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10 Best Nail Dryers in 2024

Are you a professional nail artist? Or do you aspire to become one? Then a nail dryer is a basic equipment that you need to carry out professional like works. These skin-safe products will help to deliver top-notch services to your clients or yourself. And you can soon become a professional nail art artist. It is designed to give your intricate art a beautiful finishing and will cause no harm in any way.

With too much of choices and options, you can surely feel confused. Our nail dryer review highlights every little feature that needs to be known to the user. So, give it a read.


List of Best Nail Dryers Review on Amazon

10. Gustala UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer

Gustala Nail Dryers

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Drying those gelled nails is a real problem, aren’t they? Gustala brings the ideal nail dryer. It not only ensures a faster drying process but one can also set up to time limit as per one’s choice. Enabled with LED lights, this nail gel dryer is non-toxic and odorless.

As a matter of fact, its large space design and 50,000 hours lifetime capacity is a sure-shot winner at every step. Just 60 seconds and all 5 fingers into this dryer, bingo and your gelled nails dried. Certainly, most customers seem to admire this digital time display design format in the best possible manner.

Reason To Buy
  • Features auto-sensing LED nail lamp (36 UV) for ensuring maximum comfort.
  • The LCD screen with up to 4 timers – 10/30/60/99 seconds stop-gap limit.
  • Its notable hand-sensor feature is one of a kind with a capacity to manage up to double speed.
  • Comes with a handle on top of the dryer light to rather ease the process.

9. SKYUV UV Nail Lamp


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Hued in pink, this huge 80W nail lamp specifically designed with 36 pcs UV light beads. As a result, with this one nail dryer, you can sort it out. Having an automatic start-up format, this has a specified memory setting with a timer. Thus, it rather ensures that your DIY nail painting sessions have proper drying.

While its curved design is to protect your eyes from the glare, its automated infrared sensors ensure. Moreover, your skin is protected from the untoward heat rays. Get dried cured nails in flat 120 seconds!

Reason To Buy
  • Indeed has a detachable magnetic bottom with a capacity to dry both finger and toenails.
  • Comes with a 12-month Warranty Period.
  • 5 Smarter formats – double-speed curing/ painless builder/ sensor function/ digital time display and over-temperature protection.

8. SUDOTACK UV Nail Lamp

SUDOTACK Nail Dryers

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SUDOTACK brings forth a nail dryer that is certainly designed with a cooling vent. Furthermore, it also has the capacity to cure all types of nails. Call it hard gel or sculpture gel, UV gel or LED gel, this has a solution to one and all.

With 50,000 hours of capacity and 12 lamp Beed to match it up, this nail dryer with its automatic sensor. Hence, it ensures a safe drying process.

Reason To Buy
  • The adapter rather comes certified by UL for maximum safety measures.
  • The capacity of flexible selection –15/ 60/ 30 seconds as per requirements.
  • Gift? 10 pieces of nail brush pen from the company’s end.

7. Belle LED/UV Nail Lamp


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Looking for a nail dryer lamp that can last up to many years? Well, Belle is your product to choose with – 50,000 hours capacity. Next, it guarantees the 5-years of the usage period. Whether it is the glue of rhinestone gems or the usual gel builder gels – this intricately tribal print dryer lamp comes with a low-heat mode.

However, with 4-timers (15/30/60/90 seconds), it rather ensures a perfectly manicured hand. Above all, your job is to connect the adapter to the plug and put in nails for 30 seconds max.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with a design of a circular arc and detachable base ensures better sanitization.
  • Environment-friendly, courtesy to its energy saving and white-light emitting format.

6. Wisdompark 54w Nail Dryer Lamp

Wisdompark Nail Dryers

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Wisdompark is known for its innovative technology. And this time with its nail dryer lamp, it ensures to go one step ahead. With a 3-timer capacity (10/30/60 seconds) this dryer also has 99s low heat mode. In fact, it is painless to ease this drying process.

Apart from these, it has a detachable magnetic reflective panel. Finally, it enables convenience for the user during cleaning and curing process.

Reason To Buy
  • Has an advanced technology with a wider range of ultraviolet band – 2 kinds of wavelength: 365 nm and 405nm.
  • Backed by a 1-year Warranty Period.
  • IR-AUTO sensor rather makes it a better choice than its contemporaries.

5. Lumcrissy Professional 64W LED Nail Lamp Dryer


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Are you looking for a nail lamp dryer that will help to dry both hand and toenails at the same time? Lumcrissy brings to you that opportunity and that too with high power of 64W and 32 pieces of powerful LED.

As a matter of fact, its professional aspect is seen in its strong metal-based cover. Next, it helps to dissipate heat and protect the machine in this process. Topping it? A nail nipper indeed comes free with it.

Reason To Buy
  • Backed by 1-year limited Warranty Period.
  • Comes with 4 timer formats – 15/30/45/60 seconds as per one’s requirement.
  • Environment-friendly, hence, absolutely safe to the environment.
  • Shell is made of – durable and high-grade material.

4. Makartt Air Nail Dryer

Makartt Nail Dryers

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With a dual formula of salon-quality treatment and user-friendly design, this nail dryer is controlled by automatic sensors. Also, its dual air and sensor detection quality ensure that your nails are dried in the best manner. The built-in fan and metal base make this product economical compared to others.

Most importantly, it is absolutely safe if comes in contact with a child. Finally, it is extremely spacious and you would get enough space.

Reason To Buy
  • Covered with a non-slip rubber base ensuring the safety of the user.
  • Certainly features dual period, 6-month guarantee period and 12-month warranty period.

3. Al Girl SCCD UV Nail Lamp

AI Girl Nail Dryers

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Infra-red sensor, high power, nut design in the handheld piston comes the nail dryer by Al Girl! Consuming 80W power and a capacity of 50,000 hours, this certainly has the maximum working period of 120 seconds.

Coming with its detachable base, its ‘double-power’ button helps to get back to the low heat mode format. Moreover, this safety device offers more space for treating your nails.

Reason To Buy
  • 4 timer settings – 10/30/60/99 seconds available as per one’s requirement.
  • Allows safety more space, the soft light indeed helps to ease the pressure.

2. SUNNAIL 80W UV Lamp LED Nail Lamp


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Hued in white, this nail dryer includes a 99 Low Heat mode and is available with 4-time formats – 10/30/60/99 seconds. Firstly, it has a detachable bottom. Next, this nail lamp has a cooling chip that ensures the convenience of usage.

However, the 42 lamps bead to aid in delivering quality results. Having an LCD display, you can certainly keep a track of the whole process.

Reason To Buy
  • Has infra-red sensing and induction helping in managing space and easy dry-off.
  • HD digital display with lamp beads of ultimate clarity (no replacement required).
  • Power consumption is indeed only 80W as per usage.

1. LuxeUp UV Nail Lamp Dryer


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Are you a nail artist who is looking for a machine that can dry every nail type? Well, LUXEUP is the brand to try! With a power usage of 54W and 5-years of non-stop usage – this nail dryer has a LED curing light. It rather assures ease in the working process.

Moreover, it can continue to provide excellent results for as long as 50,000 hours. Plus, it can accommodate both hands or toenails. Thus, a capacity of 10 fingers nails at the same time.

Reason To Buy
  • Inclusive of 99 Low Heat mode format.
  • Enabled with 36 pieces of LED lights and can fit up to 10 fingernails or toenails.

Practice nail arts and become a pro from an amateur. The nail dryers will help to create fresh arts without any hindrances.