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10 Best Pizzelle Makers in 2024

Pizzelle is one of the tastiest cooking that eaten by people from all over the world. These traditional Italian waffles are cooked using ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, and flour. Buying them from shops is quite costly when you can cook them at home using pizzelle makers available in the market.

However, you need to keep in mind that all of them aren’t good enough, and that’s why the buyers need to be smart. For helping the readers, our team has created the list of top 10 best pizzelle makers in 2024. It involved quite a long research where we tested over 20 units to conclude. Let’s have a look at all of them and buy the one that you like the most.


List of Best Pizzelle Makers Review

10. Chef’s Choice 835 Pizzelle Pro (best 3 slice pizzelle maker)

Chef’sChoice Pizzelle Makers

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We will start this list with this 3 slice cookie maker that can reduce your job to a greater extent. There is a green light indicator through which you will notice when the batter is ready to eat. Besides that, the presence of the knob can also be very useful in controlling the browning.

The thing that we like most about this unit is its ability to cook three pieces at once in less than a minute. To conclude, we can say it is a brilliant device that you will love to buy for sure.


  • Very sturdy and durable unit
  • Deliver with a one-month warranty
  • Cooks in less than a minute


  • The poor quality plastic clasp

9. Bethany Electric Krumkake Baker

Bethany Housewares

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We have added this option for buyers who are seeking pizzelle maker at an affordable price. Despite being available at a decent rate, this unit is nothing short than excellent features like non-stick plates and Krumkake roller.

It is the best pizzelle maker having quite an unusual pattern that you will love for sure. Also, there is an indicator light that notifies about the completion of cooking.


  • Very affordable to buy
  • Indicator for notifying
  • Made from high-quality material


  • Has only one cooking setting

8. CucinaPro 220-03 Pizzelle Maker

CucinaPro Pizzelle Makers

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If you want to cook pizzelle quickly and efficiently, then the CucinaPro 220-03 should be the top pick to choose. It can cook pizzelle in less than 45 seconds that make this unit a perfect option for parties.

It equips with extra-thick plates so that the heat can distribute easily. On top of that, you can clean it using hands quite easily.


  • Very convincing sizing
  • Capable of cooking thin cookies
  • Highly durable unit


  • Some argue it cook small cookies

7. Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef (best under $150)

Cuisinart Pizzelle Makers

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If you are one of those people who prefer lots of other things along with pizzelles, then this one will be your pick to choose. The CPP-200 is a multi-task unit that equips with mini cone rollers and pizzelle plates for efficient cooking.

Additionally, it has a certain set of accessories like tongs and measuring tongs to make life easier in the kitchen. The presence of a locking lid and upright storage also turned out to be very useful for the buyers.


  • Cook pancakes, crepes, and pizzelles
  • Completely dishwasher safe
  • Deliver with a set of accessories


  • Not good enough for tortillas

6. Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron

Nordic Ware

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The next one in our list is this basic, but effective product that you will love to buy. This Nordic Ware appliance can fit anywhere in the kitchen and leave a perfect pattern on the cookies. It is an extremely versatile unit that comes with a rolling stone for shaping cookie conveniently.

The company manufactured using warp-resistant aluminum material so that it can last for many decades. Additionally, it comes with a recipe look for helping people in the kitchen


  • Very versatile unit capable of cooking lots of things
  • Capable to last many years
  • Can be cleaned with minimal effort


  • A little bit difficult to use

5. CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker (best for easy maintenance)


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If you are one of those people who always look for maintenance free products, then buy this pizzelle maker as it will suit your lifestyle. There are extra thick plates added by the manufacturer that keep the heat distribution even so that neat cookies can be cooked.

It is available in two different colors, like silver and black. Additionally, you can clean it quite easily and effortlessly thanks to the non-stick surface.


  • Surface get heated pretty quickly
  • Zero cost maintenance
  • Steam guards for protecting hands


  • No built-in timer

4. Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic (best budget-friendly pick)


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This option is definitely worthy of your investment considering its price and durable aluminum construction. A brand builds it like Palmer, who is in this industry for more than 30 years. There is a lock added in the unit that fits perfectly with the handle.

No one can question the presence of this unit in this list of best pizzelle makers in any manner. Overall, we can say that it is a timeless unit that every individual will love to have in their home.


  • A brilliant heat distribution system
  • Capable of cooking two patterned pizzelles in a minute
  • Delivered with a brilliantly explained manual


  • Lack of modern functions like a beep and light indicator

3. VillaWare V3600-NS Prego (best non-stick pizzelle maker)

Villaware Pizzelle Makers

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If you are one of those guys who love having a non-stick version of pizzelle maker, then this one should be your pick. It is a top-grade electric appliance having the ability to bake two 5-inches cookie in less than half a minute.

In addition to non-stick grids, some other features of this unit are the automatic thermostat, steam guard, and cord wrap among others. The company has manufactured them according to the North American Electrical Standards.


  • Brilliant instructional manual for easy use
  • Takes low space
  • Prevent sticking due to non-sticky plates


  • Quite costly to buy

2. Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro (best for large quantities)


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This one is specially made for people who often have to cook the pizzelle in large quantities. The Chef’s Choice 834 come with an ability to complete the job quickly. There are non-removable patterned plates added on this unit that turned out to be convenient.

Also, the presence of non-stick cooking surface and stainless steel silver exterior ensure that the buyers cook tasty and well-rounded pizzelle.


  • Cook up thin and crispy pizzelle in a short interval
  • Equip with a locking mechanism
  • Indicator lights for alerting the cook


  • Very low-quality plastic latch

1. Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press (editor’s choice)

Cuisinart Pizzelle Makers

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The product that deserves to top this list is this incredible unit manufactured from Cuisinart brand. The WM-PZ2 is capable of baking up to 2 thin pizzelle at a time. Furthermore, the cooked material comes out perfectly.

Apart from awesome functioning, this unit keeps the convenience of the buyers in mind, and that’s why come with a rolling dowel and a measuring spoon.


  • Beginner-friendly equipment
  • Equip with non-stick plates
  • Cook pizzelle in awesome designs with two decorative patterns


  • Adjuster setting takes a little bit extra time

How to choose the right Pizzelle Maker?

Have a closer look at the following things while selecting a pizzelle maker:

  • Capacity

As we all know, each model has a different capacity that ranges from room 2 to 6. Please check out the capacity in advance to ensure that it satisfies your needs or not.

  • Material

The two common materials used for manufacturing the pizzelle makers are traditional aluminum and non-stick Teflon coated opinion. If you have a budget, then we suggest you going for the later one as it is easy to clean. However, the traditional aluminum also works fine if the budget is on the lower side.

  • Overflow allowance

In this case, we suggest you go for the product that comes with larger space for an overflow that occurs commonly. It will turn out to be very handy for many people in the kitchen.

  • Even heat distribution

The cookie that you are going to cook should be firm in the middle without burning on the sides. It can only occur if there is an even heat distribution offered by the machine. So, we suggest you have a keen look at this feature.

  • Ease of cleaning

There will be no benefit of cooking these cookies if you have to spend hours cleaning the pizzelle maker. So, have a look at the cleaning thing before you make a choice. It should be cleaned easily with minimal effort.

  • Versatile

Having an additional feature won’t be bad as you are investing a good amount of money. Many models come with roll feature that let the buyers cook waffles as well. So, keep an eye on such models while researching a pizzelle maker in the market.


That’s all guys from our end in this post! The list of top 10 best pizzelle makers presented by our team has already helped you choosing the right one already. We have created it with a motive to help the readers in the best possible manner. If there is still a query in your mind about this equipment, then there is nothing to shy away. Just right it down in the comment section and we will help you in best possible way.