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10 Best Heated Mattress Pads in 2024

During the harsh winter, it becomes unbearable to tolerate. Hence, the heated mattress pads are introduced to keep the user comfy. Offering different heat settings and fully cushioned sleeping space, one will not regret having this. Breakfast in bed after a peaceful sleep while reading a book on the bed become events of regret if you spill anything on your bed. However, most of these mattresses are designed to repel stains.

With a wide selection of options, you can now settle for your favorite pick after consulting our review.


List of Best Heated Mattress Pads Review

10. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

SunbeamSunbeam Heated Mattress Pads

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To start with, the top layer of this mattress pad is fully made out of high-quality cotton. In fact, it has an impressive thread count of 200. Thus, you are in contact with the soft surface which is gentle to your skin. As a matter of fact, ThermoFine technology certainly aids is the uniform distribution of heat.

With this pad, you can choose from 10 different heat settings to suit your needs. And it is all done with the use of a convenient controller for ultimate comfort.

Reason To Buy
  • One can indeed clean it in the washing machine.
  • The inbuilt pre-heat function helps you to stay even during extreme temperatures.
  • Features auto power-off function to save on your energy bill

9. Sunbeam KING Premium Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads

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Experience luxury and comfort like never before with this heated mattress pad from Sunbeam. It indeed boasts a thread count of 250 and will fit mattresses with a depth of 21 inches or less. Instead of wasting power on heating up the whole room, you can use this just to keep your bed heated. As a result, save hundreds of dollars during winter.

Moreover, with the useful auto-off feature, you can automatically turn off the heating function after 10 hours.

Reason To Buy
  • Gives you not one but rather two heating zones.
  • Use a pre-heat function to warm up bedsheets before sleep.
  • The top is quilted and made from 100 percent cotton.

8. Electrowarmth M38F Twin Heated Mattress Pad


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No longer do you have to suffer from chilly nights with this affordable heating solution. With a pleasant sleep, preheat always feel your back pain and sore muscles significantly relieved after using this twin heated mattress pad. Apart from low and high, you can also adjust the heat setting between 2 and 9.

However, it has polyester built and offers as many as 10 heat settings. Lastly, it is 13-inches thick thus, no compromise on comfort level.

Reason To Buy
  • Certainly received certification from ELT.
  • Proudly manufactured in the US.
  • Safety measures shut down the heat function after a certain level.

7. Holmes Premium Quilted Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Holmes Heated Mattress Pads

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Every year you spend a huge chunk of your money on your energy bill during winter. Firstly, it’s time to change that with this queen size heated mattress pad from Holmes. It has a technology that is exclusive to Holmes, the ThermoFire Warning system. Next, it detects the outer conditions and provides you with an appropriate level of soothing warmth.

Furthermore, with a 5 year warranty period, you can make this purchase without any worries. It rather has cotton built, hence, giving all the benefits.

Reason To Buy
  • 5 customizable heat settings to choose from.
  • Easily fits 21-inch deep mattresses.
  • Dual controls are rather easy to use and have a flat learning curve.

6. Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads

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Sunbeam is a pioneer and industry leader when it comes to heated mattress pad technology. Unlike other manufacturers who only provide one or at most two heating zones, Sunbeam provides you with three. Thus, you can use the simple controls to target the heat exactly where you want to.

Back pain won’t be a problem. You won’t certainly feel any tension on your shoulder and neck muscles when you wake up after a good night’s sleep. Finally, it fully has a wireless control that doesn’t involve any interference.

Reason To Buy
  • Safety is maintained through the auto-off feature.
  • Safe for cleaning in the washing machine.
  • The back-lit display rather shows every single detail.

5. Biddeford Blankets Quilted Skirt Electric Warming Mattress Pad


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If you want high versatility and good functionality, then Biddeford has just the right heated mattress pad for you. Due to its expandable skirt, its size can certainly adjust according to your requirements. No matter what kind of mattress you have, this will fit as long as the depth of your mattress doesn’t increase the 22-inch mark.

Moreover, the 10-heat settings give a variety of options hence you can go for your desired settings.

Reason To Buy
  • Made with a blend of cotton and polyester.
  • The top has a quilted design.
  • The auto shut-off rather prevents the risks of overheating.

4. Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

Perfect Fit

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Perfect Fit provides you heated mattress pad that is designed to ease your life. As a matter of fact, it provides you with a better experience than whatever you owned before. Instead of thick and rigid warming wires, this pad uses thin wires which you won’t be able to detect.

They give you overall consistent warmth and due to their flexible nature, they last you much longer. Above all, uses low voltage warming which is safer than most other alternatives in the market.

Reason To Buy
  • Control heat with the turn knob.
  • Two controllers for you and your partner.
  • You indeed get to choose from 10 different heat settings.

3. SensorPEDIC Heated Electric Mattress Pad

SensorPEDIC Heated Mattress Pads

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A heated mattress pad is good for your sore muscles or protecting yourself from the cold bedsheets during winter. SensorPEDIC provides you with a heated mattress pad which also keeps most of the allergens out of your mattress. Even if you accidentally spill some water or drinks, you don’t need to worry. The top fabric is made out of brushed nylon/polyester has water-repelling properties.

However, with the warming Digital controller, you just need to push the button to stay all cozy. Finally, this skirt is meant to embrace any mattress of 18-inches.

Reason To Buy
  • The timer allows you to set between 1 hour to 12 hours of warmth.
  • Certified by the ETL.
  • The fabric is certainly waterproof and won’t have any stain.

2. Pure Warmth by Biddeford Quilted Electric Heated Mattress

Pure Warmth

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The quilted design of this heated mattress pad feels luxurious and very cozy when you go to bed. It has thin heating wires which you won’t even feel unlike the bulky wires of other manufacturers that hurt your back. Since it is made from polyester it needs little to no maintenance. Next, it is thrown in the washing machine for a thorough clean up.

Furthermore, it also has a safety feature that automatically switches the heating function after around 10 hours.

Reason To Buy
  • Long 5 year warranty period.
  • Rather weighs around 8 pounds.
  • Simple and intuitive digital controls.

1. Sunbeam King Heated Mattress Pad


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But Sunbeam brings to you a heated mattress pad that will take care of your aching back muscles. It rather gives you a cozy sleep and keeps your bed free from spills and stains. Plus, it is also super soft and comfortable due to the cotton top with a thread count of 200.

Also, you get multiple heat settings, as many as 10 settings and the timer promises to function for a stretch of 10 hours.

Reason To Buy
  • Fits mattresses as deep as 18-inches.
  • Indeed boasts useful preheat function.

Winters won’t be that harsh to you now. Slip inside your blanket, turn on the heated mattress pads and having a relaxing sleep.