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10 Best Kitchen Utensil Holders in 2024

Kitchen utensils come in plenty- be it numbers, shapes and sizes. There are so many different aspects to kitchen utensils that sometimes it becomes difficult to manage them all. It may happen now and then that you are unable to find the butter knife or a spatula and all hell breaks loose. You can always rely on the kitchen utensil holders to always keep your utensils in place, always ready for use.

Well, you may never go short of option for the search of authentic products that may drain quite an amount of energy. So, shake off the responsibilities and rely on this review to find your best kitchen utensil holders pick online.


List Best of Kitchen Utensil Holders Review

10. Room Starters Kitchen Utensil Holder

ROOM STARTERS Kitchen Utensil Holders

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If you are looking for a utensil holder that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as prominently effective, you should go with this. This fine holder is from Texas and has a clever amalgamation of electroplated steel and some concrete. Therefore, giving it an impressive touch. This wonderful jar is used up in a lot of different activities. You can use it in the bathroom to hold your daily essentials, in the office and so on.

This wonderful storage unit can even function as a beautiful gift for loved ones. Plus, it is 6.25-inches in diameter and 6.125-inches tall. As a result, giving you ample space to arrange all those minuscule kitchen articles.

Key Features:

  • Has a construction from such elements that give it a gross weight of over 4 lbs. Thus, preventing it from tipping over due to the weight of utensils.
  • This unique product is fully handmade.
  • You can simply wash it with your hands.

9. Cooler Kitchen Utensil Holder

Cooler Kitchen

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The Rotating Utensil Holder from the house of Cooler Kitchen is from construction grade plastic that makes it very sturdy for use. It is has a weighted base which always keeps it upright and prevents it from falling over. The utensil holder has a diameter of 7-inches which is very broad and can easily house a lot of long-handled utensils. It also has a significant length of 7-inches that makes storing all the easier.

It comes with a rotating base that puts all the artilleries near to your reach as you are cooking a scrumptious meal. Finally, it will not resist any rust and will serve you a long time.

Key Features:

  • The utensil holder has rubberized feet which ensure that the object does not scratch any surface in your kitchen.
  • It has a divider into three compartments that make arranging your articles very easy.
  • This large and tall holder can accommodate as many as 15 to 20 handheld types of equipment of large size.

8. JS Standards Kitchen Utensil Holder

JS Standards Kitchen Utensil Holders

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When you go for a kitchen utensil holder, you should go with one that is classy to look at. Plus, it has a significantly high utility. If you are looking for such a holder, then you are in luck because of the utensil holder. This utensil holder has a stainless steel construction which makes it very sturdy. It is tall and spacious enough to hold in a lot of the kitchen utensils with long handles.

Moreover, the base is slip-proof so that it doesn’t accidentally fall off the counter. It certainly features a minimalistic design along with a modern approach.

Key Features:

  • It features rubberized feet from EVA foam which prevents it from scratching any surface while giving it a good grip.
  • Includes a rotating base enabling you to have all the kitchen tools at your arms reach as you cook.
  • Apart from having a tall structure, it has a mere weight of 0.9 lbs.

7. Oceanstar Bamboo Utensil Holder


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There are many kitchen utensil holders out there from which you can choose from. However, if you are looking for something unique yet efficient and brings an aesthetic factor to your kitchen, the Oceanstar Bamboo Utensil Holder is the choice for you. This fine holder has reliable dimensions- it has a width of 4-inches which is large and spacious. Therefore, can sufficiently hold in a lot of articles.

It is also 6-inches tall thus making it easy to store long-handled kitchen tools without the fear of tipping over. The best feature of this unit is that it has two layers of bamboo construction. That’s why makes it very strong and durable.

Key Features:

  • It comes in a very comfortable size giving much space to store all your articles. However, it will not occupy much space upon the kitchen counters.
  • This has a wavy-edge that has a contemporary touch to it.
  • Indeed a compact product that can easily store different types of utensils.

6. OXO Unisex Good Grips Utensil Holder

OXO Kitchen Utensil Holders

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If there was one utensil holder that was efficient in every manner, it has to be this. It has all the goodness that one can ask for in a kitchen utensil holder. This unit comes in an elliptical shape, which ensures that it is easily placed in the narrowest of spaces. The object has a construction from the finest quality stainless steel making it impervious to the effects of water. Therefore, you have no tension of getting rust during the wash.

The holder also features a tapering design that makes it easier to keep all your utensils upright. Finally, it has an attached drip tray. It collects the water off washed kitchen tools and is removed to drain the water.

Key Features:

  • This is divided into 3 different compartments which make it so much easier to place all your articles.
  • It can easily hold more than 16 kitchen tools with large handles.
  • Coming in an elliptical shape, you can wash it even in a dishwasher.

5. LIFVER Ceramic Utensil Holder


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You can find an immense lot of designs if you look for kitchen utensil holders over the internet. If you want to go for something chic and trendy you should choose the Lifver Utensil Holder. It has a ceramic construction and has quite an attractive finish to it. It is a multipurpose kitchen utility tool. You can use it to store kitchen tools but you can also use to chill wines or as a flower vase.

The embossed finish gives it a sophisticated look and will certainly be a perfect gifting option. It is simply an example of intricate artwork. Moreover, you can even use it inside a microwave as it is fully microwave-safe.

Key Features:

  • It has a diameter of 6.2-inches along with a height of 7.2-inches that gives it immense space to store a lot of tools.
  • Compatible with the refrigerator, dishwasher or microwave without incident.
  • The user-friendly design will give you all the convenience.

4. Oggi 7211 Jumbo Stainless Steel Utensil Holder

Oggi Kitchen Utensil Holders

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The Oggi 7211 Jumbo Utensil Holder is humongous, as the name suggests. This will help you to get rid of all your kitchen worries. It is a place where you can store all the utensils and never lose them. You get a lot of free space in the kitchen which is now better utilized. It has a great quality stainless steel material construction that makes it both attractive and sturdy.

The utensil holder features a dual finish with a mirror band and satin finish both from stainless steel. There is weighted support at the base of this holder preventing it from ever tipping over due to all the weight.

Key Features:

  • It has a base diameter of 7-inches and a height of 7-inches. Therefore, giving it enough space for the majority of your kitchen tools.
  • The jumbo size of it offers a massive 4-quart capacity.
  • A modern as well as an attractive holder that is extremely handy.

3. Walford Home Kitchen Utensil Holder

Walford Home

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The utensil caddy developed by Walford Home has all the great qualities that you can ever ask for in a utensil holder. It has a superior quality enameled steel material construction giving it an attractive finish and a sturdy base. It has a padded base which ensures that it is used upon any countertop without scratching or damaging the surface. As a matter of fact, its construction makes it very easy to clean only. And that also with the use of a clean and damp cloth.

For organizing your wooden, silicone, metal and steel utensils, it proves as a perfect companion for your kitchen essentials.

Key Features:

  • The utensil caddy has a base diameter of 5.4-inches which gives it sufficient space to hold a lot of tools.
  • This wonderful unit to store utensils has a height of 6.7-inches allowing for large handled units to be stored easily.
  • It has a rustic look, to be specific, has a vintage farmhouse design.

2. Utopia Kitchen Cooking Utensil Holder

Utopia Kitchen Kitchen Utensil Holders

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If you are looking for a fine kitchen holder of stainless steel, then the Utopia Cooking Utensil Holder is the choice for you. This is a cleverly designed unit that looks attractive on the countertop and is put to multiple uses. The circlets cut out on the steel frame to ensure that this unit is used as an effective drying rack. Next, the utensils caddy is best for storing medium-sized articles such as spoons, whisks, tongs and the likes.

Given that, it has a beautiful bright finish. As a result, will not look dull at all and will not get damaged so easily.

Key Features:

  • You can store at least 15 kitchen utensils in this spacious unit without any problem.
  • Clean it in a dishwasher without damaging it.
  • A classic-style holder that will match the aesthetics of any kitchen.

1. American Mug Pottery Utensil Holder

American Mug Pottery

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If you want to include a fascinating and highly usable unit into your kitchen, why not go for the American Mug Pottery Crock Utensil Holder. These jars come in vibrant colors that make your kitchen attractive. They also come with ample space to store all your kitchen articles making cooking a fairly easy feat. It has a base diameter of 6 inches which allows for a lot of articles to be easily stored within it.

Having a ceramic construction that appeases a lot of users, it is specially constructed with the use of hands. It certainly has an old-fashion approach but is of a lot of use.

Key Features:

  • The kitchen jar to store utensils has a height of 6¾-inches. Therefore, makes it possible to keep large sized kitchen articles easily.
  • This impressive utensil holder is ideal for putting in the dishwasher, microwave or refrigerator without any incident.

Now you will never feel short of space to store your kitchen essentials. The sturdy kitchen utensil holder can just still at any corner of the kitchen and still look stylish.