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10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2024

Knives are obviously one of the most important tools in every kitchen. Whether you want to chop your veggies or meat or slice your cheese, knives are irreplaceable. However, you need to keep your knives sharp to get the proper cut.

Hence, you need a knife sharpener. Sharpening knives in the old way with a grinding stone can be tiring and risky. But the electric knife sharpeners make the work very easy. They come with special slots where you need to insert the knives. And you will get the sharpness you want. Today, we are doing a full review of electric knife sharpeners just for you. Have a look, read the reviews to select the right one:


The Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2024

10. Presto 8800 08800 EverSharp Knife Sharpener

Presto Electric Knife Sharpeners

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with blunt knives when you can easily get them sharpened without a hassle. This gadget by Presto allows you to sharpen your knives with precision without putting in any big effort. The two-stage system allows the blade to get razor-sharp without any harm on yourself.

The first stage allows you to get the precise angle while the second easily complete your sharpening with a few simple swipes through the machine. You do not have to worry about the maintenance either. Two receptacles at the bottom collect all the metal fillings for disposal.

Key Features:

  • The product contains special blade guides that hold the knives in place for the precision angle.
  • The sharpening is completed very quickly without any hassle.
  • Uses top quality Sapphirite sharpening wheels. You can depend on the material for sturdiness.

9. Chef’sChoice15 TrizorXV EdgeSelect Knife Sharpener


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Now you can cut everything effortlessly by maintaining the sharpness of your knives. Even the 20-degree factory edges are turned to the high-performance Trizor XV edges. Thus, you can get great quality knives without spending a lot of money. Apart from being compatible with different blades, the abrasives have another function.

It helps to create various micro-grooves on the body of the knife in two stages. These give the knife more ‘bite’ for smoother cutting. However, the specialty lies in its 3-stage EdgeSelect System. This product provides you with three different stages so that your knife is sharpened properly and remains so for a long time.

Key Features:

  • One great feature of this product is that it can sharpen both straight as well as serrated blades.
  • Due to the presence of spring guides, you can flexibly move and sharpen it.
  • The conical discs in stage one come with special diamond abrasives for a remarkable performance.

8. Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Electric Knife Sharpeners

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It is always better when one device can perform more than one function. Thus, with this product, you can sharpen more than just your knives. Scissors, axes, and a variety of other tools can be sharpened with the help of this product.

As a matter of fact, this is packed with various unique features. Therefore, you are able to customize the sharpening process. To give you more control of the product, the sharpener also has flexible belts on it. These belts provide a convex edge which can last you for a good amount of time before needing to get back to the machine.

Key Features:

  • A variable-speed motor allows you to control the speed of the sharpening operation.
  • In order to choose a different angle for all kinds of tools, this product also features an angle-adjustment dial.
  • One unique feature of this product is that it can be upgraded as well if you want modifications.

7. Secura Electric Knife Sharpener


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Now you do not need to keep buying new expensive knives for your kitchen. With this item, your knives will be sharpened to their brand new condition. Secura drives away any worry about the quality of the product by being ETL approved.

Besides, the clean up after the sharpening is very convenient as well. Functions at 120V power, it will do its job in a hassle-free manner. Receptacles underneath the sharpener collect all the metal fillings in a neat place, so you can dispose of them off easily. The product even helps to reshape the angle of your knife.

Key Features:

  • To avoid any major accident while handling sharp objects, the product comes with 3 suction cups. These hold the product in place while it is working.
  • In order to complete the sharpening task to a professional finish, the product not only sharpens but completes the job with a polish on the knife.
  • It certainly has the benefit of automatic blade positioning that exactly knows which one needs sharpening.

6. Sagler Electric Knife Sharpener

Sagler Electric Knife Sharpeners

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With this product, you do not have to spend a lot of time or effort sharpening each of your knives. The sharpener has Sapphiritesharpening wheels. These help you to get the sharpening done in seconds without any problem.

Furthermore, the material is ultra-hard; therefore, you can depend on it for lasting you for a really long time. The product has blade guides, as a result, you do not have to worry about putting the knife in the perfect angle either. The guides will automatically hold your knives at the right angle for you.

Key Features:

  • This is a two-stage knife sharpening product that will make it perfectly sharp.
  • The product is very easy to operate with the help of a simple switch.
  • Not just sharpening, the second stage helps to hone the blades of the knives as well.

5. Grocery Art Electric Knife Sharpener

Grocery Art

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For those who are looking for a product, which can satisfy their requirements of sharpening more than just their kitchen knives, go for this. Not only is this a multipurpose product but the design of this product is very unique and user-friendly. There are different outlets for sharpening all kinds of objects from knives to screwdrivers.

Also, with the 120V power cord, the product provides you with a good amount of energy to get the job done without putting in much effort. The product has sharpening wheels which cut down the amount of time required for sharpening the blades.

Key Features:

  • If you have a space crunch in your kitchen, no need to worry. This is specially designed in a very compact size which fits.
  • This product can make a great practical gift for anybody who loves to cook to show them you care.
  • Furthermore, the sharpener is very easy to use. All you need to do is to insert the knife to the respective slot.

4. EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener

EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpeners

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If quality is your main concern, then you should go for this product. The product has diamond-coated sharpening wheels that reduce your work by a great deal. Next, having angled slots, the knife is conveniently placed to be edged at the precise angle every time.

Further, it has a unique feature of a magnet at the bottom. This magnet will hold all the metal fillings in place. Therefore, one can remove it when the sharpening is complete. Worry not, cleaning is much easier and quicker. The product will hone as well as polish your blades for you.

Key Features:

  • To suit the interior décor of your kitchen, this product is available in 3 different attractive shades.
  • As it comes with a detachable magnet, it helps to easily attract the metal shavings.
  • Working with sharp objects can get very dangerous if you are not careful. For that reason, the product has non slip silicone feet which provide stability to the sharpener.

3. Chefman Electric Knife Sharpener


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If you are looking for a top-quality product, go for this without any doubt. The product has been ETL approved. If that is not enough, it also offers you a one year warranty assuring you of its long-lasting nature.

With the diamond-coated system, you can get razor-sharp blades without applying any downward pressure. If your knife has lost the angle for which you cannot sharpen it anymore, this product will rejuvenate the angle for you. Lastly, this certified product stays stable due to its suction feet.

Key Features:

  • As an added bonus, you will be able to get a hold of various recipes and tutorials by the purchase of this sharpener.
  • It is equipped to sharpen a range of blades with different materials from ceramic to hard steel.
  • The product is extremely compact and lightweight that will ease up transportation.

2. Gourmia Electric Knife Sharpener

Gourmia Electric Knife Sharpeners

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You would like to get those sharp knives without burning a hole through your pocket. Well, you are in luck. This product with its simple and sleek design gets your job done for a much lesser price. It has stainless steel as it’s material.

Needless to say, there will be no fear of rusting. Since there is no rusting, this essentially extends the life of the product as well. Besides, it cannot be stained or scratched either. Hence, maintenance becomes a hassle-free task. Further, you do not need to worry about compatibility. This sharpener will cater to all kinds of knives.

Key Features:

  • The sharpener has a 2 stage design for accurate results every single time.
  • The product has an ergonomic handle. This helps you to provide stability to the product and keeps your hands safe.
  • If functionality is not enough for you, the smooth and sleek design will immediately catch your attention.

1. Warsun Knife Sharpener


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Innovation has a new name with Warsun. You will not be restricted by a power cord. The product runs on a battery. This battery has an impressive standby life of a year. Moreover, being wireless, it is much easier to port for those outdoor parties.

Besides, a complete charge will only take a mere two hours. A lot of thoughts have been given in the design of this product. The tool has been covered by a protective blue film to prevent getting scratched before reaching you. The two-stage system allows you to have a rough grinding as well as a fine grinding.

Key Features:

  • The sharpener has a skid-resistant base for better stability.
  • To sharpen different kinds of tools, the speed of the product can be selected.
  • The product is powered by a rechargeable battery.

With time, the sharpness of the knives will be gone. So, using an electric knife sharpener can bring out the true form of the knives and that also without hurting themselves.