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10 Best ATV Sprayers in 2024

Spraying fertilizers or even water on a large garden and a commercial is a very tough and time-consuming task. If you have a similar issue, then buying the best ATV sprayer is the right thing to do. It is very handy equipment you can mount on an all-terrain vehicle for covering a pretty big area. No matter, you need to manage a yard or it is just a small farm, investing in this unit is the perfect thing to do.

However, the market has models that came in a variety of designs making things challenging for a new buyer. We understand you are going through the same issue and want to buy a device that fulfills your needs perfectly. Our team is here to make things easier for readers with an extended research and testing process. They have created a list of top 10 best ATV sprayers available to buy in 2024 from which you can select the one that suits your needs. Let’s check out all those models correctly and shop the one you like the most.


Best ATV Sprayers in 2024 Reviews

10. NorthStar High Flow ATV Spot Sprayer (best for quick priming)

NorthStar ATV Sprayers

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The list begins with the model that is mainly known for faster priming and incredible performance. It is a highly durable ATV spot sprayer that lasts the same for many years and equips with the oversized electric pump motor.

Furthermore, there is no downtime asked by the motor to get cool. Overall, this chemical resistant unit is the perfect choice to make for having an incredible experience.


  • No need for downtime
  • Provide excellent performance
  • Fully resistant against chemicals
  • Give quick priming


  • Issues with leaking by some buyers

9. Guide Gear ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer (best for tight locations)

Guide Gear

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If you have to cover tricky areas during spraying, then this Guide Gear model is the right choice to make. It is capable of covering up to 14 inches of the space at a time and equipped with a wand that allows you to enter tricky areas with minimum effort.

There are many quick-connect ports delivered with the unit that can be changed depending on the location. Also, it comes with a bottom tank draining system that makes the emptying process easier.


  • Chemical & UV-resistant extra-thick walls
  • Enter tough areas easily
  • Provide many adjustment options
  • Last longer for many years


  • Expensive model to buy

8. Chapin International 97400B (best for efficient cleaning)

 Chapin ATV Sprayers

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There is no way that we can miss the mention of this unit in the list of top 10 best ATV sprayers thanks to its impressive capacity and secure cleaning system. It comes with a 25 translucent tank having a drain plug and a five-inch mouth that makes the job easier.

Also, the company has added 15 feet reinforced hose for providing extra convenience to the experience.


  • Fully compatible with a variety of solutions
  • Equipped with dual filtration system
  • Adjustable nozzle power
  • Easy to fill and clean


  • Few complaints about missing sprayer handle

7. Be Agriease 90.700.150 ATV Sprayer

BE Agriease

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The seventh position in the list is accompanied by a brand like Be AgriEase who has never compromised in terms of versatility and quality. It is a no-frill model equipped with a standard 15-gallon tank along with straps for the better mounting system.

This unit can deal with a small agricultural area or a large lawn with ease. It is a competitive unit that you can shop without paying too much money.


  • Very low maintenance level
  • Delivered with a proper set of standard parts
  • Extremely quick to use
  • Very budget-friendly price


  • Low in terms of durability

6. Master SSD-03-009B-MM 9 (best for beginners)

Master ATV Sprayers

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Do you often worry about the working of the equipment that you use for the first time? If yes, then we have an incredible option created by the manufacturer by keeping beginners in mind. It is easy to use the option that simply needs to be mounted on ATV or UTVs for beginning the spraying task.

There is a 12V diaphragm pump attached to the unit by the company that provides a flow rate of 1.0 GPM. This adjustable spray gun can cover up to 18 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally, which is pretty amazing.


  • Delivered with transportation attachment straps
  • Versatile and easier to use
  • Work with all types of solutions
  • Capable of adjusting according to the requirement


  • Hose crimping issues
  • Average quality control

5. Gempler’s Spot Sprayer (best for durability)


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The next spot sprayer is created for people who always look for durability while shopping a product. It is an incredible unit that made using thick polyethylene material for making sure sprayers last long for many years. Apart from that, you won’t see any issue in terms of versatility and toughness.

Other notable features that we loved about this unit are extended reach, highly timely filing, and incredible performance. Moreover, the diaphragm pump works perfectly with units where the majority of people fail.


  • Work with a variety of solutions
  • Made using top-grade material
  • Spray guns can be adjusted
  • Matches with all types of applications


  • Doesn’t have an on/off switch

4. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer (best for small areas)

 Ironton ATV Sprayers

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Do you have a little bit smaller area to cover like a small farm or a personal garden? If yes, then you shouldn’t waste your money by buying a spot sprayer with a large capacity when a smaller version can complete this job. We are suggesting an ATV spot sprayer from the Ironton brand that has a capacity of 8 gallons.

There are high-quality chemical resistant components used by the manufacturer along with a durable 1 GPM pump in this unit. Apart from personal use, this product is highly approved for roundup agriculture in the United States, so nothing to worry about authenticity.


  • Designed in a compact & lightweight design
  • Nozzles can be adjusted according to situation
  • Backed by 12 months parts warranty
  • Easy to fill and mix


  • Not adequate for large areas
  • The pump is a little bit weaker when compared with other models

3. Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer (best for large areas)

Precision Products

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If you want to spray pesticides in a larger garden or farm, then the ideal option to buy is TCS25 from Precision Products brand. It is a 25-gallon capacity unit that can perform the spraying on the bigger scale with ease. This model can discharge the solution at a speed of nearly 2 gallons per minute allowing you to complete the job quickly.

It is one of the best ATV sprayers that even come with a drain plug for convenient cleanup. This unit delivered by the manufacturer with a 90 days warranty in a fully assembled state for making sure you can use it straight away.


  • Pretty bigger tank capacity
  • Easier to clean due to drain plug
  • Convenient to switch off/on
  • Completes the job very quickly


  • Designing job is very average
  • Extremely poor packaging

2. Chapin 97300 ATV Spot Sprayer (runners up)

Chapin International ATV Sprayers

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The runner up for the list is this versatile model that can work with a variety of vehicles like a lawn tractor, UTVs, and ATVs without any problem. It has a steel frame and double filtration system that allow the pump to work for many years to come. The manufacturer has installed a 12V diaphragm in this unit that ensures solid pressure for both vertical as well as horizontal spraying.

It is a dripless sprayer having a 7 feet coverage spray boom, and 15 feet reinforced hose for extra convenience. Overall, we want to say this unit offers great value for money to the buyers without asking too much money.


  • Easy to fill and mix
  • Doesn’t cause any kind of dripping
  • Crafted in a very durable design
  • Huge capacity tank


  • Molded plastic ripped apart easily
  • Cracking of valve in many cases

1. Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A (editor’s choice)

Master Manufacturing

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There won’t be a better option than this one for eliminating unwanted pests and weeds from the farm. It is a 15-gallon spot sprayer that can be adjusted according to requirement and capable of covering nearly 30 feet horizontally. This unit can be beneficial for spraying a variety of things that include weeds, tall trees, and fence lines. Installing the sprayer is very convenient and gets completed within seconds.

There is a solid 12V diaphragm pump attached to the unit that can deliver with an open flow of nearly 2.2 GPM. Additionally, the company delivers this unit with a great sort of accessories like a tethered lid, a drain cap, and wire harness.


  • Equipped with a massive 15 gallons tank
  • Capable of covering a larger area
  • Fits on the ATV & UTV conveniently
  • Compatible with a variety of solutions


  • Complaints about its vertical covering
  • The description is slightly confusing to understand

Buying Guide- How to choose the best ATV sprayer?

If you are still not able to decide which model to shop from the list, then let us tell give information about a buying guide for choosing the right ATV sprayer. It will provide you with a better understanding of features that needs to be checked before finalizing the equipment.

  • Flow Rate

The most important thing to consider in the ATV sprayer is its flow rate. It determines how quick fertilizers or water leave the sprayer that usually featured in gallons. If you follow the advice of our team, we will say going for the model whose flow rates can be adjusted according to the requirement.

  • Portability

The next factor that plays a great role in this buying guide is “how portable it is”? Many believe that a good ATV sprayer is the one that simply gets attached, but that’s not a reality at all. The best model is the one that can be moved easily from one location to another, and that’s why it should be created in such a way that it can be attached anywhere as per needs.

  • Versatility

The ATV sprayer should be capable of spraying anything from the tank. It is a pleasant thing that will let you use the sprayer for a high sort of things that range from irrigation and gardening. The versatility should be one of your top priorities while shopping for an ATV sprayer.

Tank Capacity

The fourth important factor that can affect your purchase of ATV sprayer is the capacity. It should be adequate enough to cover your farm or garden as no one wants to refill the tank again and again. The bigger capacity you have, the more area will be covered on a single go. Try to stay away from the models that come with a small tank as it will increase the inconvenience for sure.

  • Budget

The budget always stays an integral part of any device one think about purchasing. The same goes for the ATV sprayer that is available in a great range of prices from under US$50 and even more than US$ 200 depending on the features. The thing you need to follow here is don’t putting any pressure on the pocket by getting attracted by the advertisement of companies.


All the models we have mentioned in this post are excellent and capable of serving the needs of buyers excitedly without creating issues. Each model is manufactured by reputed companies, so there is nothing to worry about authenticity in any manner. Choosing one of the best ATV sprayers will make sure you have an enjoyable experience. If there is a query regarding this equipment that you want to get addressed, please write about it in the comment section.