Top 10 Best Robotic Window Cleaners in 2019

The days of manual cleaning of rooms are numbered, and that is because of the various robotic cleaners available in the market. The robotic window cleaners are becoming very popular. The glasses take up a lot of space in the windows of a home. Cleaning the glasses accurate can be tiresome. That is where a robotic window cleaner can do it for you. You can set it, and everything else will be taken care of. The following is the list of the top 10 best robotic window cleaners in 2019.

List of Best Robotic Window Cleaners Review

10. OMLTER Smart Remote Window Glass Cleaner Robot

OMLTER Robotic Window Cleaners

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This compact yet highly efficient robotic window cleaner allows you to get hands-free cleaning. The glass cleaning tool also sticks with the glass like a gecko. Moreover, this robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning various surfaces, like hard, smooth, flat walls, tables, floor, and ceiling. The internal temperature automatic regulation helps to offer ultimate performance according to the users.

This cleaning unit also supports noiseless operation without reducing the power of the vacuum suction. Furthermore, this highly-functional unit comes with the replaceable pad to effectively clean stains and water stains. The intelligent infrared remote-control technology automatically cleans in three directions. This battery-operated cleaning tool automatically detects window boundaries.

Reason To Buy
  • Suitable for cleaning various surfaces.
  • Intelligent infrared remote-control technology.
  • Automatically detects window boundaries.

9. MSOO Best Robot Vacuum for Window Clean


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This efficiently cleaning tool is able to clean one square meter of an area in 4-minutes. The tool also involves the construction of sturdy ABS plastic. Moreover, this glass window cleaner is very much light in weight and flexible to offer excellent accessibility. The unit is suitable for cleaning different sizes of the window frame. With the help of two cleaning wheels, this unit rotates at 75 times per minute for effective cleaning.

The 2700-pa double disc suction of this vacuum cleaner also supports deep cleaning. Furthermore, the microfiber cleaning cloth easily absorbs water and causes no damage to the glass surfaces. This robotic window cleaner comes with artificial intelligence, data sensing, and intelligent planning path.

Reason To Buy
  • Ideal for cleaning any window frame.
  • Comes with data sensing, intelligent planning path.
  • 2700-pa double-disc suction for deep cleaning.

8. loukou Commercial Window Cleaning Robotic

loukou Robotic Window Cleaners

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This robotic window cleaner comes along with a smart remote control to offer hands-free and risk-free window cleaning. This cleaning tool is also very much light in weight and convenient to carry around. Moreover, with the help of two microfiber pads, this tool offers excellent cleaning and strong suction. You can stress-freely clean any glass surface.

This automatic cleaning tool also allows you to clean various, hard or smooth floor, ceiling surfaces. Furthermore, this set includes a robotic cleaner, safety rope with hooks, and more other equipment. This unit is suitable for cleaning both indoor and outdoor glass windows. The commercial-grade cleaning tool ideally cleans the glass windows of tall buildings.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with safety rope with hooks.
  • Ideal for indoor, outdoor glass windows.
  • Comes with strong suction.

7. Cop Rose Robotic Window Cleaner

Cop Rose

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This robotic window cleaner supports intelligent cleaning to perform effortlessly window cleaning with automatic function. The device is not only compact in size but also delivers efficient and hands-free cleaning. Moreover, this multi-functional tool is able to clean multiple surfaces like hard smooth floors, desks, mop, framed or frameless windows, and more. The cleaning cloths of this unit are easily replaceable.

This robotic cleaner with its strong absorption and super absorbent clothes is also able to clean strong oil, sand, dust, or dirt. Furthermore, this unit automatically performs cleaning in three directions. The cleaner automatically turns off after completing cleaning. This cleaner runs for nonstop 30-minutes with the help of undisturbed power system.

Reason To Buy
  • The multi-functional device cleans efficiently.
  • Comes with strong absorption capacity.
  • Runs for 30-minutes without any break.

6. Mamibot Robotic Window Cleaner

Mamibot Robotic Window Cleaners

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This robotic window cleaner with its unique shape and design performs excellent cleaning for your glass windows. The unit also comes with strong suction power to effectively clean various surfaces. Moreover, this versatile cleaner is able to clean frame and frameless glass, table, or smooth floors. The automatic robotic washer eliminates the need for moving heavy furniture or climbing tall buildings to clean glass windows.

This tool also comes along with intelligent cleaning routes and anti-falling sensor with strong safety-rope to prevent it from falling. Furthermore, this unit has an easy to operate remote control system. The inbuilt 650-mAh battery supports emergency use app for both iOS and Android systems.

Reason To Buy
  • Suitable for cleaning various surfaces.
  • Slim-profile for cleaning narrow surfaces.
  • User-friendly remote-control system.

5. HOBOT Automatic Robot Window Cleaning


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This compact yet efficient robotic window cleaner comes with auto intelligence technology for faster and easier cleaning. The unit comes along with a power cord for a stable connection every time. Moreover, the cleaner has the minimum surface size of 13X13-inch. The cleaner is able to clean the glass surfaces with different thicknesses. The vacuum engine stays in place with any magnet.

This cleaner also comes with three different programmable automatic cleanings. Furthermore, you can easily control this device via provided remote control or smartphone application. With 750-RPM motor speed, this cleaner is able to clean a meter square within 4-minutes. The robotic cleaner automatically detects the edges of the window.

Reason To Buy
  • Cleans glass surfaces with various thicknesses.
  • Offers three automatic programmable cleaning modes.
  • Comes with a higher RPM motor.

4. HOBOT Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT Robotic Window Cleaners

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This robotic window cleaner comes along with an ultrasonic water spray nozzle. The brushless motor of this tool is also extremely durable and makes no operational noise. Moreover, the auto intelligence technology of this unit efficiently cleans any glass surface. You can control this cleaner via a simple remote control or smartphone.

This unit also consists of three different kinds of operation modes for cleaning an entire window. Furthermore, the automatic device turns off automatically after finishing cleaning. You can even use this tool to clean frameless windows as well. The microfiber cloths of this unit allow deep cleaning with super absorption. This device comes along with high-strength safety-rope and buckles as well.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with an ultrasonic water-spray nozzle.
  • Efficiently cleans frameless windows.
  • Super absorbing microfiber cleaning cloths.

3. HOBOT Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Remote Control


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This robotic window cleaner is ideal for cleaning any window with thick glass. The unit also consists of updated auto intelligence technology with the cleaning speed of one-meter square in 2.4-minutes. Moreover, the uninterrupted power system of this device runs for a really long time for efficient cleaning. The smart device automatically shuts down right after finishing cleaning.

This unit also able to automatically detects the edges of windows for perfect cleaning. Furthermore, the super-absorbent microfiber cloth supports easy and deep cleaning. You can effectively clean your mirror as well. This unit comes with a control algorithm with fall protection. The automatically adjustable pneumatic pad supports easy movement and holds discharge between the tracks and cleaning clothes.

Reason To Buy
  • The control algorithm for fall protection.
  • Automatically detects the edges of windows.
  • Comes with an automatically adjustable pneumatic pad

2. Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Gladwell Robotic Window Cleaners

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This auto intelligent window cleaner comes with gecko to quickly detect edges with ease. The cleaner also uses an advanced algorithm to scrub every part of the windows. Moreover, this unit helps you to clean hard to reach spots without stressing your muscles. The device supports risk-free and hands-free window cleaning even for tall buildings.

The unit also allows you to clean a variety of glass windows without any difficulty. Furthermore, the safety rope attachment prevents the robotic window cleaner from dropping. The suction technology of this tool helps it to stick to any glass surface and offers efficient cleaning. With the help of simple remote control, you can easily control this robotic window cleaner.

Reason To Buy
  • The Gecko quickly detects edges.
  • Comes with strong suction technology.
  • Supports hands-free window cleaning.

1. Alfawise Window Cleaner Robot


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The inbuilt auto intelligence technology of this robotic window cleaner easily detects window frames or any other obstacles. This cleaning unit also automatically calculates and programs the optimal cleaning path for optimal efficiency. Moreover, the unit supports hands-free and risk-free cleaning for the tall or hard to reach building windows. The undisturbed power system of this unit works with a stable power cord.

The intelligent algorithm of this unit also helps to stay in place even after power failure. Furthermore, this unit comes with three automatic cleaning directions for efficient cleaning. The powerful suction of this robotic window cleaning tool firmly holds the vertical glass surfaces and allows deep cleaning.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with inbuilt auto intelligence technology.
  • Uninterrupted power system for a stable connection.
  • Automatically detects its cleaning path.

Buying Guide For Robotic Window Cleaner

Make sure to compare the following points in robotic window cleaners:

Battery Life:

The battery life varies from models to models. In average calculation, a robotic window cleaner can clean up to 10 windows with a single charge. If you have a few windows of a building, then it is better to look for a cleaner with 15 to 30 minutes of battery life. However, for a smaller building, the battery life does not matter, and a machine with powerful battery costs more than the smaller ones.

Backup Battery:

Most of the models come with a safety cable and power cord with a maximum length of 15-feet. In the case of short battery life machines, it is better to notice if these products come with backup battery functions or not. No matter what, the additional battery is very much advantageous function for any automatic window cleaner.

Cleaning Patterns:

The majority of the cleaners come with washing pads and scrubbers to clean the surfaces. Some of the models have drying function or sponge to keep the surfaces spot-free. The common cleaning patterns of any cleaner involve two-step cleaning, first is the washing procedure, and the second one is wiping or polishing the surfaces.

Shape Of Windows:

You have to select an automatic window cleaner as per the shape of your windows. However, some models cannot work with the frameless windows, while others cannot go to the corners of the windows while cleaning. So, you need to be careful in that case.

Glass Thickness:

Many models can clean several window surfaces. Some of the cleaners can clean proficiently the smooth or polished glass surfaces. Nevertheless, many models can easily do cleaning on various glass surfaces. If you have some glass designs, like textured, frosted, filmed, and patterned, you can easily select an automated glass cleaner with versatile glass design cleaning options.


Most of the window cleaners depend on two different kinds of connectivity. One is magnetic connectivity, and another one is motorized grip. However, the motorized ones are safer and effective than the magnetic ones. On the other hand, you can use the motorized cleaners with a safety-cord for safer operation.

Speed Of Cleaning:

The automatic window cleaners are not fully automatic as they require human assistance to complete the cleaning procedure. However, the cleaning process can be automatic, but if you have to shift from one window pane to another, then you have to perform it manually. You can easily control the speed of the cleaning as per your requirement.

Noise Level:

You should look for a window cleaner that comes with minimal operational noise to keep the environment cool and comfortable while cleaning your windows. It is better to choose a cleaner which has the operation noise down by 60-dB.

Application Available:

Many smart robotic window cleaners are app-controllable. So, you can control the functions of the cleaning by their supportive applications provided by the manufacturers. You can also install the applications in your smartphones, tablets, and other devices. However, the app-controlled models are costlier than the remote-controllable cleaners.


While buying a robotic window cleaner, you have to choose based on size, weight, battery life, and speed. Apart from that, the power of the motor, the cleaner is applicable on the frame, or frameless windows, as well as the suction power, need to be looked at. Therefore, go through the best products we have listed and understand their features before buying.

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