Top 10 Best Sewing Baskets in 2019

Sewing needs a lot of different types of items to do it perfectly. Some of those items are a tape measure, scissors, threads, needles, thimble, and much more. Keeping them organized and carrying them safely is a challenge. This can be done perfectly with the help of a sewing basket. A sewing basket generally comes with multiple compartments and tray inserts to keep things organized and fetch them easily. Check out the top 10 best sewing baskets in 2019 below.

List of Top Best Sewing Baskets Review

10. SewKit Large Sewing Basket Organizer

SewKit Sewing Baskets

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This is a sewing basket kit which comes with a complete set of sewing accessories. In this, you will be able to organize your accessories in a proper way, and it is made up of strong wood. The basket has got an ergonomic handle and is very convenient to carry. It is also very stylish and you will be getting items like bobbin threads, measuring tape, needles, threader for needles, mini pin cushions, seam ripper, marking pencil, and thimble. This is very portable and you can easily carry it from one place to another.

9. Juvale Sewing Basket Organizer

Juvale Sewing Baskets

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This is a perfect sewing basket organizer when you can keep your sewing accessories in a proper way. This has been crafted with a touch of modernism on it. This is very convenient and has got an easy lid. It has got large compartments where you can perfectly organize your things. Your sewing supplies will reach out to you in an easier way with this basket. It is durable and includes an internal plastic storage tray. It is also very convenient and there is a button lid fastener which allows you to secure your things conveniently.

8. Singer Vintage Sewing Baskets

Singer Sewing Baskets

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This is a cute looking sewing basket which comes with a compartmentalized tray. It comes in an attractive pink and grey print and is also very convenient to hold. With this, you will be getting all the sewing accessories like ball pinheads, hand needles, thread spools, pin cushion, needle cutter, seam ripper, and tape measure. This has got large storage and allows you to organize your sewing supplies perfectly. The tray can be lifted and removed very easily and this has a snap closure which allows you to get your items in a quick time.

7. Vintage Sewing Basket Organizer Box Kit

Vintage Sewing Baskets

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This sewing basket kit will fit in your complete sewing accessories. You will be getting all the supplies like measuring tape, needle threader, pin cushion, a storage box, thread spools, stitch ripper, thimble, scissors, safety pins, and sewing needles. This is a versatile product which is perfect for hobbyists. This is portable and allows you to carry from one place to another conveniently. The stylish sewing basket has been crafted with modern flair. There is also an attractive lid with a button fastener. Additionally, there is an internal plastic storage tray which is very durable.

6. Oval Shaped Vintage Sewing Basket Organizer Box Kit


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With this sewing basket, you will be getting an attractive plastic storage box where you can keep various sewing supplies. This basket comes with all the accessories like thread spools, sewing needles, safety pins, needle threader, scissors, measuring tape and many other things. This has an attractive button fastener and there is also a handle which can be lifted comfortably. This has a classy look and on top of the lid, there is a cute print. In this, you can perfectly organize your sewing materials and it is also very portable.

5. Tidy Crafts Large Fabric Covered Sewing Basket

Tidy Crafts Sewing Baskets

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This is a large sewing basket which has got a classic look. This comes in an eye-catching print and has got a sturdy wood bottom. This has a strong poly wrapped handle and it is also very portable. In this, there is a handy organizer tray where you can place most of your items. This is made up of sewing themed fabric and you will be getting many sewing notions. This is lightweight and is a perfect item to gift for people who are into sewing.

4. SINGER Sewing Basket Kit

SINGER Sewing Baskets

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If you are looking to organize your sewing supplies in a proper way then this is the one for you. The sewing basket will allow you to store your entire sewing project in one case. This is very portable and you will be getting all the sewing accessories with this. The basket has got a plastic tray wherein you can organize your things in a better way. This is very spacious and is a high-quality fashion basket. It is lightweight and made up of sturdy material. This is well made and can also be used for other purposes.

3. Michley Sewing Basket

michley tivax Sewing Baskets

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In this sewing basket there is a removable plastic tray. In the tray you can organize your sewing supplies in a proper way and reach out to them conveniently. This is very large and you will be getting a sewing kit along with the basket. This comes in an owl patterned fabric and there is also a carrying handle along with the latch. This is lightweight and very portable and perfect for sewing hobbyists. This is also very stylish and has been well crafted.

2. Dritz St. Jane Sewing Basket

Dritz St. Jane Sewing Baskets

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This is a gorgeous sewing basket and it features under Amazon’s Choice for the same. Besides, the oval shape adds to the beauty of the product. There is magnetic snap closure and the color and fabric come assorted. The metal handle is ergonomic and strong and there are pockets and pincushion inside the lid. Besides, you get the lift-out tray for easily organizing small sewing items perfectly. These Sewing Baskets are various color combinations available.

1. SINGER Vintage Sewing Basket

SINGER Sewing Baskets

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the sewing basket category. The size is large and it has the classic shape with the vintage print. The handle is collapsible for easy storage and travel. The interior space is large and there are tray inserts for better organization of items. There are hand needles, scissors, thread spools, threader, ripper, pins and various such items available. Therefore, you get the complete collection of sewing items needed.


There are different types of sewing baskets available based on their design, shape as well as basket contents. Some of them come with all the things one would ever need to start sewing. While the others are just baskets with inserts to keep the things organized. There are different sizes of sewing baskets available and based on your requirements you should make your purchase.

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