as well as office use and even for education purpose.

3. CZUR Shine800 Pro Portable A4 Document Scanner


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CZUR makes some of the best book scanner setups and thus keeps coming back to the list. This device is ideal to fit A4 sized sheets and anything smaller than that. It features an auto-crop function that ensures that you can easily get rid of messy edges. The setup can be collapsed which means that it goes down to compact dimensions which are easy to carry around.

You can also scan multiple documents with this device at the same time and get their scanned images separately. Finally, you can also tap into various modes such as multi-colour mode, stamp mode, smart paging and so on.

Key Features:

  • The resolution of the scanned documents is very high at 3264 x 2448. Therefore, giving you high end digitized versions of your documents.
  • Has a terrific 1-year warranty by the makers at CRUZ to take care of any defects to the product.
  • This is perfect for 90-degrees fold and even ideal for flat images.

2. iOCHOW S5  Book Scanner

iOCHOW Book Scanners

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The iOCHOW S5 is a remarkable device if you have to keep scanning big books and documents. Scanning books in a regular scanner is a tedious affair. However, with this overhead scanner, scanning has never been so easy. You can even get rid of the curved sides of the books easily because of the intelligent sensor technology ingrained in this device.

The sturdy scanning device is crafted from aluminium alloy. So, it can withstand minor shocks extending the life of the product remarkably. The iOCHOW S5 can help scan A3 and A4 sized sheets and can scan multiple documents at the same time.

Key Features:

  • 4 LED lamps on to this system can light up the subject material very well. And that also without any shadow such that you get high-quality scanned images.
  • You can also record videos of the scanned books and set it to play for your comfort.
  • Has a real-time projection function meaning that you can project images directly from books and documents. So, you do not have to depend on slides.

1.​ E​olam Portable Document Scanner


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The Eolam Portable Document Scanner is a worthy device to bring home if you have to scan books. This takes away the hassle from scanning the thickest of books because of the overhead scanner. It has an 18MP image sensor which is capable of getting high quality scanned images of your work.

The software is innovatively designed such that when you get the final scanned image from the book it is devoid of the curved surface. The curved surface is automatically straightened to get you high-quality, impressive scanned images for the digitized copy of your book.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an auto-scanning mode that works by scanning the page every time you turn the page automatically.
  • Every text that you have can be easily converted to Word documents or Excel sheets. Therefore, allowing you to easily edit them on the PC.

What are the points to remember when buying a book scanner?

A book scanner is a very handy tool because scanning a book using a traditional scanner is a cumbersome affair. It comprises an overhead scanner which makes scanning easy without having to unbind books. These are intelligent devices that can also get rid of the curved surface at the edge because of intelligent scanning technology. Next, a very crucial thing to look for when you are getting such a scanner is that it should be well-lighted

A high-quality image can only be captured if the lighting is good and the book scanner that you go for should have well equipped LED light support system. It should also be fast such that you can easily scan through lots of pages in a matter of minutes. A scanner loaded with automated timer is a better deal than the other ones because you do not have to click the scan button every time you turn the page.

Why do you need a portable book scanner?

You may also likely to go for the scanners with a portable design. Such book scanners can be folded down when not in use allowing you to easily carry it around. Last but not least, when you are getting a portable book scanner, try to get one with a large working surface. Hence, you can easily scan all the stuff easily at one go.

How to use a book scanner as a reading surface?

A book scanner is a terrific too; that serves the dual purpose of functioning as a reading area. Most of the book scanners are loaded with powerful LED lamps such that your subject is always well lighted and devoid of any shadows for the highest quality images. Such lighting suits the eyes very well and can illuminate the text to a great extent ensuring use as a reading surface. In fact, such well-lighted surfaces are the ideal way to read things to not put a strain on your eyes.

Final Verdict

Even the smallest words will come out in great detail. The book scanner machine will let you view everything and will become an important addition in your home or office.