Top 10 Best Robotic Window Cleaners in 2020

We just cannot ignore the daily chores of our house. It may seem tiring but with new technologies making its way, there are various helpful technologies simplifying the tasks. One such hectic job is window cleaning. Even if you can clean the windows properly, it never gets a deep cleaning and also kills a lot of energy. Therefore, the robotic window cleaners come at the rescue. You just have to do nothing other than monitoring the device. Control it through app or remote, you have to occasionally clean the device for best results.

For making it easier for you, we have researched and listed all the promising products. So, do not miss it and gather all the valuable information.

List of Best Robotic Window Cleaners – A Complete Guide:

10. BOBOT Win 660 Window Glass Cleaner


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Window cleaning is quite a dangerous ordeal if you have climb through ladders, and extend out to the window panes at unholy angles. This calls for an easy solution like the BOBOT Win 660 Series. This is an innovative robotic window cleaning apparatus that makes use of technology to do the task for you. It is used on any surface such as framed or frameless windows, floors and so on.

As a matter of fact, it has an in-built laser technology that gives it an idea of the edges. The cleaner needs to be powered directly from an AC source but comes with 650mAh battery for emergency situation.

Key Features:

  • This is a low noise producing machine and works at a quiet 65dB for human convenience.
  • The window cleaner is controlled via a remote or through your smartphone using a mobile app.
  • Safety ropes along with anti-falling technology make this window cleaner a very safe technology- for itself and others.

9. FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner


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Getting to clean dirty window panes laden with stains is a hectic ordeal. It is also very unsafe owing to the awkward positions you often find yourself in while cleaning. A smart solution to such a messy business is the Fengruir C-901. Furthermore, it is a little tool that can bring great significance in your life.

This handy tool can cling to any flat surface such as walls, tabletop, window panes, and so on. The Smart Window cleaner is packed with a powerful motor that works tirelessly and noise-free.

Key Features:

  • This window cleaner is operated by an infrared remote thus allowing you to use in a better way.
  • The vacuum sucks in at a tremendous 5600Pa pressure thus staying put where it is attached at all times.
  • It features 3 different modes for cleaning surfaces going all the way up to maximum pressure.

8. ECOVACS WINBOT 880 Window Cleaning Robot


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The WINBOT 880 is really an innovative solution to all the window cleaning problems. The cleaner’s ability to think for itself gives it almost magical powers. It can cling to any flat surface without effect and goes on cleaning tirelessly as long as the power is on. Even during a power failure, the smart cleaner has a battery backup of 30 minutes.

It is ingrained with optocoupler sensors that warn the machine about sharp edges. Next, it can also detect any obstruction lying on its path and alter the way accordingly. Eventually, it comes back to the starting position for easy removal.

Key Features:

  • It has a technology that allows it to report real-time updates on cleaning. It also reports about any abnormal conditions.
  • The remote control system is well-equipped with different functions. Other than the start-stop and directional buttons, the remote also has a Spot-Clean feature.

7. KingFast Auto Window Cleaning Robot


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The robot makes use of a very powerful vacuum system to cling to window surfaces without falling off. This can take away all the hassles and dangers of cleaning a windowpane yourself. This cleaner works on an anti-drop algorithm which keeps on working even when the power is cut off.

It just weighs 930 gm and produces only 67dB of sound when working. Above all, it works on a 100-240V AC supply and requires a power input of 80W to function properly.

Key Features:

  • Automatically detects any obstruction in its field of work and modifies its path according to it.
  • The intelligent robot is programmed to run particular paths.
  • KingFast window cleaner is run via a remote control system.

6. HOBOT-198 Glass and Window Cleaner


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If you are looking for a robotic window cleaner you should give the HOBOT-198 a try. This intelligent vacuum cleaner features V2.1 of AI Technology. It can detect the edges on any surface and works efficiently to reach the farthest corners. The motor within this cleaner runs at 70 rpm and creates enough pressure to always cling to vertical surfaces.

It is so efficient that it gets 1 m2 surface cleaned in just 4 minutes. The amazing tool is run using an infrared remote or even through a smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Has a hardy support rope of up to 150 kg tensile strength.
  • The microfiber cloth is smooth to the glass surface and highly efficient in cleaning. It can also be taken off and cleaned.
  • Loaded with an embedded UPS, this vacuum cleaner can cling on to surfaces for a while even when the power is cut off.

5. HOBOT-298 Automatic Window Cleaner

HOBOT Robotic Window Cleaners

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Cleaning windows requires a considerable amount of hard work as well as time. However, all the efforts are minimized and time saved by making use of the Hobot-298 Automatic Window Cleaner. This programmable unit is used in any way to get rid of stains on your window panes. It can clean at a rate of 2.4 min/m2 and will stop automatically once cleaning is done.

The window cleaning robot is ingrained with such technology that prevents it from falling off even if the power is cut off. Finally, it has the benefit of AI-technology, so, one has full control through the smartphone app or the given remote.

Key Features:

  • This robotic window cleaner works on a power supply of 72 watts and requires 100 to 240 V AC.
  • It is a very convenient window cleaning tool weighing in at only 1200g.
  • Window cleaning tool has a surface of 15-inches x 15-inches and that is the minimum requirement for window dimension.

4. HOBOT-288 Window Cleaner

HOBOT Robotic Window Cleaners

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When you can get a robot to clean the window panes at just 2.4 min for every square cm, why go for the traditional way? The HOBOT-288 comes with 3 different modes for automated cleaning actions. It even automatically stops running once its given task is complete. This tool runs a powerful anti-falling algorithm and hence sticks to any surface it is put on.

The safety rope comes with an exceptional 150 kg tensile strength. As a matter of fact, gain full control over the cleaner with the help of a smartphone app or the provided remote control.

Key Features:

  • It can easily work upon any glass or other smooth surfaces with a thickness of 3mm or more.
  • Class I Laser Technology has an output of 0.97 mW and is used to detect the edges of a surface.
  • This cleaner is loaded with AI Technology S2.0 giving it significant power over normal cleaners.

3. Mamibot W120 Robotic Glass Cleaner

Mamibot Robotic Window Cleaners

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If you are having a hard day at cleaning window frames, it is time for you to change to the smart way. Mamibot brings to you the W120, an intelligent robot glass cleaner. This cleaner can work on any reasonably smooth surfaces in a vertical position. Surfaces include glass, tabletop, floor and even walls. It can easily reach those hard to reach corners without any guidance.

The window cleaner is also laden with a 650 mAh battery. Therefore, can keep the cleaner going even when the power is cut off. Just remember to attach the safety rope and go doing what you feel like.

Key Features:

  • Mamibot W120 is a high powered cleaner that can work noiselessly. It produces only 65dB of sound.
  • This intelligent robotic window cleaner is worked through both Android and iOS devices unanimously.
  • The 650 mAh built-in battery will certainly run for a long time.

2. Wexbi Robot Window Cleaner

Wexbi Robotic Window Cleaners

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One of the sturdiest and most power-packed windows cleaner is from Wexbi. It is an efficient and intelligent tool that can get the work done in just 3 minutes for a 1 m2 surface. It is applied to a wide variety of smooth surfaces. And that too owing to its ability to stick to window glass greater than 3mm.

The powerful vacuum ensures sticking to any vertical surface up to a great height. Intelligent UPS system makes it possible for the cleaner to keep sticking even in case of power cuts.

Key Features:

  • Indeed works on a surface area of 15 x 15 cm2 or bigger.
  • Robotic cleaner runs a power-packed motor without practically making any noise thus preventing you from the discomfort.
  • Pads comprise of micro-fiber cloth which is highly efficient in cleaning and is machine washed.

1. Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Gladwell Robotic Window Cleaners

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This window cleaner was designed with only one thought in mind- to make window cleaning easier and safer. You can now clean windows from the comfort of your couch. This robotic cleaner is certainly controlled remotely by means of a smartphone app or a remote. Moreover, it has anti-fall technology and added ropes provide added security.

It can thoroughly clean your windows and give you the clearest vision through it. Finally, it features LED indicators and allows pretty easy operations.

Key Features:

  • The microfiber pads that line the suction inlets is easily taken off and washed for future uses.
  • Indeed used to clean a number of smooth surfaces such as window panes, tabletops and even floors.
  • The AI-run tool has such technology. As a result, allows it to identify edges in windows or tabletops. This, in turn, prevents the machine from going over.

No need of spending extra efforts on cleaning window manually when you easily can take the aid of the best robotic window cleaners. Now, spotless cleaning is achievable!

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