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10 Best Automatic Gate Openers in 2024

An automatic gate opener is certainly a device that opens or closes the door with an electric impulse. Well, you can create the impulse with a remote control or a sensor. So, it offers complete convenience. These devices are particularly helpful in universities and commercial places. In fact, you can ensure complete security with devices apart from the convenience in operating the door.

While there are several gate openers available, it can really be hard to choose the right one. Nevertheless, this automatic gate opener review will guide you on the right path. So, see how each product is different from one another.


List of Best Automatic Gate Openers in 2024

10. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Automatic Gate Opener

Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Openers

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It is great to have doors in your place that opens up automatically without any effort. If you have the Ghost Controls TSS1XP Automatic Gate Opener, you get endless versatility. In fact, you can easily switch to such comfortable and easy to use door opening options. The device runs on a 10-watt solar panel. Plus, you can even load it up with a 12-volt battery for long tome action.

If you have a single door swing gate having 20 feet length, this one is ideal for you. All kinds of gates are it the simpler ones, or the decorative ones can easily operate.

Key Features:

  • The working of this system is smooth and seamless and is set according to the standards in UL325, 7th
  • Every bit of hardware that you would require to set this device up is in the pack!
  • Of course, it also comes with tube brackets for further ease of usage.

9. Mighty Mule MM371W Gate Opener


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The Mighty Mule MM371W is a fascinating device to up the looks and functionality of your place. This is an innovative tool that allows you to automatically open and close doors. It is attachable to swing doors with a width of up to 16 feet. Thus, it can easily open and close these doors. You will need a power source to run this device. In fact, it runs on a 12V battery source. The battery can generate up to 250 amperes of electric current to efficiently operate this door. You need not load a battery to this device.

Also, it can run on solar panels capable of producing a power of up to 10 watts. You can easily operate the door using a remote control device from afar!

Key Features:

  • This sturdy device can easily support a lot of heavy gates as long as it has a load of up to 550 lbs
  • You can set up this device all by yourself thanks to the many online DIY videos. There is also the 24-hour technical support team at Mighty Mule at your disposal.
  • Most importantly, it is 40% faster than its competitor products. So, you will have no trouble in using it.

8. Mighty Mule MM571W Smart Gate Opener

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

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Looking for a gate opener system that can be operated even through your phone? Then the Mighty Mule MM571W is the device you should go for. This is a heavy-duty device that can easily support even the heavier swing gates. All you have to do is ensure that the door width is up to 18 feet. Plus, the weight of the door should not exceed 850 lbs.

There is a technical support team at Mighty Mule, available 24/7, and waiting to help you out whenever you need them. It can be powered by a 12-volt battery. Finally, it can be operated using a remote which comes with the package.

Key Features:

  • Once you get the Mighty Mule automatic door opener you also get back up for 18 months through a technical warranty.
  • Every bit of hardware that you may need to install this amazing device is loaded in the package for your convenience.
  • Besides, the MMS100 wireless connectivity allows you to control the gate from half a mile easily.

7. CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener


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The CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener is a wonderful device that can help you get a durable, sturdy automatic door opener. It is from an aluminum base and the gears are from copper. This is a hardy and heavy-duty device that can support sliding doors. In fact, it can easily support gates up to 40 feet wide with a chain of up to 20 feet. Surely, the device can support heavy doors up to a load of 3300 pounds. The device is very efficient and can work at a speed of up to 36 to 40 feet per minute.

Moreover, this device is protected by RF hopping code technology. Hence, it ensures that your access codes cannot be used by anybody else.

Key Features:

  • Of course, you can be sure that the motor works as silently as possible at only 60 dB.
  • The doors come with an option such that it can automatically close Well, you can program it to close after 12, 24, and 36 seconds.
  • Also, it comes with a 550W motor which ensures a strong driving force.

6. TOPENS PW502 Automatic Gate Opener

TOPENS Automatic Gate Openers

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Certainly, a reliable setup to turn your normal, mundane doors into an automatic one. This is a device that can take quite the load and is a great choice for medium-heavy doors. The width of the door should be no more than 16 feet and the weight should not exceed 550 lbs.

Whether it is a dual swing gate or gateways for driveways, this is a unique device that is compatible with all kinds of doors. You can either connect it to a 110 volt to 240 volt AC supply or through a 24-volt battery.

Key Features:

  • The PW502 Automatic Gate Opener is backed by a warranty that lasts for up to a year from the house of TOPENS.
  • If you are unhappy with the services from this device, you can exchange it or even refund it within 30 days of purchase.
  • Certainly, you can operate the doors using a remote control device that it comes with.

5. Homeland Hardware Store Automatic Gate Opener


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The Homeland Hardware Store Solar Powered Automatic Gate Opener is a desirable device that can help you with easy opening and closing gates. It is modeled to be compatible with dual swing gates and cannot be used with wheel operated doors. The device is loaded with sensors to notice obstructions such that it does not close upon you or your car!

If there are any obstructions the doors are programmed to revert and open up. You can easily set this device up and get a full tutorial through the DIY videos uploaded online.

Key Features:

  • If there is a power failure you can use the emergency release key for easy operation without any difficulty.
  • The opening-closing interval for the master gate as well as the slave gate can be optimized in this adjustable automatic door opener.
  • Of course, you can use 212-volt DC batteries to power the door. Otherwise, you can just power the door through its solar panels.

4. TOPENS A5S Automatic Gate Opener

TOPENS Automatic Gate Openers

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The TOPENS A5S is a lovely door that is designed to be highly economic and eco-friendly. This door is run on a powerful and durable motor that runs on 24 volt DC supply. You can also run the motor using just solar energy as this door opener is inbuilt with 20-watt solar panels crafted from microcrystals.

You do get a remote with the device for seamless operation even from a distance. All the bits and pieces of hardware equipment that you may need to install this device are provided with the pack.

Key Features:

  • The automatic gate opener features functions such as soft start and soft stop options that extend the life of this device.
  • You can set the time of closing anywhere between 3 seconds to 120 seconds. Thus, you can ensure that the doors automatically close after they have let you in or out.
  • Indeed, it is a well-built motor that can support single, medium build doors. In fact, it can support up to 550 lbs and having a width of up to 16 feet.

3. GATEXPERT Automatic Gate Opener


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If you are looking for a well-made and efficient automatic door opener, you may try the intelligent GATEXPERT Automatic Gate Opener. It is made into a very sturdy design such that it can last you a long period. The device features a base made from aluminum alloy covered in an ABS casing. It runs an AC motor to allow the doors to slide open and close. The motor can support a heavy-duty door up to almost 1350 lbs and with a width of up to 26 feet.

The door is opened and closed via a durable and intelligent motor that automatically shuts down if the temperature reaches 120℃.

Key Features:

  • The remote features a simplistic operation and you can teach it up to 25 combinations to remember.
  • Also, you can even set the closing time in this door opener at 12 seconds, 24 seconds or 36 seconds.

2. GATEXPERT Dual Swing Gate Opener

GATEXPERT Automatic Gate Openers

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If you are looking for the best gate openers, then this one from Gatexpert is certainly a great choice. The GATEXPERT Dual Swing Gate Opener is the ideal product for those houses with a decorative dual door entryway. The device is so designed that it is capable of supporting 10 feet width and 660 lbs weight for each door flap.

You can open doors at the click of a button with this device. For closing the doors, you need not even click a button- the doors can be set to auto-closing by setting a timer.

Key Features:

  • Though the doors are opened using a powerful motor you will get the least bit of noise from this amazing automatic door opener.
  • You can even set a soft start and soft-close functions for your door using this device to ensure a long life for both your door and the device.
  • Furthermore, it offers a maximum telescopic stroke of 21.6 inches. Therefore, it provides complete convenience.

1. TOPENS RK700 Automatic Gate Opener


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The TOPENS RK700 Automatic Gate Opener is designed for the heaviest duty use given that it can support doors as heavy as 1600 lbs. The device is immensely capable and can support doors that are up to 40 feet in length. You can set the device such that the doors automatically close after a certain duration between 1 to 99 seconds.

Furthermore, the A motor features 300 watts of power and runs on a 110 volt supply! Therefore, it is completely comfortable with DK/DKC/DSR/DSC series gates.

Key Features:

  • The TOPENS RK700 is such an amazing automatic gate opener device that it is even backed by a one-year warranty period.
  • All the hardware you need to mount the doors along with a guide set of instructions is provided with the package. So, you will have no difficulty operating the door.
  • Besides, it offers a 1-year warranty. If you ever face any problem within this time period, you will get instant help from the company.

So, ensure a smooth operation whenever you or your guests are entering or exiting. The commercial automatic gate opener is not only helpful for personal use but professional as well.