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10 Best Powdered Milks in 2024

For liquid milk replacement, you can go for a milk powder option. Tasting the powdered milk from the tinted can bring backs to our old childhood memories. Starting from preparing milkshakes, coffee to homemade ice creams, you can prepare all these delicious recipes with the best-powdered milk.

The advantage of using the powdered milk over regular ones is the former can result in creamy thick consistency most people who love traveling or hiking love to carry instant food or liquid option. A midnight tea or coffee with powdered milk can satisfy your food cravings. Another essential reason why people choose powdered milk is a fat-free or gluten-free option. It helps to control weight.

You may now feel a bit confused about which powdered milk suitable for you. To help you, we are presenting a complete buying guide along with the top ten best-powdered milk, which is highly appreciated in 2024. It will help you to choose the accurate product as per your requirement.


List of Best Powdered Milk in 2024

10. Carnation Non-Fat Instant, 6 Counts Dry Milk Powder

Carnation Powdered Milks

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If you are a traveler, then you will like this product during your coffee or tea campfires at night. The creamy texture with sweet flavor is the main reason to invest in this powder milk. Again, while mixing with the coffee/tea or maybe while baking cakes, you will notice no lump formation.

In this powdered milk, there is a blend of both Vitamin D and A in the composition. You can make hot chocolate ice creams or milkshakes ideally with this product. Again, if you are looking for weight loss options, then rely on this fat-free milk powder safely in your diet. In case anyone likes the flavor of the real milk in powdered form, he/she will fall in love with this brilliant milk powder.


  • It creates no lumps while mixing
  • Ideal for coffee and milkshakes
  • Great quality
  • It is a tasty milk alternative, which your children will never deny.


  • Expensive

9. SACO Gluten-Free Instant Fat-Free Calcium High Skim Milk


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The brand is famous for making multi-purpose powdered milk. You can utilize this fine-quality milk product for drinking coffee, tea, or even baking cakes, muffins. Carrying it during vacation or trips is also a brilliant idea.

You will get an ample amount of Vitamin D and A, Protein from this milk composition. The entire wholesome milk is fat-free. Therefore, you can start your weight loss journey with it effectively.


  • Reasonable
  • Rich skim milk quality
  • It forms no granules while dissolving with cold water
  • You will love the mouth-watering taste


  • It is not creamy when mixed with water.

8. NOWFoods USA Product Organic Powder High Calcium & Protein Milk

NOW Foods Powdered Milks

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To get a healthy lifestyle, start your day with a cup of this high-quality milk. It is just the right choice to start your day with a considerable amount of energy. Again, you will love the mind-blowing flavor of this milk powder.

The milk powder is produced in the USA. It contains a decent quantity of calcium and protein. You can make milk with this and give it to your little ones for building their bone strength. They will love the thick texture of the cream in the composition of the milk when you blend it with water. It is organic and contains no fat. Therefore it is suitable for adults who want to maintain their weight and to look for a vegan diet.


  • The dry milk powder is apt for making loaves of bread, cakes, etc. at home
  • Delicious taste
  • It mixes nicely without forming any lumps
  • You can use this powdered milk to make yummy shakes for your children.


  • In scarce situations, the user has observed that it does not mix well with coffee.

7. Judee’s Gluten Free Milk Whole Powder


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It is a real deal product, which you can choose over the regular milk. You can use this amazing milk powder for baking cakes, bread, or even merely adding it to your coffee. The consistency of this product is superb.

Your kids will love this yummy flavored milk powder. It is a fresh whole milk powder, which you can get for your family. Again, the product is certified under the kosher dairy firm. If you are trying to lose the extra kilos and looking for vegan food or a keto diet, then go for this product without any doubt. The nutritious milk powder contains no gluten or hormone in its built. It is packed and manufactured in the USA. Especially, the travelers will love this flavorsome powdered milk.


  • A reliable option for everyday use
  • Tastes great
  • BPA free
  • Travel friendly
  • There is no lump formation once you mix this with normal hot or cold water.


  • It is not exactly a con. If you are making any milkshake or cocoa shake, you might need to add extra sugar. The sugar inside this composition is less.

6. Milkman Instant Low Fat Dry 9 Pack Milk Powder

Milkman Powdered Milks

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You will be amazed to taste this thick and creamy milk after mixing it well with the water. The real cream inside this powdered milk is wonderful for making cappuccinos like those that you get in the nearby cafes. Again, to start your day or after your tiresome workout, you can add this milk to your diet.

You will experience no lumps or blocks while blending it with the water. For diet-conscious people or vegan lovers, this milk powder can be a wise choice. It tastes sweet, therefore, you can satisfy your sweet craving without any complications. If you are a traveler, then you can carry this lightweight product anywhere to make some tea at late-night campfires.


  • Low-fat calorie
  • It is ideal for people who want to lose weight but crave their sweet tooth.
  • You can use it for baking cakes, cookies, and puddings.
  • The protein building in the composition is fantastic. It is ideal for a post-workout regime.
  • You will get two flavor varieties in this composition


  • The smell is not that impressive

5. Horizon Organic 12 Count Whole Organic Powdered Milk

Horizon Organic

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The brand has produced this excellent quality milk powder in South California. It is organic and safe for everyone.

There is no GMO or antibiotics present in this lovely powdered milk as it is built in the pastured lands of California. The Omega 3 content of this milk will help you and your child’s brain development effectively.


  • Perfectly blends while mixing with water. Therefore making pudding or cakes are a hassle-free task now.
  • It tastes sweet and is thick textured.
  • The low-fat item you can consider in your weight loss diet plan
  • The size of the pack is lightweight and travel-friendly.


  • It is not pocket-friendly as compared to similar other products.
  • There is no flavor variety of options.

4. Z Natural Foods Cream Organic Milk Product With Coconut Powder

Z Natural Foods Powdered Milks

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Now bring home the outstanding fresh coconut milk powder and enjoy the coconut taste. The organic build of this product is an excellent choice for people who cannot digest regular milk easily.

There is no added sugar, GMO, Sodium, Soy, Lactose, or Wheat in the making of this milk powder. It is produced in the beautiful valleys of Vietnam. You can expect a high level of nutrition from this product. It is a premium quality milk powder, which you can consider for your everyday use. You will like this plant-based smooth product.


  • It is an ideal choice for people who are allergic or sensitive to sodium or casein.
  • You can use it as a replacement against nut milk
  • Rich in Vitamin C, calcium, etc. helps in your muscle and bone development


  • Not much pocket friendly

3. Peak Dry Instant 900 Grams Whole Powder Milk


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Many times, you will see the ordinary milk powder can create a lump when mixed with water. You will not face that challenge if you are investing in this lovely powdered milk.

The product contains an ample amount of Vitamin D and A. It will help you to build your muscle and bone strength. This premium quality product is produced in Holland. There is 3.5% of fat in the composition of this powdered milk. It is nice to taste and refreshing when mixed with tea or coffee. The milk is better to taste if kept in a cool and dry place.


  • You can use it while making milkshakes or for tea whitening purposes
  • The creamy texture is mind-blowing
  • Sweet taste
  • Finely powdered or grained. Hence mixes well with any liquid.


  • It is not entirely fat-free in composition

2. Hoosier Hill Farm 2 Pound American Dry Whole Milk Powder

Hoosier Hill Farm Powdered Milks

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It is one of the certified and versatile milk powders, which you can think of. The best part about this product is it is gluten-free in composition. Again, it is a better choice for vegan lovers.

You can utilize this product as a replacement for liquid milk in your tea, coffee, milkshakes, or even while baking cookies. It mixes quite smoothly with water without creating unnecessary lumps. You will like the thick and creamy consistency of this product. The 2-pound jar comes with the fresh powdered milk produced originally in North East Indiana.


  • Easily blends with water
  • It is a money-saving milk powder
  • Fantastic consistency
  • Tastes yummy


  • Few users have opined if you are mixing it with warm water, then it might take a bit of time in mixing.

1. Meyenberg Gluten Less Vitamin D Whole Milk Powder


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The brand has already created an attractive option in the market. In general, goat milk is light and has a creamy texture. The less lactose content in goat milk makes it preferable to cow milk for many people.

Therefore, individuals who are searching for light and digestible goat milk powders should try this one. There is no presence of antibiotics or added preservatives in this product. Instead, you will get gluten-free and high calcium built in this powdered form of milk. It is clinically tested safe for everyone.


  • Suitable for lactose intolerant people
  • It is less processed as compared to other herb-based kinds of milk.
  • You can also feed your little pup with this natural goat milk powder.


  • No artificial flavor present in it.

Buying for The Best Powdered Milk?

Now that you have decided to invest in the best-powdered milk, a few key points can help you to get your desired product from the above list. We will discuss the points below;

  • Taste

While selecting the powdered milk, the primary factor that you should check is the taste. Mostly the powdered milk contains artificial sugar, so it tastes a bit sweet. However, there are other options, which contain no added sugar. It entirely depends on the individual’s preference to pick up their product.

  • Mixing Compatibility

When you are mixing the powder milk with the water, check the consistency. We understand that powder milk mixing is a tough job. Again, a better milk powder will have a fast mixing capability than others. Even while blending, they do not tend to form any lumps. Therefore, always go for smooth textured milk powder.

  • Calorie Count

You should check the calorie density of the milk powder. For this reason, it is always better to note the calorie per unit listed in the product pack.

  • Price

Do not compromise with your budget. Check the authenticated online sites and compare the prices to get your desired powdered milk at a reasonable range.

  • Other Points

Some individuals cannot digest dairy or milk products. For such lactose intolerance conditions, you can opt for coconut milk powders that are extremely good for health. Moreover, they do not cause any digestion problems. You can also select lightweight milk powders for traveling purposes. It will keep your appetite full without feeling heavy inside.


You will get many options when choosing the milk powders. We always advise our readers to check the user reviews before purchasing their desired product. However, in the list mentioned above of products, we have presented the details about the best-powdered milk. They are gaining much popularity due to their consistency, delightful taste, and affordable range.