Top 10 Best Motorcycle Trunks in 2020

Long motorcycle rides are always very pleasant. However, one of the biggest problems you face is the lack of storage capacity. In order to get rid of this problem, the motorcycle trunks were designed specifically designed. The trunks come in different shapes and sizes. It will even look stylish whenever you will install it. So, you can choose exactly the ones that fit your needs perfectly.

But are these the perfect choice for your price possession? These buying guide on motorcycle trunk highlights all the important features to keep you well informed. So, go through our list to choose the right one.

List of Best Motorcycle Trunks Review on Amazon

10. WinKing Universal Motorcycle Rear Tail Trunk

WinKing Motorcycle Trunks

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You cannot go wrong with this trunk. Made from special grade PP material, it comes with a lot of advantages. It promises to be waterproof, as well as scratchproof. Thus, it is evident that this friend will prove to be durable and accompany you on your rides for a very long time. It gives you the perfect balance of polish and subtlety.

The trunk does not stand out, or appear too dull, but has just the right amount of polish to look chick and stylish. This black trunk makes a perfect utility add on for your motorcycle rides.

Key Features:

  • For the lovers of antique, this unique trunk comes with a decorative antenna attached at the edge of the product.
  • Not only does it fit your motorcycles, but it promises to fit almost all types of scooters as an added bonus.
  • You can remove and reassemble it on any two-wheeler as per your preference.

9. Comie 2 Pcs Motorcycle Trunk


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Two is always better than one, and your wish has been fulfilled by Comie. This pair of motorcycle trunks proves to provide great space, without bulging out awkwardly with its huge size. Designed in the elongated shape, it provides sufficient space and does not cover a large area itself. You can attach them on two sides of your vehicle and you are good to go.

An array of accessories including clothing, gloves and others can easily fit inside. Besides, you can always use one at one time or as you prefer.

Key Features:

  • Comes with two tail lights for flexibility.
  • You can customize the function of the tail lights by wiring them to be either turning, brake, or running lights.
  • Along with a set of mounting hardware, you also get chrome rails to complete the equipment.

8. Yescom 30L Motorcycle Box Scooter Trunk

Yescom Motorcycle Trunks

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This compact motorcycle trunk is able to hold a lot more in than it looks. Designed to hold as much as 30L worth of material, this is one efficient piece you cannot afford to miss. The trunk itself takes very little space to mount, while it can hold many trinkets together securely in its compact box.

Besides, being a universal fit, it can be easily mounted onto almost any motorcycle with the mounting hardware. Moreover, the trunk comes with its very own reflectors. The utility of these is really appreciated when riding late at night on a highway.

Key Features:

  • Does not require the hassle of drilling and assembling becomes easy with the extra advantage of an instruction manual.
  • The quick-release system renders you to easily carry it as you desire with convenience.
  • The attachment on the sides of the trunk makes the opening of the trunk very quick and easy.

7. MMG Motorcycle Touring Tail Trunk Luggage


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For those who need larger trunk space, but hardly find anything to suit their preference, this one is perfect for you. MMG offers you an extra-large motorcycle trunk which can easily hold up to two full-face helmets with ease. The product offers you a whopping space of 50L. Needless to say, all your accessories of all kinds will sit comfortably inside this large trunk.

Although, do not be scared of its size. For the quantity it promises to hold, it is designed skillfully to not occupy too much space. You can keep the contents inside your trunk safe, and without any threat of theft with the locking system, and the two keys that come with it.

Key Features:

  • Offers your spare keys.
  • 51 L capacity is pretty impressive.
  • The base has been constructed with the idea of providing added support to the trunk.

6. EGO BIKE Black Hard Trunk

EGO BIKE Motorcycle Trunks

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This piece of innovation is not only a treat for your motorcycle, but also for everybody’s eyes. With an upper curvature, with reflectors, this sleek design is sure to impress everyone on the road. Besides, not only does it contain the reflector, but also tiny taillights. They are used as either brake or turning lights, depending on the way you were then.

The motorcycle trunk has a superior quality ABS plastic construction. Its material keeps the trunk rustproof as well as proves to be long-lasting without any damage.

Key Features:

  • The product takes care of your comfort issues. Whenever you need to stretch a little, incline on the backrest that is attached to the trunk.
  • The tail lights respond to wire signals.

5. Onemoto Motorcycle Trunk


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This motorcycle trunk comes with a plethora of advantages. A top functional rack holds your accessories for you in place. Further, underneath the top rack, you receive a cozy backrest for a smooth ride. The most unique addition is of the topmost steel luggage rack. This steel is durable and provides extra support and strength to the motorcycle trunk. The locking system is only one of the many additions on this product.

Not only do you get a comfortable backrest, but it comes with the extra perk of cushions. The wrap-around dual cushions make sure you have a pleasurable experience.

Key Features:

  • The motorcycle trunk boasts durable ABS construction from absolutely brand new material.
  • Comes with spare keys to keep your things secure and safe.
  • Indeed a spacious choice to organize everything.

4. 7BLACKSMITHS Universal Motorcycle Trunk

7BLACKSMITHS Motorcycle Trunks

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This motorcycle trunk offers you all that you can ask for. The glossy black trunk made from high-grade ABS plastic can be used for a long time without any trouble. It is not only durable but rustproof and waterproof. Hence, do not have any second thoughts before you go for this beautiful addition to your motorcycle.

7BLACKSMITHS takes special regard to assure you of their superior quality trunk, being brand new. Although drilling the mount points is required for this motorcycle trunk, it is very easy to assemble. Besides, it comes with all the hardware and necessary tools you can ask for.

Key Features:

  • The backrest is molded and upholstered making it a sure purchase among many.
  • Taillight can function as a running or braking light with easy wiring.
  • Has room enough to accommodate a full-face helmet, besides other accessories.

3. EGO BIKE Black Motorcycle Trunk


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If you have been looking for a motorcycle trunk, but do not know which one to get, your search is over. This universally compatible trunk with its sleek black design looks stunning on your motorcycles. Not only does it look attractive, but it vouches to be able to hold up to two full-sized helmets inside it easily. Having ample space in its functional top rack, you can hold many trinkets inside it without a fight.

The top rack has a superior quality steel construction. Hence, it is rustproof and water will hardly affect your fine-looking trunk.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a useful tail light which reduces the chance of accidents on the road at night.
  • Promises to be a universal fit, assuring you that it can fit your model easily without a second guess.
  • It can easily accommodate two full-sized helmets.

2. Comie Motorcycle Tour Tail Box Trunk

Comie Motorcycle Trunks

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This motorcycle trunk holds your accessories in place while acting as a cushioned backrest for a smooth ride. It provides support to your back, molded to fit waists without trouble, while not letting a single scratch come on your things. An addition has been made in the design with the drawing rod. This makes the use of the trunk even more convenient as it becomes so easy to hold it.

Coming in the choice of as many as four very attractive color combinations, the trunk takes care of style and functionality at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Contains a unique feature of seismic gel. This gel makes sure to reduce the effect of road buffers. Thus, whatever you keep inside stays absolutely secure and intact.
  • You get the experience of premium locking with its core lock being made of copper.
  • It includes two keys for locking options.

1. AUTOINBOX Universal Motorcycle Tail Trunk


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This efficient piece will hold your helmets, gloves or all other necessary accessories you desire to carry without any trouble. Not only is the mounting an easy task, but it comes with the system of two attached keys. The keys are used to easily disassemble the trunk whenever you wish to take it out, or when not in use. With these keys, the trunk is unlocked and removed, ensuring it stays on place otherwise.

You do not have to wrack your brains trying to figure out how to assemble the trunk. It is not only easy to assemble but comes with a much-needed installation manual.

Key Features:

  • Whether you have a motorcycle or a Powersports, this universal fit trunk has got you covered.
  • Can easily fit in items of almost 47 liters.

The need for storage space for long motorcycle rides is very real. Hence, motorcycle trunks are truly invaluable. Read our review of best motorcycle trunks and make sure to choose the right one.

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