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10 Best Folding TV Trays in 2024

We tend to decorate our house in the most gorgeous way. Having a table beside our TV installation seems to be necessary. But what if we can fold and take that table that also acts as a tray to the desired location. The folding TV trays are just the thing you need to have your snacks, popcorn or beverage while watching TV. It is even capable of accommodating something like a laptop as well.

However, only the best can survive the extreme weights. So, in order to give helpful suggestions, the folding TV tray buying guide is here. Study the points and enjoy the relaxing moments.


The Best Folding TV Trays – A Complete Guide:

10. Atlantic 2-Pack TV Tray


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Atlantic has been catering to your organizational and storage needs for decades with well-designed and highly versatile furniture. This folding TV tray from the brand is one such example. This tray table has a fashionable look that is used for multiple events and both inside the house or back at the patio. You can use it for enjoying meals, snacks and also serve appetizers at a gathering.

The legs are of metal tubes that are strong and have a powder coating for protection against the elements of nature. The top surface has medium-density fiberwood construction. As a result, gives you a solid platform and for protection against spills, you also get a PVC coated lamination.

Key features:

  • Rubber feet prevent scratches on your expensive flooring.
  • In the folded condition it takes a really small space and is stored easily.
  • Strong enough to bear around 37 pounds of weight.

9. Lipper International Table

Lipper International

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Lipper International is over half a century old and through so many decades has always made furniture that brings a whole different decor style to your home. It’s pleasingly different, where it has its own unique style, but blends in flawlessly with the rest of the decorations. This set of TV Tray tables has one of the most abundant wood source constructions, bamboo.

Since it is highly renewable you aren’t harming the environment either while buying this set of tray tables. Bamboo is used by ancient civilizations for a millennium and for the right reasons. It’s lightweight but has high durability, which makes it the perfect material for your tray table. So, you can easily lift it up and move it around the house.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t hog up extra space when not in use, is easily folded.
  • A damp cloth is all you need for cleaning this table.
  • Has a half-inch lip bordering the table to prevent things from rolling out or liquid from spilling over to the floor.

8. eHemco Oversized Folding Tv Tray


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Unlike most other brands that provide TV tray tables, eHemco delivers you a TV tray table that completely has a solid hardwood construction. No processed wood, plastic or other cheap alternatives have been used in this product. You get a product of high-quality wood at a reasonable price.

With real wood, you also get the solid sturdy feel that lacks in most modern furniture made from processed alternatives. The sliding mechanism also has a stopper made from a wooden block instead of metal that can rust and corrode easily.

Key features:

  • With the huge oversized top, you can fit in quite a lot of your thanksgiving dinner on this table.
  • Natural wooden finish with a minimalist style that looks great in your apartment.
  • Comes in a set of two and in pre-assembled condition, you can enjoy it as soon as it ships to you.

7. 5starsuperdeal Foldable Tray Table


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5starsuperdeal has brought to you a product that simply obliterates the competition in all aspects from design to make and more. It has uniquely designed legs that slide under your couch or lounge and bring the tray table right before you for doing work or munching on some snacks.

Intense productivity always requires a coffee or some detoxifying juice. But keeping it on the table is risky since small bumps can tip your drink cup over. Therefore, you get a sliding cup holder with this table that gives you a secure place for your drink and doesn’t stay insight when it isn’t needed.

Key features:

  • The top is certainly tilted in 3 different angles for your convenience.
  • The cup holder is also rotated to match the angled tabletop.
  • Has a massive weight-bearing capacity of 60 pounds.

6. PJ WOOD TV Tray Table

PJ WOOD Folding TV Trays

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PJ Wood brings to you a carefully crafted TV tray that can also serve you in many other ways. It has a rectangular top with sturdy feet that are strong enough to bear the weight of large meals, snacks and even your heavy laptop.

Furthermore, the border of the tabletop is tapered and rounded off. As a result, saves it from digging into your skin or injuring you upon unintentional bumps. The lightweight product is sleek in design and will serve your daily needs well enough.

Key features:

  • The beautiful dark mango finish adds a lot of depth to its look and makes it even more premium.
  • With a height of 66 cm, you get it right above your lap for easy access with your hands.
  • The folding mechanism has high-quality screws and bolts that are resistant to rust.

5. Lifetime Small Folding Table

Lifetime Folding TV Trays

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Lifetime always tries to deliver you products that look great, feel great and can last you for years. This TV tray table from the brand has a bunch of useful features that are lacking in other products and comes with the trust and reliability that all Lifetime products come with. It gives you a lot of room for your legs unlike other tables with this size.

So, there are no accidental bumps to the table from your legs that might ruin your beer and snacks while also leaving a mess on the floor. You also get a carry handle that lets you easily move this light table from one room to another or in your car.

Key features:

  • The tabletop is highly rigid and made from polyethylene material.
  • The frame features high-strength steel tubes with a silver finish.
  • Has protection against harmful UV rays and doesn’t take any damage from water spills.

4. Aingoo Folding TV Trays

Aingoo Folding TV Trays

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Aingoo has created a folding TV tray that will serve you nicely for multiple purposes. The U-shaped legs are of lightweight metal tubes that have been finished in an attractive powder coating for protection against natural elements and a stunning look.

The top consists of MDF board with a black matte surface that is water repellent. So, even if you accidentally spill your morning coffee or juice, you can clean it easily. It also saves you a lot of space since it is folded completely flat with a quick snap.

Key features:

  • Rubber protectors on the feet protect your expensive wooden or ceramic flooring.
  • Ships pre-assembled, so no need to search for your toolbox, use it right after unboxing.
  • Since it is covered by a 12 month warranty period, you can purchase it without any worries.

3. Winsome Wood 42290 Alex TV Table

Winsome Wood Folding TV Trays

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Winsome Wood presents to you a really versatile and high-quality TV tray with this amazing set of two tables. Unlike TV trays from most other brands, this has premium quality organic solid wood construction which is light, yet very sturdy. It doesn’t suffer from the regular maintenance problems that come with metal either.

Squeaky joints or a layer of rust aren’t going to be an occurrence that needs to be brushed off and restored every few months. You can use this tray at the lounge or with a chair and enjoy your snack time while binging to your favorite shows.

Key features:

  • Smooth round corners prevent you from getting any injuries
  • X-shaped frames look modern and also give this table the required stability
  • Metal glide and rod mechanism let you easily open up the table and doesn’t allow unintentional fold.

2. Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set

Linon Folding TV Trays

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Linon presents you with a fantastic set of TV tray tables that is not just functional but looks great with your home decor as well. Firstly, it has high-quality rubberwood legs construction for long usage. The top features MDF which can take a lot of weight and has been laminated to give an appearance of a faux marble top. So, the tabletop isn’t as heavy as marble but has other features like water resistance to make cleaning a simpler task for you.

Finally, the table has a tight slide with a metal rod. As a result, they don’t collapse even if you move them with your feet

Key features:

  • The storage stand comes with a handle that makes for easy transportation.
  • All the parts from wood to metal have excellent finishing.
  • This multifunctional tray is foldable and has a maximum weight limit of 20 lbs.

1. Table Mate II Folding TV Tray

Table Mate

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Table Mate has completely reimagined the TV tray with its new and improved design. 3 easy steps are all it takes for assembling this product within minutes. Just slide the legs together, insert the swiveling rod and add the tray. You can also change its height easily with the press of a button.

The swiveling rod helps you to easily fold the table when not needed and has a space-saving design. You also get three different tilt angles that are really useful not just for snacking but sketching or some other productive task.

Key features:

  • Has a stealthy cup holder which stays out of sight when you don’t need it.
  • Unlike most other tray tables which provide only folding function, this one also gives you 6 different height adjustment settings.
  • Unique design lets you slide the table legs under the couch for better access to your table.

A lazy Sunday on a couch and your favorite snacks in front of you, the folding TV trays will help you in this case.