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10 Best Lactation Supplements in 2024

Breast milk is surely the greatest source of nutrition for every growing baby. Your breast milk contains all the essential nutrients that your baby needs to grow strong and healthy. However, there are several moms who face problems in producing breast milk. Though it sounds, this is actually very common. Well, there is nothing to worry about in such cases. All you need to do is to opt for a lactation supplement. The supplements contain essential vitamins that enable you to produce milk easily.

Wondering which healthy lactation supplement you need to choose? Well, out of thousands of options, we have carefully picked the certified options. So, there isn’t any risk or harm when these are consuming this.


List of Best Lactation Supplements Review

10. New Chapter Lactation Supplements

New Chapter Lactation Supplements

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Once you start breastfeeding, you have to make sure you are providing your baby with all the necessary nutrients. This product helps you to achieve just that. The item makes use of whole food fermented B vitamins as an essential component. This gives the mother the necessary energy which is so needed after birth.

Moreover, the fermentation also aids when it comes to absorption into your system. You do not have to worry about any harm coming from these supplements. The product is certified to be free of any GMOs.

Key Features:

  • One great feature of this product is that you can even take it in an empty stomach right at the start of the day.
  • If you are gluten intolerant, you will be glad to know this product is gluten-free as well.
  • The product makes use of all organic ingredients for the supplements.

9. Happy Healthy Hippie Pump It Up Lactation

Happy Healthy Hippie

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Why go for all the artificial formula when you can give your baby all the necessary nutrients through breastfeeding. On top of that, the product promises to be completely out of natural and herbal elements. If your baby has been troubled with colic and gas issues, the fennel seed goodness found in this product will help you get rid of that.

Not only that, but the same also helps to increase breast milk abundance, so your baby is always well fed. Being exhausted and having tension is fun for no one. With the motherwort present in this item, you can say goodbye to those troubles as well.

Key Features:

  • The vegans can take relief in knowing that this product has been certified to be vegan friendly.
  • It also gives you a guarantee of 60 days, so you can buy without any concerns.
  • The non-GMO certification assures you that the product is totally safe to use.

8. Fairmilepro Organics Lactation Supplement

FAIRMILEPRO ORGANICS Lactation Supplements

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If you do not like the idea of popping pills in, you can go for this product. The item comes in the liquid form, making it much easier to consume. Next, since the product does not require any breaking down, it is able to get absorbed at least 2 times. As a matter of fact, it is better than the other supplements

Besides, this product promotes the milk supply. Plus, it also enriches the quality, as well as the flow, so your baby does not have to struggle for the necessary nourishment. For the mothers who have a very sensitive appetite, this product is devoid of any allergens.

Key Features:

  • Improving your breast health, the product also helps to avoid various diseases.
  • Following the American Manufacturing Laws, each batch goes through screening to give you the best quality product.
  • It’s free of unnecessary sugar and even alcohol.

7. Pure Co Lactation Supplement


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For all the vegan moms out there struggling to breastfeed your baby, this product will be your savior. The product is completely vegan and holds as many as 60 capsules in a single package. Hence, the supplements last you for a good while before you need to refill.

Certainly, many people might have a case of gluten allergy and their babies might have it too. Thus, these supplements have been certified to be gluten-free to the last capsule. So, you can obviously trust the quality of this product.

Key Features:

  • The addition of milk thistle works as a stimulant which enhances the milk flow in mothers.
  • This is fuss-free as well. Only two capsules are good enough for one day.
  • To come up with the highest quality standards, this product bears a GMP certification.

6. Pink Stork Total Lactation

Pink Stork Lactation Supplements

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This product takes various practical necessities into consideration when creating the supplement. You get choose between three different variants when it comes to the supplements. Some people might be allergic to legumes that are why one such variant has been made fenugreek free. Some babies might not even like their only nourishment, breast milk all that much.

For such cases, the product mixes a unique combination of alfalfa and fennel. This not only makes the milk more nutritious, but it might also excite the taste buds of your baby, making them drink enough.

Key Features:

  • The product has a very user-friendly design, coming with a flip-top for an easy pill pop out.
  • You will be glad to know that the purchase is helping women across the US as well.
  • The pills have been thoughtfully made small, making them easier to swallow at a single go.

5. UpSpring Lactation Supplement

UpSpring Baby

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During pregnancy and after birth, everything might not feel that palatable for mothers. This product, comes in the delicious flavor of chocolate, making it a little easier to consume, without needing to go through the gag reflex. Besides, this product is a drink mix, making it much easier to chug down at a single go.

Moreover, this can be mixed with both hot and cold drinks, without having the composition influenced in any way. To give you the best possible quality, the supplement is created in a GMP certified facility.

Key Features:

  • Even if the product might have a yummy flavor, the supplement assures it is naturally sourced.
  • The addition of anise to the powder helps to produce breast milk which will have all the essential nutrients your baby needs.
  • Since the powder is divided into single packets, you do not have to worry about clumping once you open the packet.

4. Mommy Knows Best Goat’s Rue Lactation

Mommy Knows Best Lactation Supplements

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This product aims at providing effective results as rapidly as possible. The lactation supplement proves its worth with its spectacular service, thereby rightfully earning the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. The product makes sure not to add any unnecessary synthetic preservatives or dyes, which might not be healthy for your baby.

However, it is free from gluten, wheat, soy, egg as well as milk. Therefore, not only does it eliminate a greater part of an allergic reaction, but it also turns out to be a vegan product.

Key Features:

  • As for the quantity, you get as many as 120 capsules with a single pack, lasting you for a good duration.
  • You can take relief in knowing that the product is propping 65 compliant as well.
  • Thistle is added to further increase the lactation supply for your baby.

3. Benevolent Supplement Lactation Supplement

Benevolent Nourishment

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You might not be a big fan of consuming down pills. In that case, this product has been made just for you. It comes in the form of drops, with their very own dropper, making consumption a really convenient task. The product makes use of the unique ingredient of Goats Rue herb. Next, it works miracles for you and your baby.

While it helps to maintain blood sugar levels in breast milk, it also improves and maintains better digestion for you. If that was not enough, this product also sports some moringa leaf in the drops. This gives an extra perk, helping to protect and nourish the skin and hair.

Key Features:

  • The moringa leaf also helps mommies with their mood balance.
  • Iron is really necessary when breastfeeding. Therefore, this product also adds anise to the formula.
  • Absorption is a lot easier and quicker as well.

2. Sweetbottoms Lactation Supplement

Sweetbottoms Lactation Supplements

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If you are facing problems with producing enough breast milk, this product will aid you. The product is lab certified to boost up your production. The supplement assures to increase the same by as much as 175% in no time. Containing no unnecessary artificial items like cellulose or fillers, this product will not cause you diarrhea or any stomach upsets. The pills have been designed so they can be swallowed down in a blink.

Not only does this amplify your breast milk production, but it also aids to fight some of that fatigue. To ensure the safety of both mother and child, this product is free from any GMO as well.

Key Features:

  • Since the product does not have any nasty aftertaste, you do not have to worry about vomiting it all out.
  • If a strong fenugreek smell repels you, this supplement has no such smell you need to be wary of.
  • Your uterine recovery will be quicker than ever with the goodness of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

1. The Honest Company Lactation Supplement

The Honest

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Sitting at the top of this list, this one has to be your top choice. The product has been a doctor and lactation consultant reviewed. As a result, no threats are posed to your or your baby’s health. Besides, all the common and less common allergens you can think of, from eggs to shellfish, these items have been intentionally avoided while creating the item.

Furthermore, any artificial sweetener, flavor or colors have also been pushed aside. Hence, making this product completely organic.

Key Features:

  • It follows all the USDA NOP standards, therefore, it is free from the influence of any genetic engineering.
  • You need to consume only a mere 2 capsules each day to make sure your breast milk is healthy and in abundance.
  • Furthermore, it is free of any chemical. So, you will not have to worry about any complications.

Who needs lactation supplements?

Lactation supplements come as a total lifesaver to many new mothers. While some mothers may not be lactating plenty to breastfeed their child, others might not be healthy enough to give their baby all the necessary nutrients. The artificial formula will always fall short in comparison to a mother’s breast milk. During such scenarios, lactation supplements can help greatly. They not only help to produce milk in abundance and rapidly, but they also enhance the quality, making sure the baby has the essential nourishing as they grow up slowly.

What are the different types of lactation supplements available?

You get ample choice in the market when it comes to how your supplements will be composed, so you can consume them the way you are most comfortable with. Most supplements come in the form of capsules or tablets of various shapes and sizes. In case of these, the tiny ones will be the easiest to consume, not requiring you to take more than 2 pills a day commonly, making it a hassle-free task.

If you happen to struggle with a gag reflex, pills might not be an ideal solution for you. In that case, getting a drop form is much better. You only need to handle some drops a day, which basically goes down your throat by themselves without any chances of throwing up. Contrarily, you can also find the product in a powder form, which you can mix with your drinks, so you will not even realize you consumed the supplements. For the powder ones, you should get one which will go with both cold as well as hot drinks, without actually affecting their composition, so the mixture is effective inside your system. Both the mixture as well as the drops, have a much higher absorption rate than the pills, making them get to work much quicker than the pills take time to get to the action.

You can also find some flavored supplements, which help to soothe your taste buds to consume the supplements with a bit less difficult.

What are some of the red markers to avoid when buying lactation supplements?

Breast milk is the only source of nourishment your child has. Hence, you can never be too sure about this. Firstly, the product needs to be free from all sorts of artificial elements. From dyes to flavors, to preservatives, anything which might not sit well with your and your baby’s digestive system well has to go. Also, the mother as well as the child might be allergic to various things, especially the child, and unknowingly so. To avoid any complications, the product should be devoid of all common allergens like soy, gluten, or eggs. In order to ensure all this, you can look for various certifications. Certifications will tell you which products are GMO-free, hypoallergenic, and of course, make use of all-natural and organic items like fennel and thistle, in the formula for the lactation supplements.

Final Verdict

Now, opt for the nutritious lactation supplements that will your baby packed with nutrients every time. These supplements are fully safe for consumption and there will certainly not be any adverse reaction.