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10 Best Robotic Window Cleaners in 2024

Best Robotic Window cleaners make cleaning easier and quicker, both indoor and outdoor. These robots are efficient and give spotless cleaning. There would be areas at home or office buildings that are difficult to reach with the bare hands and clean it off. Robot cleaners ensure that end to end cleaning of the entire window is done alerting the user when it is done.

The technology of robot window cleaners is such that they stick to the windows with motor-powered suction and then clean the window from edge to edge. With window cleaning robots, say no to manual cleaning, which is very risky in the high-rise buildings. Moreover, they save a lot of money, especially in the commercial buildings, without you having to hire a team of professionals for the same and pay then hourly.

There are different types of robot window cleaners in the market with similar functions and features, which makes the selection process a bit challenging. However, an in-depth analysis reveals a lot of points that make one product preferable over the other. Based on our research, here are the top 10 robotic window cleaners to look for.


List of Top Best Robotic Window Cleaners in 2024

10. Hobot 3 Programs Automatic Remote Control Cleaning Robot

HOBOT Robotic Window Cleaners

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One of the fastest cleaning robots in its category, HOBOT-268, comes with two added wheels over its predecessor for faster cleaning. Further, the features such as upgraded microfiber cloth and double passage of each glass ensure the quality of cleaning remains intact.

There are three kinds of automatic operation modes useful for cleaning the entire window and stops automatically after the cleaning is complete. Further, the embedded power system drives the robot completing end to end cleaning function. The laser sensor rigged robot window cleaner can quickly detect edges of windows. Moreover, features such as the anti-falling control algorithm and auto-detects edges of the window make this robot control window cleaner worth considering.


  • High-strength safety rope and buckle
  • Three automatic operations modes for cleaning
  • The laser sensor can detect the edges of windows making the robot anti-fall
  • Compact in size but high performance


  • The robot works with a power cord only, although it comes with embedded UPS to continue work without hindrance.

9. Wexbi Intelligent Planning Built In UPS RC Window Cleaning Robot


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This window cleaner robot from Wexbican washes a lot of different surfaces, including shower cabins, glass, walls, and mirrors. Moreover, the cleaning robot can also be used on the horizontal surface. Its laser-based navigation technology gauges the optimal path to clean the surface. There is a UPS system built inside the vacuum helping the robot to be glued to the window.

Users can control the robot with the help of remote control, and pads are machine washable. The UPS system ensures that the robot does not fall off the vertical system even when there is a sudden power cut. Further, the robot is smart enough to return to the origin after the cleaning is done. Above all, there is no limitation on the wiping height of the robot, making it the right choice for the high-rise building.


  • Window washing with intelligent planning
  • Edge sensing technology ensures the robot stops when sensing the edges
  • The robot comes back to the origin after finishing the work


  • Price could be slightly higher than other devices

8. Bobot Win 3060 Edge Detection Window Cleaner Robot

BOBOT Robotic Window Cleaners

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The robot from Bobot is an apt solution for vertical glass window cleaning efficiently and quickly. Packed with artificial intelligence, the robot is aware of the edges of the window, guaranteeing that it would not fall. You get safety rope for further security while the robot is at work along with the remote control, power cord, and power extension.

One of the best features of this window cleaner is the controlling option with the help of a mobile app. All you need is to download the app and connect it to the cleaner via Bluetooth. After that, you can select from different functions and modes for the best cleaning.


  • Edge sensing technology for better grip and anti-falling
  • Safety rope of the device can be used to connect and clean the exterior of the windows
  • Remote control option through a mobile app


  • Available in just one color

7. Fullwei Framed Outdoor High Floor Magnetic Window Cleaner


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This automatic smart robot cleaner is a perfect solution for your high-rise corporate offices with compact windows. Packed with features such as route planning and direction detection, the robot cleaner is one of the most efficient in the market.

A well-planned machine comes with power on and off button, exhaust hole, and three different indicator lights for telling you the mode of completion. Further, there are three indicating lights for telling the status of the battery.


  • Automatic route planning window cleaning
  • Different indicators and alert sounds for telling the status of completion
  • Three indicating lights for telling the battery status


  • We cannot confirm if the machine comes with embedded UPS

6. Cop Rose 1 Year Warranty Absorption Mode Mobile App Control Cleaning Robot

Cop Rose Robotic Window Cleaners

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A compact and smart window cleaning product from Cop Rose, this window cleaning robot can clean both hard and soft surfaces. Use your cleaning buddy to clean surfaces such as floor, desks, framed and frameless windows, wood, walls, tiles, etc. Moreover, you also get two pieces of cleaning cloth to replace the one when dirty. The strong absorption feature and the super absorbent cleaning cloth is effective on dirt, oil, dust, etc.

Further, the built-in undistributed power system guarantees that the robot is running for 30 minutes even after disconnecting the AC power. To ensure the best performance and customer care service, you get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers.


  • Comes with three modes for effective cleaning
  • Three control modes along with mobile app option
  • Suitable for both hard and soft surfaces
  • Anti-drop control design and auto-detect window frames


  • Expensive compared to the other products

5. Ecovacs Slam 2.0 Technology Four-Stage Cleaning RC


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Your intelligent window cleaning robot selects the optimum path for best cleaning and cuts clear from any obstacle on its way. The win clam 2.0 technology ensures that the robot follows the economical way of cleaning the windows and return to the base when the cleaning is done. The robot sits on the advanced technology with suction power, stating that the machine is attached to the glass and comes with a 30-minute backup battery.

Moreover, the four-stage cleaning bot comes packed with a durable five-layer decontamination pad and high elastic squeegees. These features make sure that the robot passes from the same area four times for intense cleaning. Further, the advanced optocoupler sensors let the winbot identify the edges of the glasses helping it to change the direction. The robot is a user-friendly interactive system with voice reporting, real-time statuses, and warn of atypical conditions. Further, the remote control is powerful enough and loaded with features such as start/stop, direction buttons, and spot cleaning of a specific area.


  • Slam 2.0 technology for optimum path selection
  • 30 minutes back up battery in case of a power cut
  • Edge detection technology and optocoupler sensors
  • 5-layer decontamination pad


  • 30 minutes battery back up instead of embedded UPS

4. Sophinique App & Remote Deep Clean Multiple Surface Robotic Cleaner

Sophinique Robotic Window Cleaners

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A cleaning robot that works on multiple surfaces such as glass, tiles, tables, and smooth walls, among other surfaces. The robot machine comes with a built-in vacuum motor helping drawing in air and stands on a glass surface. Further, the embedded UPS does not let the robot fall from the window even if there is a power cut.

The intelligent AI technology path calculates the optimum path leaving perfectly cleaned glasses. You can control the robot with the remote control that comes with the pack itself. Moreover, there are even better options were just downloading a mobile app that would control the robot. If you are looking for a robot that is compatible with multiple surfaces along with the house appliances as well, then this intelligent cleaner from Sophinique is a perfect solution.


  • Can be controlled with remote and mobile app
  • Three directions auto mode option for optimum and intelligent cleaning
  • Can clean multiple surfaces
  • Vacuum absorption technology for safe and efficient cleaning


  • Android 4.3 or higher to be compatible with the mobile app

3. Mamibot Robotic Vacuum Multi Direction Square Shape Cleaning Robot


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If you are looking for a highly efficient and very stylish window cleaning, then skipping this one from Mamibot would not be wise. Along with selecting the intelligent cleaning routes, the robot can be controlled in as many three ways – App, one-touch and remote control. Manufacturers ensure multi-direction anti-falling sensors and safety rope. No need to worry if there is a sudden power cut as the machine comes equipped with UPS battery.

The multi-application technology helps in cleaning internal and external windows of the high rise buildings, washroom, and stores. The intelligent robot finds its way to the starting point when the cleaning is done. Get one year of manufacturer’s warranty when you buy this cleaning robot.


  • Cleans all type of soft and hard surfaces
  • Three options to control the robot including mobile app
  • Multi-direction and anti-falling features
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Available only is a square shape

2. Hobot Ultrasonic Water Spray Mobile App Control Robot Window Cleaner

HOBOT Robotic Window Cleaners

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The innovative solution from HOBOT sprays the water or detergent automatically on the window surface while the robot is in operation and washing away the dirt. Further, the attached microfiber cloth dries work necessarily in drying the water after the cleaning.  You get laser detection technology in the window cleaner, automatically sensing the edges of the windows and changing the direction.

Further, the high strength safety rope and buckle add to the security of the machine. You do not have to worry about switching on/off or monitoring the cleaning as the robot auto shuts when cleaning is done. In addition to that, the robot comes with auto-detection and auto-sensing features for optimum cleaning.


  • Embedded UPS for assistance during the power cut
  • Auto-detection and sensing features
  • Brushless DC motor producing lesser noise
  • Can be controlled via a mobile app


  • Works with power cord only although it comes with a very long cord

1. Gladwell Powered Washer Magnetic Automatic Robot Cleaner


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The intuitive cleaning technology of the robot helps in cleaning the windows effectively and fast. Since the robot can detect the edges and advanced algorithm cleans every part of the window, there is no need to monitor. The safety rope attachment feature of the robot guarantees double protection and device security.

You can either opt for remote control or download a dedicated mobile app for controlling the robot. Further, the suction technology gives a firm attachment to the window, after which washable microfiber helps in providing a shining clean window.


  • Washable microfiber pads for shining clean windows
  • Anti-fall technology and notification buzzer
  • Can be regulated with a dedicated mobile app
  • LED indicators and auto edge detection


  • Does not have a water compartment

Buying Guide: What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Window Cleaning Robots

Just to buy a perfect window robot cleaner as per your needs, there are the factors you should consider

Cleaning Modes And Controls

Robot window cleaners usually have different modes and settings. These modes typically come in use for controlling paths or directions of movement. However, there would be robot cleaners that can be controlled with the mobile app. Most of the window cleaners controlled via remote control, but having a mobile app for the same is more comfortable, for you do not need to have an extra accessory to take care of.

Suction Power

Robot window cleaners would come with magnetic connectivity or suction. Suction is motor powered, and therefore, you would not need to attach another part of the magnet on the other side of the window, unlike magnetic connectivity. However, for extra support and prevent the cleaner device from falling off, it is always good to have harness or strength cable attached to the cleaner.

Battery Power

The amount of power you need would depend on the purpose and the area that the window cleaner needs to cover. For residential purposes, you can compromise a little on the battery front as there would be fewer windows. However, for the commercial and high rise buildings, having a might battery is always a better idea.

Length Of The Cable

The cable length of the window cleaning robot should be enough to cover all the windows from the nearest power socket. Having a small power cable does not make any sense because you might not have power sockets conveniently near the window every time.

Type Of Glass Surface

The modestly priced window cleaner robots can clean the smooth surface. Still, if you want to go a little on the higher end and more functionality such as cleaning uneven and rough surface, then you would need to buy cleaners capable of doing that.


Best Robotic Window Cleaners give a perfect and shiny cleaning without you having to worry about the streaks that are usually visible after cleaning the glass windows. Reach the windows from end to end; these robots are efficient and reduce your effort drastically. Our well-researched guide would assist you so that you do not miss a valuable feature while buying a window robot cleaner for your house or office.