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10 Best Golf Towels in 2024

If you are fond of playing golf you will know that it gets quite sweaty and dirty under the hot sun. Whenever you miss a hit, it feels like you have failed yourself. However, the accuracy and the delivery of the shot depend a lot on the golf ball and the club. So, keeping it clean and free of any dirt or debris is really important. Even if there are a lot of other factors, cleaning the golf ball and club with a golf towel can really show the difference. It will make your game way easier.

In this golf towel review, we discuss all the points that make the towels one of a kind. Further, you will also know how these towels of different brands vary from each other.


List of Best Golf Towels in 2024

10. Mile High Life Golf Towel

Mile High Life Golf Towels

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The Mile High Life Golf Towel is a must for you to carry when you are going on a golfing spree. This towel is from a microfiber material that makes it such an efficient towel during games. It is soft, absorbent, and delicate and can also get rid of dust, dirt, sand, grass, and so on along with sweat. The towel is also available in different color combinations. Hence, ensure that you can always match with the remaining of your golfing gear.

This towel features an innovative carabineer from a high-grade aluminum that allows you to clip it top your golf bag. Finally, the carabineer will latch on securely and not come off ensuring that you don’t lose the towel.

Key Features:

  • You can give this microfiber golf towel a tri turn fold to get it into a compact dimension of 16-inches x 21-inches. Thus, allowing you easy carrying options.
  • It will absorb less water than the normal cotton towels ensuring an easy washing experience for you.
  • The breathability of this towel is impeccable.

9. Greens Microfiber Towel

Greens Towel

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There are bigger towels that you can carry around in a golf course but doing so is a hassle. Thus, Greens have come up with these amazing golf towels from microfibers. These towels feature an area of 16-inches x 16-inches. Thus, you get the perfect size to carry it around in your pocket. Since the towel is from microfibers, it can easily reach into the dimples on the golf ball and clean them. These towels will also efficiently clean the groves on your golf stick.

As a matter of fact, the microfiber arrangement makes the towel soft. Plus, it allows you to easily clean your eyewear too with it. It features a very absorbent surface that can easily soak into your sweat. The towel is available in up to 10 different colors to match your golf gear.

Key Features:

  • The fiber used in making this towel comes with anti-microbial agents. This ensures that no organisms grow on this towel after washing it.
  • Indeed, a handy product that comes with fast-drying benefits.
  • Comes in a set of 3 such that you can go on a fine golfing experience every day.

8. Haphealgolf Golf Towel

haphealgolf Golf Towels

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Certainly, another microfiber towel that you can take to your next golf match with a relatively larger dimension. These towels are from microfibers and are very absorbent. So, one can easily remove all kinds of dust, dirt, grass, sweat, etc. Next, the microfiber filaments are divided into 8 fragments such that it looks like an asterisk under magnification.

This imparts higher absorbing tendencies into the towel so that you can tap out more from it. The towel is exceptionally lightweight allowing you to easily carry it wherever you are going.

Key Features:

  • Comes with attached clips in the form of carabineers to easily attach it to your golf bag.
  • The towel easily absorbs all kinds of substances.
  • It is easier to wash clean unlike a cotton towel which may retain stains from grass, dirt, and so on.

7. ToVii Golf Towel


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When you buy the ToVii Golf Towel, you will get three humongous towels to take on your next match. These towels are very efficient in removing all kinds of stuff such as dirt, dust, grass, etc. along with sweat. The towels have a waffle woven microfiber structure. This makes it so adept at removing all kinds of stuff.

Moreover, the club brush features a zip line such. As a result, you can attach it to the bag and reach out to it easily whenever you need it. You will also get a divot tool with this towel set. You can carry around in your pocket without the fear of scratching because of the safety lock.

Key Features:

  • Has a metallic carabineer from aluminum that firmly attaches to the bag and prevents losing the towel.
  • It comes with a brush that is easily used to remove the collected debris from the towel.
  • Though this towel is highly absorbent, it will absorb much less water than a cotton towel. This ensures that the towel can be easily washed and dried.

6. ClothleteMicrofiber Golf Towel

Clothlete Golf Towels

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Clothelete Microfiber Golf Towels are manufactured to help you out as best as possible in the golf course. The golf towels are from microfiber arrangements that make it so efficient in cleaning and absorbing. As a matter of fact, the surface is very absorbent and can absorb up to 400 grams of its weight per square meter.

The waffle design of the microfiber also makes it efficient in getting rid of solid, gritty particles without any hassle. These towels are so made such that they can be easily wrapped around anything that you think to be fit.

Key Features:

  • With this set, you can easily get a player’s towel attachment by combining two towels. The white side to clean your hands and face while the dark side is tp clean the golf ball and the clubs.
  • The set comprising three amazing towels for your benefit.
  • Having feather-like weight, it is only 8.2 ounces.

5. Frogger Golf Towel


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The Frogger Golf Towel features a simplistic yet innovative design aimed at giving you the cleanest golf balls. When the ball is clean you can ensure better putts as the ball travel in a straighter line. This unique system has two towel attachments, one is from 100% cotton while the other is from 100% polyester. Thus, you can easily wet the interiors of the towel arrangement while the outside remains dry.

This facilitates better cleaning of the golf ball as you can first rub it against the wet cloth. And then rub it with the dry cloth to get a fresh ball.

Key Features:

  • Has a carabineer support system that allows you to hang it from a golf bag without fearing losing it.
  • The PGA Merchandise Show has awarded this towel to be the Best New Product. Such a prestigious win!
  • This towel even helps in keeping your fingers fully dry without creating a mess.

4 .Team Golf Towel with NCAA Embroidery

Team Golf Golf Towels

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Looking for a stylish towel; to flaunt in the golf course while also getting the work done? Then you can try the Team Golf Towel for golfers. This towel has embroidered designs depicting your favorite team. It features a checkered look that gives you a brilliant surface to clean the golf balls.

Furthermore, the towel is entirely from cotton and thus is quite pleasant to touch. It also comes with a carabineer attachment. Therefore, you can easily and securely hook it to your belt or the golf bag without having doubts about losing it.

Key Features:

  • The Team Golf Towel for golfers measures 6-inches in width and 22-inches in length.
  • It will certainly be a great gifting item for any golf lover due to its bright design.
  • This cotton towel is very lightweight having a mass of just 0.37 lbs.

3. Handy Picks Golf Towels

Handy Picks

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Certainly, an efficient towel to aid you in the golf course! The Handy Picks Golf Towel could be a nice choice for you. These towels are manufactured with microfibers which are very efficient in deep cleaning anything. Be it dirt or dust from clothes or grit within the dimples of your golf ball, this will clean anything.

The towels come equipped with carabineers that allow attaching it to your belt. They are 16-inches x 16-inches and can easily fit into your pocket when folded.

Key Features:

  • The towel comes with a hook and loop arrangement to easily roll them up, fasten them for convenient storage.
  • It comprises three towels with three fasteners with each fastener being up to 10-inches long.
  • The fabric not only feels lightweight but it is also very soft.

2. Clothlete Centre Cut Golf Towel

Clothlete Golf Towels

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If small towels are not favorable to you and you are looking for a larger towel to take on your next match, go for the Clothlete Centre Cut Golf Towel. The towel has a surface area of 16-inches x 40-inches which is more than enough for all your golfing needs. The entire surface is cut from suede microfibers. As a result, ensures deep cleaning of your ball or the groves of your club.

Moreover, this towel has a peculiar design in that the center part is cut. This adds many benefits to this large towel as you can easily drape it around your bad or through the clubs using the hole. The huge towel just weighs a meager 6 ounces when dry. Interestingly, it will not add much weight even if one of its sides is wet.

Key Features:

  • If you are dissatisfied after using this towel, you can easily ask for a full refund against it.
  • Its waffle-weave design keeps away the chances of forming debris.
  • The towel is foldable into a compact roll to help save space in your bag.

1. STICKIT Magnetic Towel


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The STICKIT Magnetic Towel from the house of Monumental Golf is a terrific product with an innovative design. It is attached to a very powerful magnet that can easily attach to any metallic surface. These areas such as the cart, your golf clubs, and so on. The magnet has pull strength at 25 lbs. And can easily withstand any kind of shock, holding on to the metallic surface.

As a matter of fact, the strong magnet ensures that you will lose your towel in no possible way. It is a microfiber towel implying that the surface is super absorbent. The microfibers can also easily reach into the dimples on your ball. Therefore, gives it deep cleaning for straighter, better shots.

Key Features:

  • The magnetic attachment is removable allowing you to easily wash the towel even in a washing machine.
  • Comes with a silicon patch that can efficiently protect the magnet against humid conditions and hence it lasts long.

What factors contribute to the decision of buying golf towels?

Golf towels play a very significant part in the game. They are used to keep your hands, the golf ball, and your clubs clean and dry. This is essential in golf because all of these determine the kind of shot you are going to make. Thus you should be very careful when you are buying a golf towel.

The very first thing that you have to be careful about is that the towel surface should be highly absorbent. This ensures that all the surfaces are well-dried before use. You also need a towel that can reach into the dimples on your golf ball and the groves of your clubs.

Microfibers are well known to do such kind of cleaning and going for microfiber towels instead of cotton ones could get you a long way! The towel you get also has to be large enough. If you are thinking of carrying the towel in your pockets it has to be small while you may also go for the bigger towels. Fixing a size before buying a towel is important.

How to know which golf towels should one buy?

When you are looking for golf towels you will come across hundreds of options with each claiming to be better than the other. This can surely confuse you and prevent you from the best golf towel. The first thing to note would be the towels having microfiber fabric are much better and likely to be costlier.

Furthermore, the towel that you buy should also be sufficiently large. You should choose a well-designed towel, a bit to the costlier side. A great way to ensure the credibility of the towel you are buying is to buy them from sports brands. Many brands specialize in golf products alone and they can be the best vendors to get a golf towel.

How to keep from losing your golf towels?

Golf towels are very important but very light products too making it very easy to lose them. The towel can slip off from your bag and you will never know and you are not likely to find it in the huge golf field. Thus your towel should be securely attached to you. Nowadays most towels come with attached carabineers that can be used to securely hook it to the golf cart, golf bags, and even your belt. There are also towels with magnetic attachments which are also very secure.

Final Verdict

Ace the game like a true professional and miss no hits. The non-magnetic or magnetic golf towels will clean the golf ball and let you make super hits.