10 Best Toilet Seat Risers in 2023

Aging brings tons of difficulties that include facing weakness while using the bathroom. For making things easier, the technology has created the best toilet seat riser that ensures that an older adult can sit comfortably on a normal toilet seat. It won’t only help in dealing with joint pain, but assist in dealing with medical emergencies. There is a great variety of brands involved in the manufacturing of this device that makes things confusing for the buyers.

In this post, we will talk about the top 10 best toilet seat risers in 2023 that you can buy. We have added each unit after consistent research and testing because it involves the well-being of the users. Let’s check out each one and buy the model you find most useful.


List of Best Toilet Seat Risers Review

10. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat

Essential Medical Supply Toilet Seat Risers

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We will begin our list with this extraordinary model that is capable of adapting according to the requirements. There are removable arms added on the unit that can be very useful while sitting and getting up.

The company comes with a complete set of hardware and instructions for the convenience of buyers in the installation process. Overall, it is a brilliant product to shop for buyers who are old or dealing with injuries.


  • Easy and convenient installation process
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Delivered in three different variants


  • None at all

9. Oasis Space Medical


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Another great product that you can think about shopping for is this excellent product. It is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds that make this unit perfect for heavy people. Many knee injury patients have shopped this unit, and the majority of them are happy with its use.

There is a padded armrest added between the spaces for making sure the users can sit comfortably on it. Overall, it is ideal for large people thanks to its solid weight capacity.


  • Capable to hold the seat securely on the seat
  • Equipped with fully padded rail handles
  • Crafted in a non-slip surface


  • Not crafted in a good design

8. Vive Toilet Seat Riser (best with handles)

Vive Toilet Seat Risers

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If you are looking for a toilet seat riser with an ergonomic handle, then think about investing money in this unit. It is available in two different variants like elongated and standard models. The height up to 3.5” can be added quite convincingly on the toilet seat.

It is one of the best units that you can find in the market thanks to the tool-free installation process. This unit is made from high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum for enhanced performance.


  • Equipped with top-grade grip handles
  • Completely tool-free installation process
  • Manufactured using top-grade composite material


  • Cracked with accidental falls

7. Aqua Sense Portable Raised Toilet Seat (best lightweight toilet riser)


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This product is extremely simple to use and raise the seat by 4 inches. The thing that attracts the buyers most about this unit is it’s easy to use the method. It is manufactured using polyethene that can be cleaned quite easily.

It is an ultra-lightweight unit that doesn’t only bring portability, but also make sure users can have a reliable experience. Despite being a lightweight seat, it can easily accommodate people up to 400 pounds.


  • Crafted in a very seamless construction
  • Fit perfectly with the majority of seats
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • Not the best one in terms of design

6. Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated (best for overweight people)

SP Ableware Toilet Seat Risers

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The next one is this durable unit from Maddak brand that can support up to 400 pounds with ease. It is a highly adjustable seat that can be seat to different heights according to the needs.

Also, the product is quite safe for elders who want stable and safe leg support. Additionally, there is an armrest on the seat for extra support while getting down or up from the seat.


  • Provide a completely stable and safe sitting
  • Fits perfectly with elongated toilets
  • Provide additional support due to armrests


  • Width is on the shorter side

5. Nova Toilet Seat Riser (best budget-friendly unit)

NOVA Medical Products

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If you want to buy a brilliant quality unit at an affordable rate, then don’t look anywhere further than this toilet seat riser from Nova brand. It is sold by the company in three different variants to give an extra choice to the buyers.

Also, this product is available in two sizes that take convenience to a different level. Despite being a budget-friendly and durable unit, it doesn’t create a mess and can be cleaned easily.


  • Get installed very quickly and comfortably
  • Delivered with all set of needed accessories
  • Capable of supporting up to 300 pounds


  • Incompatible with an elongated toilet

4. PCP Raised Toilet Seat (best under $100)

PCP Toilet Seat Risers

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The buyers who are looking to shop for a seat that offers the highest height to the elders can go for this model. It can be adjusted anywhere between 18 to 23 inches that not only makes things convenient but also ensure people of different heights can sit on it comfortably.

The process to clean this unit is very easier that makes it perfect for individuals with limited mobility. The unit comes with a molded plastic seat and a splash guard for adding the waste directly into the toilet.


  • Extremely lightweight and medical-grade unit
  • Can be cleaned with minimal effort
  • Perfect for people recovering from joint pain


  • Little bit confusion about dimensions

3. Essential Medical Supply (best for easy use)

Essential Medical Supply

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The people looking for a simple to use the unit at an affordable price can shop this unit from Essential brand. It can be installed to an existing seat with pretty little effort. The manufacturer has designed it in such a way that it fits with all the standard seats with ease.

It is one of the best toilet seat risers that offer an elevation of 3.5 inches that is more than enough for normal individuals. Also, this unit has a very positive rating among buyers.


  • Manufactured by medical & health products brand
  • Fits perfectly with major toilet seats
  • Extremely easier to install


  • Complaints about little bit slipping once a person sit on it

2. Vive Raised Toilet Seat (best ergonomically designed toilet seat riser)

Vive Toilet Seat Risers

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If you are looking to shop for a unit that designed ergonomically and provides maximum comfort to the body, then invest money in this model from Vive brand. This elevated riser can fit perfectly with the majority of standard toilet seats. It can raise the seat by 5 inches that can make things convenient for the buyers.

The installation is completely free from any tool and doesn’t take too much time. Also, it is a lightweight unit with better portability and storage to the body.


  • Equipped with padded handles for better convenience
  • Support up to 250 pounds with ease
  • Worry-less installation process without any tools


  • The high price is the only negative unit in this unit.

1. Carex Elongated Hinged (editor’s choice)

Carex Health Brands

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The most incredible unit that deserves the top list is this brilliant unit manufactured by Carex brand. It is capable of raising the seat by 3.5 inches to the normal height of the seat. Along with that, the unit can accommodate up to 300 pounds without any problem. It is manufactured in two different variants named Standard and Premium Pack.

On top of that, there is a pretty rare chance that one will feel any issue related to compatibility with a toilet seat. Overall, it is a brilliant unit to shop for elders and disabled people.


  • Provide a solid level of mobility
  • Manufactured using high-quality giving excellent support
  • Available at a very affordable price


  • Minor complaints about broken latches

How to choose the right toilet seat riser?

There are certain things that you need to check while shopping a toilet seat riser. Check out each to have a brilliant unit:

  • Height

Always make sure that the height by which the toilet seat can rise should be compatible with the height of people who will use it. It is important for keeping comfort and convenience in mind as the user will already having difficulties sitting.

  • Portability

A high-quality and genuine toilet riser will be portable enough to put on and off on the toilet seat. It should be comfortable to use even if the user is sitting for a longer period.

  • Weight ability

If you talk about a standard seat riser, then the average weight capacity is 250 pounds. However, you can easily find a seat riser for up to 400 pounds. No matter which unit you buy, it is ideal for determining the right weight capacity that matches the built of the body.


The aging process can’t stop in any manner irrespective of anything one does. However, one can make the necessary arrangements for making things convenient for the buyers. There are tons of best toilet seat risers available in the market, and we have tried to add the major ones in this post. Adding a few inches of height will not only reduce effort but also make things comfortable for the users. Do you still have a query in mind related to this unit? If yes, then write to it in the comment section.

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