Top 10 Best Wooden Shoe Racks in 2020

There is no way to arrange your footwear better than a wooden shoe rack. This equipment is a solid investment that will maintain the health of your shoes for many years. Arranging your shoes in one position is also a perfect solution for minimizing the mess in your house.

In this post, we will talk about the top 10 best wooden shoe racks to buy in 2020. We have added each unit after extreme testing and researching processes so that the readers get access to the most authentic content. Let’s start the list now.

List of Best Wooden Shoe Racks Review

10. C&A 2 Tier Natural Bamboo Shoe Rack (best with a cushion & drawer)

C&AHOME Wooden Shoe Racks

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Our list will begin with a unit that comes with a shoe rack along with a cushion and drawer that can be very useful for sitting and keeping stuff. It has a very space saving design that can be ideal for people with small space.

Its material is fully resistant against the water and dust due to the lacquer coating. The presence of an extra drawer gives the buyers a space for keeping things like keys, laces, etc.


  • Provide extremely comfortable sitting
  • Equip with two tiers for better storage
  • Fully protective from dust and water


  • Assembly process demand effort

9. Honey-Can-Do Sho-01599 Bamboo Shoe Shelf

Honey-Can-Do Wooden Shoe Racks

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Capable of accommodating up to 12 pairs of shoes, this one is an excellent pick to add in this post. This Honey-Can-Do shoe rack has three-tier levels that ensure you can enjoy adequate storage. The manufacturer has used high-quality bamboo for crafting this amazing product.

It is a natural and environmentally friendly unit that can last many generations if kept away from water and moisture. We found that it is an attractive unit that you can buy for keeping your shoes in a place.


  • Equip with three shelves
  • Sold at an unbelievable price
  • Has a pretty attractive finish


  • Not good for people who want a modest shoe rack

8. Lavish Home (best budget-friendly wooden shoe rack)

Lavish Home Wooden Shoe Racks

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If you want a simple to use wooden shoe rack at an economical price, then buy this model from Lavish Home brand. It is a space-saving unit that can be very handy for organizing shoes at a single place. We can say that it is one of the best wooden shoe racks that you can assemble with minimal effort.

In the testing process, we find that it can easily keep 12 pairs of shoes that are more than enough for a normal household. In addition to shoes, it can also be used for storing bags, plants, etc.


  • Get assembled in minutes
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Come with enough space


  • Very basic design

7. Songmics Bamboo (best 6-tier wooden shoe rack)

SONGMICS Wooden Shoe Racks

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This unit is especially for people who have lots of shoe pairs in their home and want to buy an impressive 6-tier wooden shoe rack. The Songmics brand has manufactured this multifunctional product using MDF boards and natural bamboo frame.

Each of the six shelves in this unit is capable of bearing 2 to 3 pairs of shoes quite easily. That’s not all; the company has also kept the convenience of buyers in mind by providing two hallowed out handles for better carrying.


  • Provide a larger space for keeping shoes
  • Pretty thoughtful construction
  • Takes minimal space


  • A little bit complicated assembling

6. BirdRock Home Bamboo Shoe Rack (best 4 tier wood shoe rack)

BirdRock Home Bamboo Wooden Shoe Racks

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Many of the buyers may be looking for a 4 tier shoe rack, and that’s why we have added this one. It has a very spacious construction with top shelf made for storing boots and lower shelves for dress shoes, flats or sandals.

It is also an environment-friendly unit made from top-grade renewable bamboo. Besides that, there are spaces for ventilation so that shoes can air out properly.


  • Designed for accommodating a variety of shoes
  • Crafted in a beautiful design
  • Extremely functional shoe rack


  • Very poor packing box

5. Langria 3 Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack (best eco-friendly pick)

LANGRIA Wooden Shoe Racks

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If you are one of those people who care a lot about the environment and want to buy an eco-friendly shoe rack, then shopping this Langria unit is the pick to go for. It made from natural bamboo and available in three different colors like brown, natural, and grey.

The thing that we love about this unit is the high-loading capacity that let it accommodate up to 12 pair of adult shoes. Apart from that, it is very easy to assemble and doesn’t involve any lengthy process.


  • Provide brilliant stability
  • Made from completely natural bamboo
  • Capable of accommodating up to 12 pairs


  • Some argue it is overpriced

4. Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack (best for proper air circulation)


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Popular for its beautiful & modest construction, the Oceanstar 2-Tier is an amazing product having a slanted surface so that the adequate air circulation can be provided. There are incredibly rounded handles added by the company to ensure carrying become easier.

This top-grade unit is an exceptional shoe rack capable of fitting up to 6 pairs very easily. Overall, it is a perfect product that you can buy for arranging your shoes in a better way.


  • Provide unrivaled performance
  • Capable of storing other accessories
  • Equip with rounded handles


  • Not for people who have lots of shoe pairs
  • Complaints about missing screws

3. ClosetMaid 5081 Shoe Station (best under $50)


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Finding a more organized wooden shoe rack in this budget is a very difficult task. This ClosetMaid model is available in two different colors, i.e. espresso and white. In this rack, you can accommodate up to 16 pairs of shoes thanks to its 36” width.

It is the best wooden shoe rack that comes with all stacking and installation hardware. You can assemble this TSCA Title VI Compliant product in minutes without any help.


  • Laminated wood for the extra finish
  • Enough space for accommodating shoes
  • Available at a very suitable budget


  • Only available in two colors

2. Furinno 13081DC/BK Shoe Rack (best for finish)


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The buyers who want to buy a shoe rack with an attractive finish should think about buying this model by Furinno Company. The 13081DC/BK is available in three different sizes so finding one according to your space won’t be a difficult task.

Also, finding it in your favorite won’t be a difficult task as the manufacturer has crafted it in colors like dark cherry & black, steam beech & white, light cherry & black, and dark brown & black.


  • Enough space with the ability to hold three pairs in a shelf
  • Injuries preventing due to rounded edge construction
  • Come to a very beautiful finish


  • Little bit less space

1. Songmics Sturdy Shoe Rack Bench (editor’s choice)


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This high-quality shoe rack from Songmics band doesn’t need any introduction and can be bought in a variety of colors like natural bamboo, black, grey, and brown. It has a very robust heavy duty construction that made using 100% natural bamboo to boost stability.

The holding capacity of this rack is more than 250 lbs. that make sure one can even sit on it. Also, the assembly and setup process is quite quick. Overall, it is a perfect investment that you can make for an enjoyable experience.


  • Equip with rust-proof metal parts
  • Pretty friendly customer service
  • Provide impressive capacity & stability


  • Attain scratches quite easily
  • Minor complaints about damaged product delivery

How to choose the best wooden shoe rack?

Please keep following things in mind while choosing the wooden shoe rack if you want to have a tremendous experience. We have mentioned them in detail below:

  • Material

It is the most important prospect that you should keep in mind. The product you are buying should be made from top-grade bamboo or wood that can stay even after decades of use.

  • Tiers

The shoe rack should be capable of accommodating the shoes that you have in your home. For that purpose, you have to check the number of tiers as the racks are available in a variety of tiers starting from 2 and going up to 8. Go for the one that fits your needs perfectly.

  • Budget

We have added shoe racks of different price ranges so this one won’t be a difficult task for you. Don’t put too much burden on your pocket as even a basic shoe rack can fulfill your needs adequately.

  • Assembly

Never choose a product that has a very complicated assembly process and demand technical skills. Instead, go for the one that can be assembled within minutes even by a beginner.


That’s all guys! We have told you about the top 10 best wooden shoe racks with proper detail and in-depth review. You can select one of them according to the needs, and we can ensure that you won’t regret this decision. Having a shoe rack is a terrific way of keeping the shoes in an organized manner without creating any mess. If there is still confusion in your mind, then please tell us in the comment section. You will get a reply as soon as possible.

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