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10 Best Ice Therapy Machines in 2024

As we start aging, we tend to face a lot of unwanted problems. One such thing is acute pain in the back, foot, and all other parts of the body. Well, there are definitely many ways to get rid of the pain. However, taking pain medication always comes with a cost of addiction. So, it’s better to restore authentic ways such an ice therapy machines. With the healing properties of ice, your pain will not bother you.

If you want to dive deep into the ice therapy machine’s advantages, then you will not be left disappointed. Our article highlights all the necessary points so that you can make wise decisions.


List of Best Ice Therapy Machines Review

10. Aircast DonJoy Cryo Therapy

Aircast Ice Therapy Machines

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This tranquil refrigeration system has no engine. It relies on cold water and gravity to give you relief. Just raise the cuff and allow gravity to operate to refill the cuff. When you lower it again, the water is going to cool down again.

It is ideal to minimize swelling for recovery and other injuries. Considering that you need to purchase cuffs separately, this unit should be able to provide you with a range of pain relief options. As a matter of fact, this provides cryotherapy sessions of 6 to 8 hours straight.

Key Features:

  • A full cooler of ice and water will keep you cool and pain-free for up to eight hours.
  • This system is best used for the pre- and post-operative pain control.
  • It is non-motorized and so, will save a lot of energy when working with it.

9. Coolman Cryotherapy Machine


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Coolman’s cold therapy device is a portable ice pack that has applications on the feet, elbows, knees, and more. It will help to remain calm and alleviate pain during the day, without the hassle of changing ice packs.

It has five flow rate levels, allowing you to monitor how cold it’s staying. The mean temperature range is between 41-68 degrees. There are also time settings that range within 30 minutes. You can also see through the bucket, which helps you closely watch how much water you have in the tank.

Key Features:

  • It has a doubled walled construction and seven quarters of water capacity, ensuring long hours of therapy.
  • Soft and comfortable, the therapy pack is ideal for use on the knee, thigh, shoulder, elbow, arm, hip, and leg.
  • It comes equipped with a high-quality diaphragm pump. Hence, provides a quiet and stable operating condition for the cold compression therapy system.

8. Ossur Ice Therapy Machine

Ossur Ice Therapy Machines

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Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Unit is 16.2 x 12.2 x 10 inches long and only weighs 4.6 lbs. The machine’s lightweight and compact feature makes a move around simple. It features a powerful motor and provides the industry’s highest ice-to-water ratio.

However, it is ideal to produce less heat transfer from the motor to the water. Thereby, continuously ensuring sustained cold therapy for up to 6 hours. This cold therapy system provides reliable refrigeration and excellent compression, even at high altitudes.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a locking lid to prevent spills and leakages.
  • It features insulated walls for better cooling.
  • For smoothest operation, it has a brushless motor that provides a silent operation.

7. Vive Cold Therapy Machine


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The Vive Cold Therapy System will provide fool-proof ice therapy relief for pre-surgical swelling and inflammation, joint pain, and rehabilitation after exercise. It is going to provide immediate relief from pain, discomfort, and soreness. A universal therapy pad will efficiently address the feet, knees, hips, shoulders, and arms.

The reservoir for the low-level laser therapy devices can hold up to 6 liters of ice water. For a customized experience, the system features five continuous flow rates with cycle times of 30 minutes or less and a bright LED monitor. This computer with an integrated carry handle is lightweight, quiet, and portable. The transparent base makes the quick filling of both ice and water with marked guides.

Key Features:

  • It has long foam insulated rubber tubing that provides extended reach.
  • It features three adjustable, secure straps that provide better durability.
  • Also comes with broad and flexible therapy pads covering a wider surface area of the body and providing even cooling.

6. BelugaPro Arctic Cryotherapy Machine

Beluga Ice Therapy Machines

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The BelugaProArctic Ice Therapy System is a medical device that provides one of the best possible cryotherapy sessions. This machine gives your body the support it needs locally and goes straight to the issue. It comes equipped with a 12-quart ice and water reservoir which helps it stay cold for long hours. The high and low setting of this system enables you to change the system according to your treatments.

Furthermore, the auto-stop mechanism lets you monitor your condition and prevents the possibility of further injury. Cold laser therapy is the perfect home therapy unit.

Key Features:

  • Circulates cold water for up to five hours for long-lasting therapy sessions.
  • It comes with a universal joint wrap for a variety of treatment areas for your body.
  • It offers relief for more chronic conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, articular pain, etc.

5. Polar Vortex Ice Therapy Machine


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Here is yet another brilliant product by Polar. The Polar Vortex Cryotherapy machine is quite portable and one can anywhere in the back of your trunk or inside a travel bag. This cold therapy machine is best for targeted pain relief. A clear, insulated reservoir makes ice-level visibility easy. Hence, lets you know when to refill your machine to keep the therapy running continuously.

The simple on/off switch lets you get your relief without frustrating instructions when you need it. Similar devices utilize overwhelming controls, but Polar Vortex makes it simple.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for home use in all rooms and easy to clean.
  • The product includes a pack of 6 cold cubes to keep the ice flowing.
  • The Flexible Joint Pad is designed to be used for cryotherapy machines with the Interchangeable Pads for a number of body areas like the knee, hip, elbow, and more. Get additional assistance to mount your water therapy pad.

4. Coolman Portable Ice Therapy Machine

COOLMAN Ice Therapy Machines

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Another therapy that will treat your feet, elbows, knees, etc. Without the hassle of changing ice packs, it has constructed to keep calm and relieve pain during the day. It has five degrees of flow rate, which helps you to control how cold it stays. The average temperature range is 41-68 degrees.

Also, there are time settings that help you to go for one within 30 minutes. You can also see through the bucket that lets you closely watch how much water you have inside the tank.

Key Features:

  • The low noise feature of the machine makes it a good choice to use for long hours, and even at night.
  • Traditional ice packs are too cold and uncontrollable which may result in an injury. The COOLMAN cold therapy device will change the flow rate of cold water to keep the temperature comfortable and reduce the risk.
  • With its compact design, the product weighs only 10 lbs and can be moved around with relative ease.

3. Cold Therapy System by AIS Clear


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The portable AIS system is very compact and will be a travel companion as well. This cold therapy unit is ideally designed for focused pain relief. It helps to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process and relieve pain. The product’s compactness helps you get cryotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own home and even on the go. The simple, insulated reservoir enables visible ice levels. As a result, lets you know when to refill your machine to keep the therapy going continuously.

The easy on / off switch helps you get your relief when you need it, without confusing directions. Similar tools use challenging controls, but AIS makes it simple.

Key Features:

  • If you have acute pain in muscle tissues or joints, the flexible therapy pad will help relieve it with targeted ice therapy.
  • This is pretty silent when functioning and the LCD screen lets you monitor the entire process.
  • Comes with a sturdy adjustable strap, which helps the pad contour the body and effectively provide targeted pain relief.

2. Aircast Cuff Cryotherapy System

Aircast Ice Therapy Machines

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The cold therapy unit for the Aircast Cryo cuff is explicitly ideal for knee use. It is lightweight, compact, and includes the knee pad/cuff. So you won’t have to buy it separately, as with some cold therapy system versions. It packs a lot of value for a low cost, and we’re pretty sure there’s no other cold therapy system on the market that works for as little investment as this one.

This is a high-quality, high-performance device that will undoubtedly relieve your pain and drastically shorten your recovery time. As a matter of fact, the water in the reservoir will remain cold for quite some time, even long after the ice melts.

Key Features:

  • It’s super easy to use, and the device uses both a motorized mechanism and a gravity feature for flexible use.
  • This also available in different sizes, so you can get one that’s guaranteed to match. Therefore, provide the extra compression you may like from your therapy sessions.

1.​ Artic Cryotherapy Therapy System


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To treat any sports injury, post-operative pain, edema, or other acute, localized pains, the Arctic cold therapy system is a good option. With multiple pad attachments to choose from, you can get focused treatment from head to toe on just about anybody. It acts quickly to decrease swelling and relieve pain and is even perfect for joint or muscle trauma. Next, it delivers comprehensive therapy of 360 degrees with the compression component.

It uses compression and cold therapy, which goes throughout the target region. And it remains cold for 6 hours. The different pads available are very diverse, but the broad rectangular back pad can swear many people for use on just about every part of the body.

Key Features:

  • The unit can be configured to run on a loop for an extended time instead of shutting down automatically after 30 minutes.
  • While running, it produces no sound and remains silent, making it ideal to use even during the nights.
  • The basin is also huge so that it can accommodate plenty of ice water or regular frozen water bottles.

Your pain will not be an obstacle to your daily life activities anymore. The best ice therapy machines know exactly the way to relieve you from unwanted pain.

What is Ice Therapy?

Ice therapy is sometimes referred to as cryotherapy. It works by reducing blood flow to a specific area to significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, particularly around the joint or tendon. It can minimize nerve activity temporarily, which can also alleviate pain.

What to consider while buying an Ice Therapy Machine?

Here are a few things to consider while buying an Ice Therapy Machine:

1.​​ Working Mechanisms: First, let’s go over how these machines work. The critical components of a cold therapy system are the tank (reservoir) that has ice water filling. Next, the pad that coils around the part of the body you want to treat, the tubing or hose that binds from the basin to the pad, and the motor that circulates the water in the pad.

When you fill the machine with cold water and turn it on, the water will circulate through the tubing and pad. It will continuously circulate through the sealed tube so that cold water passes through and around the injury consistently.

2.​ Targeted Therapy: Many cold therapy devices provide a range of pads choices designed to hit various parts of the body. Some come with more universal shapes that are applicable to any joint or limb. You’re going to want to get a pad that suits the area you’re going to use. However, bear in mind that your shoulders and back cannot benefit from a thin, universal pad better used on an elbow or wrist.

3.​​ Portability: If you’re going to move the system around the house or even from one place to another, you’re going to want one that’s for easy portability. A lot of them come with handles, and some even come with carrying cases. But there is also weight and shape to consider, as some are far bulky and not nearly as easy to lug around like others, even with a handle. But if you’re planning to position your device in a living room or bedroom at all times, portability isn’t the most crucial consideration.

4. Compression: Some systems even provide compression therapy, so the pad can compress while pumping water through the pad. Compression would only improve the overall benefits, as it is going to minimize inflammation and swelling and alleviate pain. Not all cold therapy devices on the market use compression therapy, but those that are generally more effective.

How to use an Ice Therapy Machine?

Cold-therapy devices are usually easy to use. You plug it into the power outlet, fill the basin with ice and water, wrap your injury around the pad, and turn it on. Some machines allow you to set the timer for continuous use, but most shut down after about 30 minutes.

Which is the best Ice Therapy Machine?

There are various Ice Therapy machines out there with different characteristics. Some are built for portability and have smaller capacities, while others are large and have larger capacities to ensure longer work hours. You should first be very aware and sure about your needs before buying one.