Top 10 Best Sewing Tables in 2020

The art of sewing is not present in many. But whoever does with passion, they get fully dedicated towards it. As you need other necessary equipment, you also need a proper sewing table. For stability and full concentration on work, we need the best amongst the rest. So, always look for the market best products. Plus, it must provide sufficient storage space as well. The dimensions must be ideal and it might inspire you to work harder.

In the given sewing table buying guide, we miss out on no features. Get your facts right and feel no shame in finding the ideal product for you.

List of Best Sewing Tables Review on Amazon

10. Giantex Sewing Craft Table

Giantex Sewing Tables

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Because of its great functionality, the product has rightly been selected as the bestseller. This comes as a completed product, so the good news is you do not need to run to the shop to get tools to assemble it. Moreover, the sewing table is a multi-purpose table. It can also hold all of your craft or other sewing supplies in so that you do not lose them again. In fact, there are as many as 5 wheels. However, out of those, there are two lockable casters. It will help to transport from one location to another.

This sewing cart has a wooden construction and the stability of the product keeps all the contents on it unharmed.

Key Features: 

  • Now you can style the interior décor of your house with your table. It provides you with three different colors to suit all kinds of people.
  • One can simply fold it and the save from taking over unnecessary space.
  • In order to cater to your specific need, as well as storage constraint, it comes in two different sizes.

9. See Ready Studio Designs Table

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This stylish, and sleek looking table is a must add to your sewing regime. It reduces your trouble a great deal and helps you in all your sewing operations. Once again, it serves more purposes than that of a simple sewing table. Whether it is as a craft table, puzzle table, or any other, it caters to all kinds of needs.

However, the design is certainly upgraded for you. This modified table provides you with a larger surface area to work with ease. It features two slide-out drawers that have a mesh wire construction and it also has a bottom storage shelf.

Key Features: 

  • An exclusive feature of this product is that of height adjustment. The table’s height is adjusted in order to fit your specific requirements.
  • Storage is no hassle with this product. The panels on both sides are folded when not in use. This reduces the space it takes up during storage to a great extent.
  • The frame is powder-coated and can have the capacity of carrying 70 pounds of weight.

8. Southern Enterprises Eaton Rolling Table

Southern Enterprises Sewing Tables

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If small working spaces have always hindered your ambitious projects, then this product is all you need. This product offers you a wide surface area to work on. More than that, the surface area is easily foldable, which makes it perfect for small storage spaces. The product contains MDF which is known for its strength and durability.

You do not have to worry about the table getting damaged easily. The universal design really suits anywhere you take it.

Key Features: 

  • This table has a construction from MDF as well as melamine paper.
  • Each shelf can easily take loads of 15 lbs and the folding top can carry 20 lbs.
  • Many tables have rotating casters attached to them for ease. Although, the more unique addition to this product is that, the casters are lockable for convenience.

7. Sauder Miscellaneous Sewing Craft Cart


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This is one of the premium quality products which will look more than stunning inside your room. The classy cinnamon cherry finish, adds grandeur to your work station. With this table, you will keep returning for more projects. It has a superior quality top melamine surface. This surface protects the entire table from various things. It becomes absolutely scratch-resistant, which is a great plus for the table to look as good as new for a long time.

As a matter of fact, it also serves the purpose of making the table stain resistant. Hence, you do not have to worry about ruining your chic looking table with anything, and can work in peace.

Key Features: 

  • Inclusion of thoughtful storage behind roll open door provides you with readily available spaces to stock your supplies into.
  • The caster will roll through any surface easily.
  • It comes with an impressive 5-year warranty. Any concerns you have about the quality are thus driven away.

6. Arrow 601 Gidget I

Arrow Sewing Cabinets Sewing Tables

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This product specializes to fit any kind of sewing machine and serve any craft purpose that you may desire. The large lift opening available on the table renders you to fit larger sewing machines easily. Nonetheless, not only the size but the platform is adjustable to suit various heights as well. This will help you consider during your work.

Besides, the sturdy steel legs offer you a stable base. The legs can even fold up when not in use so that storing is no issue. Finally, the MDF built will never upset you with its strength.

Key Features: 

  • One significant feature of this product is that of the adjustable two-position manual lift. It allows you to have either the free arm or the flatbed position to suit your needs.
  • The product arrives pre-assembled. Now you do not have to worry about assembling, or getting a pile of tools just to assemble this table.
  • As the table-top is of melamine, you will spot no scratches or marks.

5. Mainstay Sewing Folding Table


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This sewing table is packed with features that you will never get tired of. It has various compartments in order to store all your accessories and supplies neatly inside the table. The product has two separate storage bins which easily provide a lot of room to hold your things. If that is not enough, it also comes with adjustable shelves.

This is extended during worktime and reduced again when not in use which essentially saves a lot of storage space. Finally, the whole product has an engineered wood construction that is pretty durable.

Key Features: 

  • The product is offered in cherry, pine or white finish. It can easily blend in with the interior of your room while complimenting it.
  • Has the feature of drop leaf. This feature allows you to have a lift which provides even more working space for absolute comfort and convenience.
  • The framed door looks extremely classy on the whole set-up.

4. Costway Adjustable Sewing Table

Costway Sewing Tables

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Whether you need a sewing table or a computer table, this one table serves all your purposes. Since the product has steel, you do not have to worry about rusting. Since it is rustproof, the life of the table is obviously extended. Plus, with steel, it also has MDF as one of its material. MDF is especially known for its superior quality. The table also provides you with a number of shelves in different locations in order to fit everything with ease.

Two open shelves and one bottom shelf, along with a drawer are more than enough to hold everything in place.

Key Features: 

  • This product features as many as 6 different adjustments for the shelf. You get to adjust it precisely according to your comfort.
  • The legs are completely out of steel. Steel is known to provide durability and strength. Thus, it provides a sturdy base to your table.
  • Space-saving design of only 9.45-inches that will even fold down.

3. SullivansPortable Sewing Table


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If storage is your main concern when it comes to a sewing table, then you should definitely go for this. This sewing table reduces to almost nothing, occupying the least amount of space in your room when not in use. Most importantly, the casters protect the floor of your room. The usual marks left by tables are prevented because of the casters.

Though it is compact, when extended, it provides you with ample work surface area to do your projects with ease. The product is provided with as many as five drawers, therefore, sufficient space for all the storage.

Key Features: 

  • It is provided with rotating casters. This helps you move the table from one place to another with ease, without much effort.
  • A light walnut wood construction will contribute to its longevity.
  • The casters are provided with a crucial feature of locks. Even the locks hold the casters in place when you are working on your table.

2. BAHOM Adjustable Sewing Table

BAHOM Sewing Tables

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This table can work multiple purposes all in one. The side tables when extended, provide you with a large working surface area. When not in use, the side panels are folded down. This essentially reduces the surface area. Given that, the wide side shelf measures a decent 10.2-inches, so, no more of shortage when you are trying to store something. Moreover, it also makes the table suitable for a desktop when you are not doing your craft projects.

As mentioned earlier, it is suited for multiple purposes. The adjustable table with 6 different settings helps to fit your keyboard, or your sewing machine firmly on the table.

Key Features: 

  • Every little detail has been kept in mind when designing this product. Thus, in order to prevent any safety hazard, the sides of this table have been rounded from edges.
  • The frame of the table is in the shape of an ‘X’. This innovative design provides stability to your table, letting you work without any problem.
  • Having eco-friendly construction, it is safe against scratches, fire hazards and even wearing.

1. Craft & Hobby Essentials 62007

Craft & Hobby Essentials

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If assembling is what you fear when it comes to the tables, then your prayers are answered. Not only is the assembling extremely easy, but the tools and hardware are all included within the package. So you do not have to spend any extra bucks on any other thing. It is also provided with clear instructions to walk you through each step of the installation. The top of the table is a folding one. Thus, it saves space when not in use. With an iron body, you can trust it even when there is rough use.

The drop leaf format can help it to become 60.5-inches wide. And it is generously powder-coated so that stability is assured. Finally, you get 6 different height settings that are adjusted as per the preferences of the users.

Key Features: 

  • A simple but extremely useful addition on this table will be that of the cord management hole. It helps you to neatly handle the wires under your table.
  • Not only does the product have many drawers, but they are all see-through mesh drawers. This helps you to find your supplies easily from all the compartments.

Give your hobby a meaning and start practicing on the sturdy sewing tables. Get ample storage space and be creative all the time.

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