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10 Best Electric Can Openers in 2024

Electric Can Openers

The use of canned items in the kitchen has increased exponentially. Starting from canned bottles for drinks to canned food items for cooking purposes, you have to open cans now and then. However, opening the cans can be very frustrating if you do it manually and it leads to spillage and mess. To avoid such scenarios, you need an electric can opener at your home to open all standard sized cans at once without failure. Besides, there will be no spillage or mess to clear. The following is the list of the top 10 best electric can openers in 2024.


List of Top Best Electric Can Openers Review on Amazon

10. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Openers

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This is an easy to use electric can opener where you will only have to press it. There will be no hassle, and it will open the can within seconds. This is very strong and comes in an ergonomic design. Moreover, you can store it conveniently and is not bulky.

This has a very sharp blade and can open all types of cans. Furthermore, it will leave soft edges and will not touch the food. There will be no contamination, and your food will remain clean.

9. AICOK Electric Can Opener

AICOK Electric Can Openers

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Here is a multi-function electric can opener which comes in an extra-tall design. This will let you open can and lids without any hassle and is very easy to operate. Moreover, it comes in a sleek design and will look great in your kitchen.

Furthermore, this is also a bottle opener, and you can also use it as a knife sharpener. This will easily sharpen your knife, and there will be no hand or wrist pain. It has an auto turn off function and will make you hands-free.

8. Oster Electric Can Opener

Oster Electric Can Openers

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Available in an attractive design, this electric can opener is made up of stainless steel and is very safe to use. This will let you operate it hands-free and come with a magnetic lid lifter. Moreover, this will shut off automatically and has retractable cord storage.

Furthermore, this is an integrated bottle opener and has a removable cutting blade. It has power pierce cutting mechanism and is easy to operate. This is lightweight and will easily remove lids.

7. Proctor-Silex Power Can Opener

Proctor Silex Electric Can Openers

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This electric can opener comes in two different colors. This is easy to use and is an extra-tall shape. This allows you to clean it easily as you can conveniently remove the cutting lever.

Moreover, this is also a knife sharpener and can open taller cans of up to 7 inches. This has cord storage, and you will also find the function of automatic shutoff. The cord is of 32 inches long and is very easy to use.

6. Black & Decker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

Black & Decker Electric Can Openers

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This electric can opener comes in a handy design and also includes a knife sharpener. It comes in a space-saving design and will not occupy much space. Furthermore, it has cord storage, and you can easily install it under your cabinet. This will provide you with power pierce cutting and is very easy to use.

Moreover, it has an automatic shutoff and has a swing open door which allows you to have easy access. This is a multi-purpose product which is made of plastic and is very lightweight. This is easy to install and comes with a mounting template.

5. Instecho Electric Can Opener

instecho Electric Can Openers

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In this electric can opener, you will not find any sharp edges and is very safe to use. It does not require any manual labor and is ideal for people who have hand pain. Moreover, this will make your task of opening a can very easily, and it comes in an attractive design.

Apart for opening the can, this will also create a resealable lid which makes it easier to cover the food. Furthermore, this will open the can within seconds and will look great in your kitchen. This is lightweight and will open any can in a hygienic way.

4. Proctor Silex Plus Extra-Tall Can Opener

Proctor Silex Electric Can Openers

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If you are looking to opens can on your first try then this is the one for you. The electric can opener is very easy to use and also comes with a knife sharpener. In this, the cutting lever will easily detach which will allow you to clean it easily. Moreover, this comes with cord storage and will hold the can tightly in place.

Furthermore, it has a magnetic holder which will ensure that the lid will stay out of the can. You will not witness any frustration while using it and it can open all varieties of cans. This is a two-in-one product which will not make any spills or splatter.

3. Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart Electric Can Openers

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This electric can opener features a precision blade and all you have to do is press and release the lever to open any standard size cans instantly. The electric can opener comes with a quite wide base. This helps to prevent sliding and tipping.

The product is very easy to clean, and there is a convenient magnetic lid holder, Even the activation lever is removable, and the product has North American Electrical Standards. The color and contour make it very elegant for any kitchen and has single touch operation.

2. Hamilton Beach Heavyweight Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Electric Can Openers

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This is one of the most efficient electric can openers with which you can open any can at the very first attempt. The product has a patented technology which makes it so effective. You can also use it to sharpen your knife and other such objects. It also shuts off automatically, and there is a cord storage place available. The product has an elegant design, and it is extra-tall. You can also remove the cutting unit and hence, wash it thoroughly.

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Electric Can Openers

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You can use this electric can opener for all standard sizes of cans as well as cans with a pop-top lid. Due to its side-cutting system, it makes the edges smooth after removing the top. The result will be mess-free as it prevents seeping out or spillage. The lever is large and ergonomic, and therefore, the operation is effortless.

It comes in an eye-catching design with chrome and black, and you get a one-year warranty on the product. There is no doubt that it is the best electric can opener on the list coming from one of the most popular brands in kitchen appliances.


An electric can opener is a must when you throw a party, and you serve your guests with canned drinks. An electric can opener is portable and therefore, you can carry it with you when you are traveling. The base is of non-slip material, and there is no risk involved. At your first attempt, you can open the cans, and some of them also make the edges smooth to avoid accidents. We have listed the best electric can openers that are true value for your money.