Top 10 Best Powdered Milks in 2020

Some prefer raw milk while some go for gluten-free ones. We become very choosy when picking the milk. Some people are even lactose intolerant. However, after considering all those facts, the market has brought powdered milk for the crowd. This will help to bring taste to your delicacies that need milk and will be tasty at the same time. Add it in your tea or coffee and lovely desserts and savor on its taste.

To make the inclusion of this healthy food in your diet, check out the below list. It will surely not disappoint you with its selection of products.

The Best Powdered Milks to Buy in 2020

10. SACO Mix ‘n Drink Instant Skim

SACO Powdered Milks

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Saco’s instant milk powder is from the solids of skimmed milk. As a result, making it ideal for those who are trying to shed those extra pounds. In fact, it is a breakfast quintessential for every family member, be it children, teenagers or adults. Complete with Vitamins A and D, calcium and protein, it is the perfect supplement for liquid milk. And that too without the extra fat.

What is more? It is prepared without any health hazards like gluten, GMO and hormones like rBGH and rBST that are induced into cattle for unnatural, forceful growth.

Key Features:

  • Use it as you wish! Drink it just like that or pour it into batters for preparing desserts and other recipes involving baking and cooking.
  • Super easy to prepare! Simply take a glass of cold water and mix the prescribed quantity of milk powder in it. Now get a yummy and creamy drink.
  • It has a variety of quantities like 8 quarts, 20 quarts and 40 quarts. Therefore, you can buy as per your requirement.

9. Anthony’s Non-Fat Milk Powder


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For those of you who are on diet, Anthony’s milk powder is a preferred choice. And it’s allowing the absence of any fat content in it. Those of you who are not, it is equally good too! Substitute it for a glass of milk, top your favorite soup or mix it into delicious cakes and tarts, it is completely your call.

It is filled with a lot of nutrients like proteins and Vitamins that are an important part of daily food intake. However, it is a boon for individuals who do not prefer gluten as it is certified to be gluten-free. The bottom line remains that this milk powder is both sumptuous and healthy irrespective of how you take it.

Key Features:

  • Packaged and quality tested in California, it is one of the best in the market.
  • It is cent percent free of any GMO, preservatives, color or flavor that may affect your health.
  • Get 2lbs of product in this pack of milk.

8. Augason Farms Morning Moo’s Low-Fat

Augason Farms

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Over 6000 calories in less than 100 servings, this milk powder is the perfect way to start your breakfast. Easy to make, tastier to drink, it is an absolute essential in every household. Now, you will never feel deficient in nutrients. It is rich in calcium, potassium, sodium, Vitamin D and A that are important for a healthy bone structure. Next, it has 6,510 calories content to make your life healthier.

Finally, simply stir it with warm water and pour some cold water and you are ready for this healthy treat!

Key Features:

  • Augason farms’ milk powder is stored for a long period of 25 years.
  • It does not contain gluten that may cause harm to the body.
  • Interestingly, you can make almost 5.8 gallons of end product out of it.

7. Hoosier Hill Farm All American

Hoosier Hill Farm Powdered Milks

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This milk powder is produced in Indiana’s one of the oldest family farms, Hoosier Hill Farm by using traditional means. A multi-generation business, the quality of their milk powder will not fail to impress you. Use it as you like, it is suitable for fulfilling any kind of milk-related need. Be it drinking whole milk, baking or adding it to dishes, you know what to choose.

Hoosier Hill Farm makes its products with a personal touch, thus assuring you of a first-grade product. It is certainly hand-labelled for high user experience.

 Key Features:

  • A jar weighing 2 pounds contains approximately 28% of milk fat.
  • It is completely devoid of growth-hormones like rBST and rBGH.
  • You can rather consider it as a supplement for your health.

6. Meyenberg Canned Powdered Milk

Meyenberg Powdered Milks

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Boost your bone health today with Meyenberg’s canned powdered milk. It is replete with important nutrients for developing strong bones like folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium along with Vitamin D3. While on the one hand, you have all the good things going into your system. As a matter of fact, the harmful components have been carefully filtered out.

This milk is totally free from gluten, soy and artificial additives along with being free from antibiotics or growth hormones. However, it is stored for as long as 4 years so that you can stock up without any worries.

Key Features:

  • It is manufactured and tested for quality in the USA.
  • Meyenberg has sourced this milk powder in a totally natural process.
  • It is marketed with 3 packaging variations with variable quantities.
  • When opened, this milk powder needs to be consumed within 2 months.

5. NESTLE NIDO Fortificada Dry Milk


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This dry milk powder from the renowned Nestle is both tasty and healthy. Filled with essential vitamins and minerals, your bone health will definitely be promoted. In fact, why just vitamins and minerals, an important component of this milk powder is proteins. All these nutrients together guarantee you a fit body and a satisfied tummy.

Nestle’s powdered milk is healthy enough for the whole family to drink. Even, children as little as 4 years can consume it without any health hazard. It is rather a helpful product for the growth of your child. Therefore, make sure to add it to the list.

Key Features:

  • Preparing milk from this milk powder is a child’s play. Simply stir it into a glass of warm water and enjoy!
  • It comes in a single pack as well as in a double pack.

4. Peak Dry Whole Milk Powder


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Peak Dry brings for you a multi-purpose milk powder. It is used in making baked products, cooked items along with using it as a whitener for tea and coffee. Next, it is good enough to be drunk with just water as well. No matter how to decide to consume it, its thick, creamy quality will surely win the stomach as well as the heart. It is enriched with Vitamin A and D that make bones stronger and the overall body healthier.

Having a rich taste, you will enjoy this yummy treat always. Finally, for enjoying the best taste of this, store it in a cold place.

Key Features:

  • This milk in its powdered form contains almost 3.5% of fat.
  • It has multiple uses in the kitchen.
  • Procured and packaged in Holland, the quality of this product is to be reckoned with.

3. Judee’s Whole Milk Powder

Judee's Gluten Free Powdered Milks

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Judee’s milk powder is procured from a farm, situated in the USA that is Kosher-approved. A truly multi-functional product, it is used to bake goodies or cook dishes. Of course, mixing it with warm water and drinking it is also a delicious option. Replete with all the essential nutrients and Vitamin D aids the development and maintenance of bones. Moreover, you can try a variety of exciting dessert recipes with Judee’s milk powder.

Besides, it is devoid of any substance that may harm the health like gluten, GMO and growth hormones like rBGH.

Key Features:

  • You can use and reuse it, thanks to its packaging. Once you have opened the packet, it can be closed again and vice-versa.
  • Has a massive capacity of 11oz, as a result, can make a lot.
  • It is one of the very few milks has a 100% guarantee of returning your money if you are not happy with your purchase.

2. Milkman Powdered Milk

Milkman Powdered Milks

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An instant milk powder that readily dissolves in water. All you need to do is warm it up a little bit. Milkman’s powdered milk not only has a creamy texture, a rich taste but also aids in bone health maintenance. The best part is that it comprises of minimal fat so that it is fitted into any diet plan. Next, it is ideal for any recipe and you can even use it in your daily coffee preparations.

As a matter of fact, there is a taste difference when it comes to having this milk. However, it tasty and also beneficial for your health.

Key Features:

  • It is free from toxic substances like GMO or other preservatives.
  • Available in 3 different quantities of 10 count, 12 counts and 18 counts. So, you get a diversified range for your own selection.
  • The shelf-life is as high as 2-years so you can completely use it before its expiry.

1. NOW Foods Dry Milk Powder

NOW Foods

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In the market since 1968, NOW Foods milk powder deserves a place in your daily diet. Firstly, it is enriched with bone developing nutrients like calcium and protein, zero fat and the top-class milk solids. Therefore, this is for people who are on a diet, as well. Not just the taste, its creamy and yummy taste will make you fall in love with it.

It is made in the USA for the quality assurance of the milk. However, the brand believes in giving people from their earning. Therefore, the brand gives a percentage of its profit to charities.

Key Features:

  • Quality is definitely a forte of this milk powder. Being a product of an old family farm surely indicates that the best quality standards are maintained.
  • NOW Foods is an environmentally conscious brand that manufactures its products in a sustainable way
  • It has a long shelf life; hence, you can use it for a long period.

Your health and fat will remain under full control. Enjoy the best powdered milk and do not think twice about getting any other products.

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