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10 Best Salt Grinders in 2024


Salt is one of the most essential that we almost have to add in all the foods in the kitchen. However, many people don’t prefer buying the readymade salt from the market as they prefer grinding their own. We know that you are one of them and looking for the most proficient model. Don’t worry; we are here for helping you in selecting the right one.

Allow us to talk about the top 10 best salt grinders in 2024. We haven’t picked these units randomly from the internet as we have done solid research and tested each of them before adding them to this list. So, let’s check out all the units and buy one that suits your needs perfectly.


List of Best Salt Grinders Review

10. Sage Kitchenware MEC Stainless Steel

Sage Kitchenware Salt Grinders

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This list will start with a product that can easily fit everyone’s budget quite easily. It has an elegant and stainless steel body that sits perfectly on the table. You can easily fill this unit thanks to its clear ABC plastic construction.

It is easy to use a model that lets the users grind a variety of spices along with the salt. So, the people looking for a product at an efficient price should buy this salt grinder.


  • Equip with variable settings
  • Can provide solid performance consistently
  • Available at a very good price


  • Can break with accident falls

9. Menu 4418869 Salt and Pepper Grinder Set (best for color combination)

Menu Salt Grinders

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The ladies love to have equipment of colors that matches the décor of their kitchen. If you are one of them, then this product is the most convincing choice to make with the availability of colors like moss green, dark green, carbon ask, classic blue, and many more.

It comes with a universal minimalistic grinder form and solid ceramic grinder for better convenience. Additionally, this unit doesn’t create any mess on the table.


  • Available with superb color options
  • Can be shopped in a convincing price range
  • Known to provide brilliant results


  • Create a little bit of stickiness

8. Peugeot 23317 Paris U’Select Natural Mill

Peugeot Salt Grinders

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If you ask us, then we will say that it is one of the most brilliant units to choose from in terms of easier use. It is manufactured by a French company who are in this industry for more than 160 years. Another convincing thing about this unit is its unique construction that loved by buyers.

The two-stage pepper mechanism makes sure you enjoy the convincing flavor and aroma. The complete body manufactured of beechwood material.


  • Manufactured using top-grade beechwood material
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Equip with dual-stage pepper mechanism


  • Little bit expensive unit to buy

7. Latent Epicure Salt and Pepper Grinder Set (best budget-friendly pick)

Latent Epicure Salt Grinders

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This model from Latent Epicure brand is available for people who always prefer things at a decent price without compromising with the performance. It has a cleaner kitchen surface having a complimentary mill tray for boosting the cleanliness.

The chances of over flavoring in this unit are quite minimal thanks to bright light illumination. The varied coarseness settings ensure that you can grind the salt in the required size.


  • Equip with a mess-free stand
  • Keep the kitchen free from debris
  • LED illuminator for an easier idea about the remaining amount


  • Attain rust quite easily

6. Pepper Mill Imports Atlas (best handmade salt grinder)

Pepper Mill Imports

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If you love having a handmade salt grinder, then choose the unit manufactured by Pepper Mill brand. It is a superbly built product made from high-quality metal having the ability to keep salt fresh for many years. You can buy it in a variety of metals like chrome steel, copper, or solid brass.

As we have mentioned, it has a tool steel grinding mechanism that allows you to adjust the salt size. You can buy it in a great variety of sizes to match the varied needs conveniently.


  • Equipped with high-quality & durable construction
  • Available in a great range of sizes
  • Boost the flavor and aroma


  • The handmade operation might be an issue for some buyers

5. Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Grinder Set (best for unique construction)

Cole & Mason Salt Grinders

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It is a set o pepper and grinder sets that designed for providing a simple working and comfortable grip. The Cole & Mason brand has performed a tremendous job with the twist cap in this grinder.

Another considerable feature that is worthy of mentioning is the presence of a rubber ring that minimizes the effect of fatigue on the hand. The manufacturer has used clear acrylic material to ensure the buyers can easily see how much amount left inside.


  • Delivered with a lifetime mechanism guarantee
  • Capable of maintaining the freshness of salt after grinding
  • Refilling this grinder is quite easier


  • Complaints about leakage by some buyers

4. Perfex 2460Adjustable Grinder Mill (best compact salt grinder)

Perfex Salt Grinders

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The buyers looking for a compact unit should go for this powerhouse that available at a very genuine price. It comes in a highly durable aluminum case that offers a completely sleek metal appearance without any chance of rust.

It works on the adjustable metal burr grinding mechanism that makes things pretty easier even for a beginner. You are free to grind anywhere ranging from fine to coarse with this unit.


  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Crafted in a solid aluminum construction
  • Pull-out chute for easy refilling process


  • Metal losses shine after some years

3. OXO Good Grips Salt & Pepper Grinder Set


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The next one on our list is this manual salt grinder that comes with a great set of features. It can be bought in three different colors, so finding the one with one matching your kitchen will become an easier task. On top of that, it is manufactured by a brand like Oxo that ensures high performance.

There are rotating tabs in the unit that let the users adjust the grinder settings as per needs. Additionally, the presence of clear acrylic bodies gives you complete information about what level of salt remaining in them.


  • Easy to operate with unscrewing system
  • Clean countertop mechanism
  • Pretty and slim construction


  • A little bit smaller in size

2. Russell Hobbs RHPK4100 (best stainless steel salt grinder)

Russell Hobbs

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Many buyers love to have stainless steel equipment in their kitchen. If you prefer having the same kind of feel, then this one is the product to choose from. It is a one-touch grinder set that can be controlled through a button located at the top. We can guarantee that this one is one of the easiest ones for milling the salt and pepper.

It is the best salt grinder manufactured with superb quality stainless steel. There is a clear chamber in the unit that let the buyers know how much amount left in it.


  • Equipped with a built-in lighting system
  • Easy to use machine
  • Crushes salt pretty finely


  • Complaints about hopper being smaller when compared with others

1. OXO Salt Grinder (editor’s choice)


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We wish to begin this list with a bang, and that’s why added this plastic salt grinder to the first position. It equipped with five different options for allowing you to choose the type of salt size you want.

Operating this unit is quite easier as the users only have to turn the grinder and then unscrew the plastic cap. This non-corrosive ceramic grinder makes sure that you don’t have any issue with the flavor or odor of salt as it will remain the same.


  • Equipped with five different settings ranging from fine to coarse
  • Crafted with pretty solid construction
  • Acrylic body for showing quantity


  • The plastic center wheel breaks up after a certain time

How to choose the right salt grinder?

Things can become hard while buying the best salt grinders, especially if you are a beginner. Let’s look at things that you need to check while shopping for a new one.

  • Construction

It is a personal preference that depends on your style and décor. Some prefer having one with a large size, whereas others prefer smaller ones. Here, you have a free end and choose whatever you suits.

  • Material

The material used for making the grinder is an important thing to consider. There are lots of materials used for manufacturing this unit that includes ceramic, glass, plastic, and many more. Some even made from a combination of materials mentioned. Please make sure it is made from high-quality material.

  • Coarseness settings

The coarseness level varies from one person to another. That’s why it is ideal that you buy a unit that comes with lots of settings that should range from coarse to fine levels. Stay away from the grinders that come only with a single coarseness level.


We believe that you may have already made your pick until now. Our team has only added the best salt grinders in this list to ensure that you have a wonderful experience with the purchase. Are you still undecided or there is something that revolving in your mind? If yes, then write for us in the comment section, and we will answer it quickly. Go for the editor’s choice as it is the most convincing salt grinder that you can find in the market.