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10 Best Salad Tongs in 2024


Whenever you are arranging any event, you need the proper equipment to serve your salads as well as food. Hence, the addition of salad tongs to your collection is really beneficial. It can hold your salads properly and can create a long-lasting impression with its look. Plus, it can also act as a cooking tool.

Having limitless options, you can amongst the best products that are trusted by many users. Compare and decide, always have a win-win situation.


List of Best Salad Tongs Review

10. Oneida Raffia 11 1/2-Inch Stainless Steel Salad Tongs

Oneida Salad Tongs

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Firstly, Oneida has made these salad tongs out of 18/8 stainless steel. Secondly, this makes the tongs high strength and makes them highly durable. They won’t be easily bent and would last you for a very long time.

Moreover, the tongs are rather hand-polished to give it a glow. It fully safe also when washed in a dishwasher. So even if you want to use these professionally in a catering business, this attractive polished look will impress you.

Key Features
  • Won’t suffer from rusting or corrosion easily.
  • Using it is simple and doesn’t require any catering skills.
  • Certainly kept together with a strong hinge.

9. Lavador Kitchen Tongs Set

Lavador Salad Tongs

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Lavador has created these salad tongs with an intelligent design that makes serving or barbequing meat very easy. As a matter of fact, the body is made out of high-quality stainless steel. Hence, it gives it high durability and silicone grips which would always stay cool for you to easily handle.

Stainless steel construction indeed makes the tongs resistant to corrosion without compromising strength. You also get a pull ring at the end which lets you lock the tongs and store them with ease

Key Features
  • Silicone heads let you grab food without them slipping.
  • Tongs can rather tolerate high temperatures up to 480-degrees Fahrenheit.

8. KEBE Buffet Tongs

KEBE Salad Tongs

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Unlike plastic tools, these tongs are made out of superior quality food grade stainless steel. They wouldn’t leave any toxic particles on your food and won’t be a hazardous factor that would risk your or your guest’s health. On both sides of these tongs, you get mirror polishing that wouldn’t be tarnished, unlike chrome plated alternatives.

Furthermore, they look excellent when they are just sitting in the kitchen. Above all, they look equally fabulous when you are grilling or serving food.

Key Features
  • One can rather clean it with minimal effort.
  • Shaped like scissors for ease of use.
  • Weighs around 4.5 ounces.

7. BambooWorx 3 Piece Tong Set


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Other products have plastic or steel construction. However, these tongs are crafted from high-quality organic bamboo. Instead of the one you get three tongs in this deal at the affordable price of one. Next, the salad tong in this set has a mechanism that is spring-loaded.

This certainly means you have to exert minimal force and execute minimum movement while mixing salads or serving your guests. Finally, the toaster tong includes a magnetic catch to make it flexible for you.

Key Features
  • Weighs just under 7 pounds.
  • The frying tongs would improve your cooking experience significantly.
  • Modern design with iconography on the tongs.

6. Ironwood Gourmet 28203 Spring Salad Tongs

Ironwood Gourmet

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Ironwood Gourmet brings to you premium quality salad tongs that are made out of high-quality Acacia wood. Instead of creating with the same generic polish, this one has intricate natural wooden patterns that automatically grab eyeballs. Unlike steel tongs, it wouldn’t leave any mark on your utensils and doesn’t have any toxic heavy metals or substances like BPA.

Nevertheless, it showcases a practical one-handed design. Lastly, you can clean it in just a few steps or simply air dry it.

Key Features
  • Has spring-loaded mechanism which lets you easily use it.
  • These wooden tongs are indeed 12-inches in length.
  • Cleaning and maintaining require minimal effort.

5. Browne & Company Cuisipro 11-Inch Salad Tongs

Browne & Company

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These tongs have a high-quality food-grade stainless steel construction. As a result, it wouldn’t be harmful to your health and is shaped to assist you in every way. This one has both the arms with a spoon and a fork integrated into the design. That rather gives you much more efficiency during serving as well as cooking.

In addition to that, it is capable of serving all sorts of food. And it is not only perfect for serving, but also cooking.

Key Features
  • Safe for cleanups in a dishwasher.
  • Certainly, has a polished mirror finish which looks amazing.

4. Cuisinox Salad Tongs Stainless Steel

Cuisinox Salad Tongs

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These Cuisinox tongs have a length of 23 cm/9 inches. Plus, it is built from 18/10 top quality stainless steel that is safe for use in the kitchen. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain harmful toxic substances or BPA. So you can use it worry-free.

Since it is made of steel, unlike iron it wouldn’t rust with a bit of exposure to water. In fact, it has a high resistance to corrosion as well. Finally, use these tongs to serve the best salads to your guests in style.

Key Features
  • A weight of 4 ounces is indeed lightweight.
  • Has an attractive polished finish with a sleek design.

3. Fred & Friends TING TING TONGS

Fred & Friends

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Want to go for something new and exciting instead of the countless tongs with the generic design? Then Fred the best product for you. It has a monkey head shape at the place where the arms connect. Given that, it is fun to look at and even more, fun to watch your guest’s reaction.

The tong ends are shaped like cymbals and also bring back the nostalgia of an iconic toy from your childhood. However, it would excite kids and intrigue adults with its amazing design.

Key Features
  • Features a chrome construction that appeals to the eyes.
  • Has a length of over 10-inches.

2. Joy Looker JT01 Premium Food Tongs Set

Joy Looker

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In this set, you get 3 pairs of tongs which would become help you out at any party. It comes in a set of 3 tongs shaped and crafted for various purposes. The salad tongs indeed have a large surface area and are shaped as an integration of a spoon and fork. As a result, you can easily grab noodles, egg salads, pasta or coleslaw with ease.

Furthermore, the sturdy ice tongs are perfectly shaped to pick up ice-cubes for chilling your alcohol or fruity cocktails.

Key Features
  • All the tongs are made out of stainless steel.
  • Each tong reach around 10-inches in length.

1. My Salad Tongs Stainless Steel

My Salad Tongs

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Salad tongs are a great way to serve salads. This innovative salad tong with its scissor design eliminates the requirement of culinary and hospitality training. The two ends are shaped in the form of a large spoon and a fork which help you to grab large portions and serve within one scoop.

Its scissor shape lets even someone without experience pick-up all kinds of food including, salads, pasta, croissants and more.

Key Features
  • Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • The product is indeed capable of keeping away heat. Hence, heat-proof in nature.
  • A firm as well as cozy grip.

Serve at corporate events, parties, add to your personal collection and much more. The salad tongs will help in the neat serving of the food as well as dishes.