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10 Best Egg Slicers in 2024

Getting the perfect slice or dice of the egg while cutting is impossible. Well, is that true? Now, with the invention of the egg slicer, you don’t have to worry about proportionate pieces as well as cuts. Use it in any recipe and your guests will not complain about having insufficient eggs. However, the types of such a slicer are many. So, which one will qualify as your companion?

Here is a guide that will keep you on the right path and your selection process will be successful.


List of Best Egg Slicers Review

10. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Egg Slicer

Westmark Egg Slicers

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Built-in Germany, this egg slicer with its stainless-steel wire base is a buy that you cannot miss out. Cast in aluminum, this comes with specialized hinges. As a result, it enables better slicing of eggs thereby easing the work process. Apart from eggs, try slicing mushrooms and kiwis with similar ease.

Moreover, the multipurpose product is indeed ready to be used as soon as it delivered. It is a practical product that will make your job easy.

Reason To Buy
  • A long 5-year warranty period surely showcases the manufacturer’s trust in their product.
  • The included ergonomic handle indeed gives a firm grip.
  • Dishwasher safe that instantly eases the cleaning process.

9. Westmark Germany Wedge Egg Slicer


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Another gem of a product from Westmark Germany, this egg slicer made of cast aluminum weighs only 0.8 ounces. Allowing singular handed slicing, this slicer albeit suitable for cutting other food items into pieces is enabled with steel wires.

However, there are no worries of slipping as the slip-proof hand enables a firm grip. It rather allows slicing simply with one hand and hence, it is extremely convenient.

Reason To Buy
  • Helps to cut the egg into 6 proper slices
  • Certainly, keeps your finger away from blades and unwanted harms.
  • The wedge base eases the process of slicing eggs in the shape.

8. Beaverve Egg Slicer

Beaverve Egg Slicers

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Coming with multiple usages, this slicer is multipurpose in nature and can even work for slicing cakes and strawberries. Having stainless steel cutting wires that are pretty sharp, it is comfortable in terms of its grip.

Wherein the stand can hold up to 3 eggs, this comes with a money-back offer. Furthermore, it ensures that your hand is not hurt, courtesy to its ergonomic handle. Make sure that you have your breakfast ready on the table!

Reason To Buy
  • Includes a stable base holder that will prevent from sudden slide away.
  • Anti-slip handle with a BPA free format
  • Being 100% dishwasher safe, you have to put minimal effort in cleaning it.

7. ChirRay Stainless Steel Egg Slicer


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Topping durability with attractiveness is a domain that ChirRay has always mastered. Firstly, it features a chrome-plated zinc base. Next, it has cutting wires of the highest grade. In addition to that, the choice options include 9 liners or 3 liners as per choice.

Compared to its contemporaries, it allows vertical, horizontal and wedge-like pieces in terms of its slicing. As a matter of fact, for creating the ideal salad set-up, this slices cheese and kiwis as well. Lastly, with its extraordinary design, it can rather slice both vertically and horizontally.

Reason To Buy
  • Compact in nature and is dishwasher safe.
  • The basic support stand certainly comes in the form of a groove.
  • The main bracket has a zinc alloy construction.

6. RippleGo Egg Slicer

Ripple Go Egg Slicers

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Are you looking for versatility in the egg slicers of 2024? Well, RippleGo is the one to check out! Available in appealing shades, it is multifunctional thereby providing the perfect wedge shape to the eggs.

Providing ultimate safety to one and all, this with its dishwasher safe feature comes with a stand. Hence, ensure a better-packaged product. Nevertheless, its small footprint allows easy storage in terms of space and rotation of the egg to a lower dice.

Reason To Buy
  • Both handle and base have ABS plastic built guaranteeing immense durability.
  • The wide blades are made of stainless steel that ensures the rust-proof format.
  • Free from BPA format rather promises safety for one and all.
  • Featuring dual chambers for placement of eggs into the correct section post slicing.

5. Mainstay 33112 Egg Slicer


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Clearly created out of the best ABS plastic, this stainless-steel wire carved egg slicer weighs a mere 2.08 ounce. Thus, it is perfect to add a dash of the wedge-shaped egg to your salad. In fact, its durability is a matter of prime concern.

However, are you concerned about how to clean it? Keep it in the dishwasher and it’s done. Indeed a durable product, you can store anywhere at any time.

Reason To Buy
  • Are you looking for a travel companion? This slicer is the one to choose!
  • A dishwasher safe product is totally compact in terms of size.

4. Gourmia Egg Slicer

Gourmia Egg Slicers

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For those wanting a versatile, compact and manual egg slicer type – Gourmia is the one to check. It is multifunctional in nature and one can rather wedge out the slices well. Having a dual-chamber format with 6 wedges form, you are now limited to certain choices only.

As a matter of fact, its small in size is dishwasher safe and helps to rotate the egg to the smaller dice. Well, it is easy in terms of usage. It does not require any food processor, while the cutter helps to shred the egg as per one’s requirement.

Reason To Buy
  • Deals with heavy duty steel wires in the handles which are rust-proof.
  • Slicing, dicing, wedging, this is certainly a perfect 2-in-1 product.
  • Shredder is free from BPA format.

3. CalSunO Boiled Egg Slicer


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Easy to use, lightweight and easier to clean, CalSunO slicer for eggs is your companion. This 3-in-1 cutter has the capacity to ensure that the eggs are cut into an oval shape. With a combo of silicone and nylon base, this has steel wires that create the best shapes.

Furthermore, this dishwasher safe product certainly has an innovative design. And as a result of dual formats of shredding, vertical and horizontal, you can have your eggs as you want. Lastly, it comes with a fast-press handle that can totally change the game for you.

Reason To Buy
  • Looking for a complete grip? Has a non-skidding rubber base to anchor the cutter.
  • Rust-proof/ food-grade steel wires to cut the ideal pieces.
  • The grip is rather sleek and ergonomic in nature.

2. Makidar Hard Boiled Egg Slicer

Makidar Egg Slicers

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Which shape do you wish to have your egg in, wedge/oval or round? Well, in either way, you are going to achieve with this slicer. Coming in the 3-in-1 format, this weighs a minimal of 4-ounces and is compact in terms of design. Having a silicone base, the stability of the equipment will prevent the happening of an accident.

Moreover, the compact design indeed acts as a benefit for carrying as well as storing purpose. Finally, it weighs only 4 ounces hence, it adds a lot of portability.

Reason To Buy
  • It is dishwasher-safe.
  • Cuts both in slices as well as in quarters.

1. Norpro 998 Multi Egg Slicer


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A 3-in-1 compact slicer that will help you cut strawberries, mozzarella and olives as well; Norpro meets all your demands. Firstly, the wires have a stainless steel construction; this cutter weighs only 12 ounces. Next, it has an ABS framework to support it.

Nonetheless, using over-the-top materials, its vision is clearly transformed in its design. It certainly comes with a mini bowl to keeping all the food.

Reason To Buy
  • Innovative in nature ensuring multiple cutting styles
  • From slicing to dicing to wedging, it can perform all in one go.

Make neat presentations get perfectly cut eggs for salads and much more. Bring home the egg slicer and make delicious recipes.