Top 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets in 2020

In the long rides, you would definitely like to communicate with your fellow riders seamlessly. That is where the motorcycle Bluetooth headsets come into play. It is not practically possible to do a conference call on the mobile phone while riding and therefore, there is no alternative to Bluetooth headsets for motorcyclists while riding. Check out the top 10 best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets in 2020 to choose from.

List of Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Review

10. BIBENE Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom


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This motorcycle Bluetooth headset involves the construction of water-resistant material. The wind-resistant technology of this unit also provides uninterrupted data transmission and connection. Moreover, you can hassle-freely use this device even in heavy wind condition. This headset is compatible with most of the half and full-face helmets.

The headset also supports universal intercom system. Furthermore, you can connect with four devices at the same time up to 2000-meter. You can have intercom conversations with the help of the full-duplex system. This device will help you to connect up to eight riders without any hassle. The headset comes along with 12-hours of working time.

Reason To Buy
  • Intercom support and long-range.
  • Advanced CVC technology for clear communication.
  • Wide compatibility and waterproof housing.

9. Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset by FODSPORTS

FODSPORTS Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

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This Bluetooth headset for motorcycles makes compatibility with most of the full-face helmets. With the help of water and dustproof material construction, the device also stands for durability. Moreover, this unit comes along with a 450-mAh rechargeable battery to offer the standby time of 300-hours. This device is able to connect up to three riders.

This device also comes with the maximum working range up to 1000-meter. Furthermore, you can easily connect this headset with most of the GPS navigation tool, the MP3 player as well as a walkie-talkie. The microphone comes with noise.

Reason To Buy
  • Easy operation and integrated FM radio.
  • DSP echo cancellation and easy operation.
  • Intercom range of up to 1000 meters.

8. Motorcycle Helmet Intercom by FODSPORTS


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This pair of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets comes with the construction of high-grade material. The durable devices also provide protection against water and sun. Moreover, the tools come with the intercom system with noise suppression and echo cancellation technologies. The devices allow you to receive or reject the call without using your hands.

These Bluetooth headsets also connect two-rider within the maximum range of 1000-meter. Furthermore, the tools easily connect with any music player, GPS navigating tool as well as FM radio. The devices individually offer 300-hours of standby time. You can enjoy music or voice call up to 10-hours by using these headsets.

Reason To Buy
  • Set of two and multiple functions.
  • Easy communication due to noise control.
  • High performance and long-lasting battery.

7. Cardo Scala Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Cardo Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

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This Bluetooth headset for motorcycles involves the construction to resist water and dust to extend the lifespan of this device. The gadget also enables you to make phone calls without using your hands while riding. Moreover, the unit comes with an inbuilt FM radio. This voice-controllable unit allows you to receive or reject calls without utilizing your hands.

With the help of V4.1 Bluetooth technology, this headset also supports faster and stable data connection and transmission. Furthermore, this communicating device works well with both boom and wired microphone. This device allows you to enjoy intercom conversations and music streaming as well as navigation simultaneously.

Reason To Buy
  • Parallel audio streaming for user advantage.
  • Dustproof housing and easy setup.
  • Universal compatibility and remote control.

6. Thokwok Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


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With the help of V3.0 Bluetooth technology, this headset for motorcycles comes along with full-duplex intercom system. The device also allows two riders to talk simultaneously. Moreover, this device comes along with noise cancellation and echo suppression technology to deliver an uninterrupted connection with the riders. This Bluetooth headset is compatible with most of the phones, music players, tablets or GPS navigating devices via Bluetooth.

This Bluetooth headset also comes with the maximum working range of 1000-meter. Furthermore, you can hassle-freely use this device with any full-face helmet. The silica gel coating of this tool makes it resistant to heavy rain as well as water.

Reason To Buy
  • Powerful performance with CSR Bluetooth chip.
  • Hands-free communication and noise suppression.
  • All-weather suitability due to the waterproof design.

5. Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom by FODSPORTS

FODSPORTS Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

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This Bluetooth headset for motorcycles comes with the latest version 4.0 Bluetooth technology to support uninterrupted connection and data transmission. This communication system also comes along with a 900-mAh rechargeable battery. Moreover, the headset comes with the maximum working time of 20-hours. The device comes with the maximum wireless working range of 2000-meters.

This Bluetooth headset also comes with two volume controllers for easier access to the volume. Furthermore, the microphone of this device comes with noise-cancellation technology to enjoy crystal-clear audio while calling. The whole construction of this intercom device is resistant to dust, water, and all weather conditions.

Reason To Buy
  • Wide coverage of 2000 meters.
  • Maximum compatibility and clear audio.
  • Powerful battery of 900mAh.

4. Sena Bluetooth Headset


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With the help of V3.0 Bluetooth technology, this motorcycle headset establishes stable and interruption-free transmission without any hassle. The device also supports voice prompts. Moreover, the universal intercom system of this unit allows you to make calls without any hassle. The wireless working range of this intercom system is of 430-yards.

This Bluetooth headset of motorcycles is also very much sleek and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, this device also allows you to connect with multiple intercom systems at the same time. This headset comes along with a separable boom microphone. Apart from that, this device comes with a wired microphone for convenience.

Reason To Buy
  • Voice prompts and multiple pairing options.
  • Complete set and convenient design.
  • Easy operation and lightweight construction.

3. LEXIN Riders Motorcycle Intercom


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This motorcycle Bluetooth headset is compatible with most of the iOS and Android-enabled devices. You can also operate this device with the help of the voice assistants of the Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, the lithium-ion battery of this device lasts for up to 15-hours. You can stream music and enjoy voice calls for 15-hours.

This headset also comes along with 350-hours of standby time. Furthermore, the device comes with V3.0 Bluetooth technology to enjoy uninterrupted music and calls every time. With the working range of 1600-meter, the headset connects up to four riders simultaneously. You can hassle-freely connect with Bluetooth-enabled mobile, GPS device and music player.

Reason To Buy
  • Voice prompts and microphone.
  • Strong battery for long use.
  • Functional design and FM tuner.

2. Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset by FreedConn


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This Bluetooth headset with its heavy-duty construction is suitable for several outdoor adventures. From biking, motorcycling, hiking, ATV sporting to karting sports, this unit also stands for durability. Moreover, the wireless communication technology of this gadget makes better compatibility with any GPS, mobile phone and MP3 player. This device makes compatibility with the universal intercom system.

With the help of the LCD screen, this tool also offers better visibility even in the dark. Furthermore, with the help of V3.0 Bluetooth technology, this device establishes a stable connection to the devices. This unit connects with a maximum of three riders up to the distance of 875-yards.

Reason To Buy
  • LCD screen for user comfort.
  • Easy operation and Hi-Fi speakers.
  • Intercom range of 800 meters.

1. Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

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This Bluetooth headset for motorcycles makes better compatibility with most of the universal telecom system. The electronic device also comes along with a universal microphone kit. Moreover, you will enjoy crystal-clear audio and calling with the help of this headset. The intercom technology of this unit allows the motorcyclists to stay connected within the range of 980-yards.

The microphone also comes with noise-cancellation technology to enjoy crystal-clear audio. Furthermore, the microphone is able to reduce background noise on both the incoming and outgoing calls and audios. The advanced 3.0 Bluetooth technology of this headset helps you to share songs, receive or reject calls.

Reason To Buy
  • Noise cancellation technology for better calls.
  • Superior battery and four-way intercom.
  • Functional design and lightweight housing.

Buying Guide For Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Here is a list of parameters you need to remember while buying a motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

Sound Quality:

Good sound quality will let you hear clear calls. On the contrary, poor audio can give you a tough time listening to calls. You can also see if the microphone comes with noise cancellation so that the receiver can hear you conveniently. If you are looking to have crystal clear sound, then make sure it has outstanding sound quality without any interferences.


A motorcycle Bluetooth headset that supports intercom will let you use it conveniently in long ranges. The device can have a different operating range, and you can go for the one that covers a higher range. Some can have the ability to cover a range of 2000 meters and offer better convenience. You must not comprise when it comes to the range so that you can have effective communication even on a long trip. With long-range, you will not lose the track and maintain smooth communication with your teammates.


With better functionality, you can have more convenience while riding with your Bluetooth headset. The feature of voice command will let you make hands-free calls and control the device hassle-free. The handy feature will let you use the device conveniently and control it with your voice or with a simple touch. If it supports multiple riders, then you will not have any limitation for keeping in touch with your teammates. You can even see if it has an easy setup and allows you to share the music. Additionally, see if it has a powerful battery and has a solid standby time.


A motorcycle Bluetooth headset that comes with padding will let you use it without causing any troubles. You can wear it comfortably and have the advantage of remaining on track. Sturdy construction with durable materials will let you use it for a long time. You can even see if it comes with UV-protection, waterproof, and dustproof features.


With a motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you can take calls on the go and without any distraction. Not just that, you can also listen to music while riding. The primary objective is to connect with the fellow riders and talk to one another while riding. Do check the parameters of the buying guides while going through the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets we have listed.

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