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10 Best Mexican Blankets in 2024

Mexican blankets have more uses than one. They are highly versatile in comparison to regular blankets. Whether you want to use it as a yoga mat, wall decoration or a throw, it has several uses. Most importantly, you can also use them to keep yourself warm during the cold nights.

Having rustic designs and a beautiful blend of color, these blankets are really attractive. However, it is not easy to choose the right one since there are a lot of things to consider. Hence, the top-rated Mexican blankets have directly made into this list cause of their extraordinary features. Read the reviews of each product and choose the best one for yourself.


Best Mexican Blankets in 2024 Reviews

10. Del Mex Classic Mexican Blanket

Del Mex Mexican Blankets

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If you are a fan of vintage stuff, then you can surely not miss out on this. This vintage Mexican style blanket will win the game with the popular design throughout the decades. Firstly, it has a construction of soft woven acrylic fibers that gives it all the coziness.

Secondly, it is fully made with the use of hands. Nonetheless, it certainly has a length of 6-feet and the width is 4-ft. So, take it to parks, beaches or just use it at home, it will cover a lot of space. Lastly, it has fringes at both ends to make it look more beautiful.

Key features:

  • Wash it in the machine but please note that it will have a certain amount of shedding after the first washes. However, with every wash, it will get softer.
  • People of all generations prefer this classic design.
  • Cotton is used in the primary construction of this blanket.

9. Open Road Goods Mexican Blanket

Open Road Goods Mexican Blankets

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A Mexican traditional blanket that can surely overpower all other blankets with its beauty! The blanket has an intelligent combination of cotton, acrylic along polyester that certainly makes it a more long-lasting blanket.

As it is fully hand-made, you may find little differences in each of the blankets. It is pretty heavy-duty that can tolerate rough use and absolutely authentic. Plus, the whole thing is pretty vibrant. And guess what, it will get softer after you wash it every time.

Key features:

  • The extra-large product is of 80-inches and has 50-inches in width.
  • Features beautiful diamond patterns that are best described as Aztec Navajo style.
  • Will not tear so easily.

8. Spirit Quest Supplies Mexican Style Blanket

Spirit Quest Supplies

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This gorgeous blanket is 20% larger when compared to any traditional Mexican blanket. Not only that, it has a tighter weave and the fibers are stronger than ever. It has a construction of 70% acrylic as well as 30% polyester that contributes to the durability.

This is thicker but still light so you get comfort, warmth as well as flexibility. As a matter of fact, the rich colored stripes are of acrylic fibers, therefore, look vibrant. You can use it as a bedspread, put it over the sofa or simply take it out on the beach, it definitely has a versatile use. Finally, no more stubborn stains as they totally keep it safe against such things.

Key features:

  • The moisture-wicking property keeps it dry in all instances.
  • Covers a large area as it is pretty oversized.
  • In fact, it is a pet-friendly product.

7. Laguna Beach Textile Company Mexican Serape Blanket

Laguna Beach Textile Company

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This blanket is something you just can’t stop staring at. Apart from its looks, it also defines quality. The combination of ultra-soft cotton along with polyester makes it extremely luxurious. Next, it is tightly-woven so that there are no signs of any loose thread.

This has multiple uses as you can use it for covering sofa, tables or even at picnics as a seating area. However, it has a huge size of 48-inches x 70-inches.  But it’s still compact and the weight is pretty low. So, you can carry it to any given destination.

Key features:

  • It feels warm when you are under this blanket.
  • It has a rustic yet stylish look.
  • The magical hands of the artists from Tlaxcala create these amazing blankets.

6. Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket Handwoven

Benevolence LA

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Benevolence LA is such a brand that believes in giving back to society through the profit it makes. It provides a certain cut of their income to different charities in need. So, in a way, you will be contributing to a good cause if you buy this blanket. Besides this, you just can’t question its quality. As stunning as it can look, it got its good features from Mexican artists.

The hand-woven product is extremely stylish and all the variations of colors come in a combination of two bold colors. As a matter of fact, the art is clearly evident in the blanket made on a traditional wooden loom that maintains its authenticity. It is of premium quality and perfect for beautifully wrapping up twin beds. The size of the blanket is 65-inches x 30-inches. So, why not just take this home?

Key features:

  • This is a soft serape that is specially made for making it durable.
  • The weight of 2.3 pounds makes it an ideal travel companion even during long journeys.

5. El Paso Designs Serape falsa Blanket

El Paso Designs Mexican Blankets

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Coming straight from the Mexican artists, the color scheme of this Serape blanket will certainly impress all. Having bright gradients, this has a perfect size that will fit twin beds, king beds as well as a queen bed. In fact, it will go well with any traditional western interior set-up.

The bedspread is woven very carefully and includes acrylic fibers which are recycled. As a result, it features a heavy tapestry that looks aesthetic. Furthermore, as it weighs even less than 3 pounds, you can stay assured of its portability. Lastly, white tassels are a touch of beauty.

Key features:

  • A stain-proof blanket that will require much less effort in cleaning it.
  • The hypoallergenic nature keeps you safe from unwanted allergies.
  • You can go for dry cleaning or just throw in the washing machine to wash in cold water.

4. Xplanet Mexican Tablecloth


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This cotton Mexican tablecloth from Xplanet will be the show-stealer of the future parties. It is perfectly suited for any Mexican celebration such as a wedding, bridal shower, carnival, etc. Having the classic Falsa stripe design, it comes in many different colors that make it more interesting.

Given that, the tassels at the ends of this blanket give extra glamour and the edges are carefully hand-sewn. Furthermore, it is properly sewn on all four sides so that there isn’t one loose end that can question its quality.

Key features:

  • Weighs just 800 grams, so won’t feel bulky in any scenario.
  • Carefully handwash it for taking the best care of it.
  • Indeed have multi-purpose use on all sorts of occasions.

3. El Paso Designs Genuine Falsa Blanket

El Paso Designs Mexican Blankets

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Coming from the prestigious line of El Paso Designs, it has a classic design that speaks elegance. It is best suited for yoga sessions as well as meditation purposes. It is colorful that gives out Mexican vibes and hand-woven to perfection.

Next, you can even lay these on a hammock or just use it as a throw blanket. Moreover, it has a construction of environmental-friendly fibers. These are recycled yet soft whenever brushes your skin. Above all, it’s woven on an authentic loom and looks gorgeous.

Key features:

  • Certainly, it features a loose stitch design that complements any décor.
  • A lightweight product that requires no extra effort while transportation.
  • It is large and you will get sufficient space to sit, stand and even lay. This wonderful product measures a decent 51-inches and 74-inches that cover a lot of space.

2. Mexitems Large Mexican Blanket


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Indeed a very large blanket having a size of 84-inches x 80-inches, this looks extremely elegant. Having bright as well as vivid colors, the main attraction of this blanket is the Serape stripes. As a matter of fact, you can not only use it for picnics and outdoor purposes but also as display cloth, table covers and even throws.

Plus, all the designs done on this plush cover is done meticulously with the hands of skilled craftsmen. If you are not sure if it’s authentic or not, then there isn’t any reason for not trusting this. It is 100% authentic!

Key features:

  • The tassels that are hanging from this are neatly and even tightly woven. So no chance of losing one.
  • It weighs only 1.9 pounds so you can just put it in your bag and take it outside.
  • A bit thick when compared to normal clothes but not thick like a typical blanket.

1. Benevolence LA Premium Mexican Blanket

Benevolence LA Mexican Blankets

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Get all comfortable on a summer beach day and lay in a beautiful Falsa blanket. The gorgeous bright colors on this 79-inches x 51-inches blanket will steal your attention. To make it unique from others, it is hand-woven and has that authentic Mexican feeling.

Besides, the talented craftsmen have used the recycled hypoallergenic elements to provide it with its true form. Next, you can wash it simply in cold water but be a little delicate and its glamour will stay intact. This statement piece is even used for peaceful yoga sessions.

Key features:

  • There Benevolence LA team designed it for a noble motive. It contributes to charities a percentage of their sell namely, Water Mission.
  • Have intricate boho Aztec designs that are very trendy.
  • Use it both in any indoor use as well as for outdoor situations.

Boring blankets? Say no more. The detailed art of soft Mexican blankets will match the decor of your home. But it also gives comfort in a new way!