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10 Best Tire Spoons in 2024

Often we come across situations like tire puncture or leakage in the middle of the road, Well, going to a workshop to change is always not a feasible option. So inside of that, we can always carry some handy tools. The tire spoons are one such option that you can carry with yourself. Changing the tire of your motorcycle or the dirt bike is a tedious affair but with the right tools, it becomes a tad bit easier. It is very portable and will make it the least complicated for you.

Nevertheless, the options are truly uncountable. But need to settle our mind on that one deserving option. So, without further delay, let’s find out the suitable options.


List of Best Tire Spoons Review

10. Dr. Roc Tire Spoon

Dr.Roc Tire Spoons

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With the Dr. Roc Tire Spoons at your disposal, you can now easily change the tires of your bike or even the lawnmower or get them repaired! These tire spoons are from forged steel and are very hardy to use. Next, these come with soft rim protectors that ensure your rims do not get any scratches from the lever spoon. You will also find a set of valve cores with this set to help you out from time to time. The handle is broad and ergonomically designed to ensure efficient action.

Finally, the steel spoons for your tires have a rustproof material coating. Therefore, the efficiency will not be ruined cause of corrosion and rusting. Thus, ensure a long life.

Key Features:

  • All the tools come packed together with a sturdy oxford cloth case. Here, you can keep all the items safe, together, and protected.
  • The spoons’ edges are rounded so that no leaks are caused during the process.
  • This has a construction of forged steel that is certainly of automotive-grade. Hence, an unquestionable quality makes it reliable.

9. YINGJEE Tire Spoons


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The YINGJEE Tire Spoons are an amazing set of tools to have in your toolbox. These are efficient and sturdy lever tools to pry out tires from rims in motorcycle or dirt bike. Plus, it’s even effective in small agricultural machinery. The tools are from forged steel that is classified to be automotive grade. It also features a wide handle crafted from rubber to ensure a solid grip and no skidding.

Besides, the tools come with rim protectors such that your rims do not get scratches from rough use. You will also get a bag made from Oxford fabric to keep all your tools in. Lastly, the toolset comes with valve caps and a valve core to use on your tires if you need to.

Key Features:

  • Since these tire spoon levers are 14.5-inches long. Hence, they give you better leverage as you are trying to pry your tire out of the rim.
  • The ergonomic handles ensure a good grip while not fatiguing your hands even after long use.
  • Not only it promises to remain free of rust, but even withstand the harshness of water.

8. Neiko 20600A Tire Spoons

Neiko Tire Spoons

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The Neiko 20600A Tire Spoons is a must for your garage artillery set. This is an exclusive tool that can help you tremendously with removing damaged tires. From motorcycles, lawnmowers, bicycles, and so on, you can do everything. Besides, the spoon body is from hardened steel and is all prepared for heavy-duty applications. The flat-based tip is efficient in prying the tires out while the broad, ergonomic handle allows an excellent grip.

Moreover, this is sturdy and resilient and can keep the effects of nature such as rusting and corrosion at bay. You get 3 tire removal levers along with two rim guards to ensure that your attractive rims do not take on any scratch.

Key Features:

  • The handles feature rubberized grips that ascertain non-skid actions. Thus, prevent any accident or injury as you are working with the levers.
  • You can store all the artilleries in a hanging bag equipped with a brass grommet that is provided with the tools.
  • The chrome finish makes it easy to clean the dirt from it.

7. Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro Tire Spoon

Motion Pro

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There are many tire tools you will find online but the Motion Pro 058-0536 is an excellent choice to go by. It is a heavy-duty tool that can be used for all kinds of heavy-duty operations. Whether you have an off-road motorcycle such as a dirt bike or any on-road vehicle, this tire spoon lever is going to get your damaged tires out. The tool is used either to remove the tire or to install a new or repaired one.

Furthermore, it is so designed that it does not harm the tube within but get the job done. The forged steel construction makes it very durable while the black finish comprising of oxides enhances its longevity.

Key Features:

  • Has an exclusive length of 16-inches that is long enough for easy and seamless applications.
  • A crossguard near the handles ensures that even if your hand lips it does ride forward and cause an injury.
  • This is a heavy-duty version that is even ideal for use at workshops.

6. Motion Pro 08-0409 Tire Spoon

Motion Pro Tire Spoons

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Motion Pro is an exclusive creator or parts and tools. So, you can use it with your bike or car and thus keep making its way into the list. This is a very simple appliance that can majorly help you with your garage work. If you have a damaged tire that is difficult to remove, all you need to do is use this tool to pry it out. The metallic device is hardy and quite resilient and helps with all kinds of tires.

As a matter of fact, it has a coating of nickel pewter finishing material to keep it safe from the effects of nature. The levers are 10-inches longs giving you ample leverage to open up tires. Lastly, the backside of the tire lever spoon has a curved surface that can be easily gripped by you.

Key Features:

  • The width of the metallic tire spoon lever is only 25 mm. Thus allowing you to easily store it with all your other tools.
  • You will also get a carrying pouch from vinyl to store it when not in use.
  • With its curved end, you can easily pull-off the tires.

5. Wanheyao Long Tire Lever


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Of the many tire tools that you will find, this will impress you. Indeed a reliable and long-lasting artifact, you should go for the Wanheyao Long Tire Lever. This set of tire tools are manufactured from hardened steel and is going to be very durable to use. The spoons are 14.5-inches long and give you ample leverage to easily remove even the most tightly fit tires. They are equipped with string and durable handles made from rubber to ensure non-skid action.

Furthermore, the handles have an ergonomic design. Hence, ensures that your hands do not get easily fatigued and you have a strong grip on the handles.

Key Features:

  • These tools are layered in an excellent chrome finish to give it a superior look.
  • It has full protection against the tools from rust, scratchers, wearing, and corrosion.
  • Features a 1-year guarantee from the house of Wanheyao that you can easily attain without much ado.

4. Ken-Tool 32120 Curved Tire Spoon

Ken-Tool Tire Spoons

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The Ken-Tool 32120 spoon is a versatile and useful tool that can be employed for heavy-duty purposes. It is a thick metallic rod with a flat spoon-like end that can be used for heavy-duty actions. The tire spoon is 24-inches long allowing you great leverage even to get out tires from mini trucks and such vehicles. This tool is a onetime investment and goes great with all kinds of garages.

Whether you want to demount a tire from the rim or mount it on to the rim, this device can do all of it. Lastly, it facilitates the quick changing of tires for smooth operations.

Key Features:

  • This singular device has a weight of 1.157 kg indicating how very durable it is.
  • Weighing a little over 2 pounds, the handling is pretty smooth.
  • The curved edges will help in damage-free removal of the tires

3. Core Tools CT108 Tire Spoon


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The Core Tools CT108 Tire Spoon is a desirable device to have in your garage. This tool for your tires is sold in pairs and features a 10-inches long shaft that eases tire removal operations. It is ideal to remove tires from lightweight vehicles such as bicycles, mountain bikes, and so on.

Furthermore, the lever is from metallic iron and has quite a durable body. Finally, the ends are curved and rubber-coated such that you can easily grip them without hurting your hands.

Key Features:

  • Has a wide-base design that ensures that you can easily mount and demount tires without affecting the tube within.
  • The ends are rubber coated which can prevent any kind of slipping action thus preventing accidents and injury.
  • This comes in a pair that will help in quick removal.

2. P1 Tools Iron Tire Spoon

P1TOOLS Tire Spoons

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The P1 Tools Iron Tire Spoon is a great device crafted from very high-quality materials to aid you in the garage. The 11-inches tools are quite adept at helping you removing or reinstalling tires without hurting the tube within. The set comes with 3 tire removal tools coupled with 4 rim protectors!

As a matter of fact, the tools are from steel and layered in a chrome finish. The steel body ensures durability while the finish ascertains that the effects of nature cannot take their toll on the device.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the tools is waterproof and the ideal place to store them when not in use.
  • Whether you want to remove the tires in your dirt bike or your tractor, this set is the ideal way to go about doing it

1.​ SUMINACON Tire Levers


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The SUMINACON Tire Levers are the ideal product to go with if you have a garage or like going on trips on your bike or motorcycle. This is an 11-inches tire removal tool that is excellent for smaller vehicles and quite impressive with bigger vehicles too. Next, it is so designed with rubberized handles such that it is not harsh on your hands in any way. The rubberized handles also ensure that you have a firm grip. As a result, your hands do not slip all of sudden while you are working causing injury.

When you buy the tire spoon lever from SUMINAON you will get a pack of three to use in all kinds of ways possible.

Key Features:

  • T-package comprises two rim protectors with the tire spoons to keep your rims away from any harm.
  • This has a construction heavy-duty steel for giving the required strength to this product.
  • In this set, you will get 3 spoons so that your work never remains unattended.

So, keep yourself busy whenever a customer comes or change the tires for yourself. The tire spoon kit will let you be free of any hard work as it will help in smooth execution.