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10 Best Drain Cleaners in 2024

The drains around your home must be cleaned regularly as it is the home for the germs. Besides, any jamming and clogging in the drain lead to poor clearance of water from the bathroom and kitchen. With a good drain cleaner, you can get rid of the dirt and debris easily. These drain cleaners work by absorbing the blockage items and draining them away. Therefore, the regular and smooth flow of water and dirt will be restored. The following is the list of the top 10 best drain cleaners in 2024.


List of Best Drain Cleans Review

10. Green Gobbler Industrial Cleaner

Green Gobbler Drain Cleaners

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With the help of the concentrated formula of this cleaner, you can easily break down the hair, soap scum, grease, and paper waste. This solution also helps you to clear the clogged toilets and kitchen sinks with ease. Moreover, the drain cleaner is ideal for cleaning all the organic wastage. The ultra-thick formula of this cleaner keeps the drain free-flowing.

This clog opener is also safer than the sodium hydroxide contained drains cleaners. Furthermore, this thick liquid does not cause any damage to the plumbing or sewer system. The formula is safe to use for everyone. Even, it is ideal to use this product regularly to prevent clogging. This cleaner is a biodegradable product.

Reason To Buy
  • Effectively dissolves various particles.
  • Quick results and safe for the most type of drainage system.
  • Provides free-flowing pipes.

9. Drano Max Clog Remover


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This drain cleaner is ideal for dissolving hair, soap scum and other gunky clogs. The solution also does not cause any reaction to the plastic and PVC material. Moreover, you can safely use this thick formula to clean metal pipes, garbage disposals, and septic system. You can use this to clean your bathroom tubs and kitchen sinks as well.

The cleaner also goes through water and straight to the clogs. Furthermore, this solution is easy to use, and it reaches the hard to reach places for thorough cleaning. The thickness of this liquid effectively melts down all the stubborn oily or greasy wastage in your pipe and allows faster unclogging. It contains no harmful chemical and safe for all people.

Reason To Buy
  • Provides maximum strength for removing clogs.
  • Safe for all types of septic systems.
  • Safe to use and better results.

8. Earth Friendly Products Drain Maintainer

Earth Friendly Products Drain Cleaners

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The special formula effectively breaks down hair buildup, protein, grease, and other organic wastage. The enzyme power of this cleaner also promotes faster bacteria buildup for cleaning the clogged sewer system faster. Moreover, the clog opener does not contain any harmful chemicals, parabens, phthalates, phosphates or dyes.

This cleaner is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. Furthermore, you can safely use this cleaner to clean the plumbing system. This non-corrosive formula causes no damage to the pipes or tanks. The cleaner is safe for your family and pets. This product is greywater safe. It helps to maintain the free flowing of the drains. This drain cleaner is a cruelty-free item. You can use this clog opener once in a month to maintain the cleanliness of the drainage system.

Reason To Buy
  • Safe to use and non-corrosive.
  • Eliminates tough particles and does not have harmful additives.
  • Eco-friendly and composed of enzyme powder.

7. Sani 360 Drain Disposal Cleaner

Sani 360 Drain Cleaners

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The enzyme-foaming action of this drain cleaner offers faster and easier cleaning of the clogged drains and pipes. This cleaner also comes with a refreshing lemon scent to remove the odor of the clogged drains. Moreover, the clog opener melts the food particles, grease, gunk or other organic wastage from your kitchen sinks or sewer system.

The garbage disposal cleaner is also safe to use in the kitchen sinks, and bathroom drains. Furthermore, the thick foaming easily reaches the hard to reach places in pipes and tanks to allow thorough cleaning. The cleaner is a perfect replacement for the harmful bleach or acid clog opener. This is safe to use even in the septic tank.

Reason To Buy
  • Easy to use and quick results.
  • Powerful formula for eliminating tough particles.
  •  Contains essential oils and odor reducing agent.

6. Roebic Drain Opener

Roebic Drain Cleaners

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The concentrating formula of this drain cleaner effectively clears the clogged drainage and sewer system. This solution also perfectly solves the primary cause of septic system failures. Moreover, the specialized bacteria of this formulation ideally diminish all organic wastage paper, oil, grease or other organic wastes. This drain cleaner contains biodegradable ingredients.

This cleaner is also easy and safe to use. Furthermore, the clog opener does not contain any harsh chemical to damage the plumbing system. The concentrated solution of this cleaner delivers more enzyme producing bacteria for faster and easier cleaning of the pipes or tanks. You can use this solution to clean drain up to 1500-gallons. Even, it swiftly breaks down drain field clogs.

Reason To Buy
  • Restores drainage by acting quickly.
  • Suitable for a larger septic system.
  • Improved formulation with specialized bacteria.

5. CLR Drain Opener

CLR Drain Cleaners

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This cost-effective pipe cleaner causes no damage to the plumbing or septic system. This clog opener solution is also safe to use. Moreover, you can clean your drainage system up to 15 times with a single can. This multi-purpose drain cleaner comes with the special formula to make the toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, laundry tubs, and shower stalls clog free.

The fresh lemon scent also helps to remove the stinky odor of the clogged drains. Furthermore, the instant cleaning formula of this cleaner easily dissolves the paper wastage, soap scum, lint, oil, grease, and other organic wastage. This cleaner effectively clears the slow-moving drains with safety. The solution contains no harsh chemical or acid.

Reason To Buy
  • Safe for pipes and drainages.
  • Economical and quick.
  • Deodorizing lemon scent and easy to use.

4. XIONLAB Drain Opener

XIONLAB Drain Cleaners

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With the cutting-edge formation with quick-action formula, this drain cleaner easily cleans up the clogged drains. The thick and heavy liquid clog opener formula easily blends to dissolve the oils, grease, paper wastage or other organic clogging elements in tanks. Even, the special drain opener technology melts down lint, hair and soap scum to let the drain flow freely.

This biodegradable clog cleaner is also safe to use. Furthermore, this odorless and non-flammable drain cleaner works in a safer way, unlike the acid drain openers. The thick liquid texture of the cleaner reaches deeper in the tanks to clean all the clogs at once. It is ideal to use for hot tubs, sinks, bathroom drains, kitchen sinks, and sewer pipes and so on.

Reason To Buy
  • Gives professional results and safe to use.
  • Non-flammable, odorless, and fully biodegradable.
  • Quick to dissolve grease and hair.

3. Bio-clean Drain Cleaner

Bio Clean Drain Cleaners

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This drain cleaner contains the special combination of bacteria and enzymes to dissolve all the organic waste in your drain. The cleaner is also ideal for cleaning clogged pipes and tanks. Moreover, you do not need to look for a plumber to fix your overflown tanks or drains. This cleaner ideally cleans the drain up to 100 times. The formula contains all natural and environmental-friendly ingredients.

This cleaner is also easy to apply in the pipes or tanks. Furthermore, you can use this multi-purpose cleaner to clean sinks, bathtubs, garbage, septic tanks and fields, cat litter pans, showers and so on. This solution is safe to use. Even, it does not cause any damage to the pipes or plumbing system.

Reason To Buy
  • Contains natural enzymes and bacteria.
  • Long lasting and multipurpose use.
  • Saves money and easy to use.

2. Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

Green Gobbler Drain Cleaners

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This clog remover with a powerful formula easily melts hard residues of wastage papers, oil, grease or soap in your drain. With the help of this cleaner, you can also dissolve the hair to clean your clogged drains or toilets with ease. Moreover, this cleaner contains a biodegradable formula to keep the environment safe from harmful chemicals.

The ultra-thick formula of this cleaner also removes the stubborn clogs from the pipes to keep them free for easy flowing. Furthermore, you can safely this use this solution for cleaning pipes, sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers. Unlike any other harsh chemical drain-cleaners, this drain unclogging cleaner uses no chemical formula yet cleans faster. The cleaner solution is easy to apply.

Reason To Buy
  • An effective formula for dissolving various particles.
  • Easy, effective and quick to work.
  • Unclogs quickly for free-flowing pipes.

1. Rid-X Septic Tank Treatment

Rid-X Drain Cleaners

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This drain cleaner effectively keeps the septic system clean and clogged-free. The natural bacteria and advanced enzymes also immediately start working to melt down the protein, oil, grease, and paper. Moreover, the powder cleaner is easy to apply in the pipes and tanks. This cleaner does not cause any harm to the pipes and tanks.

With the help of the powerful dual action, the formula also promotes first cleaning. Furthermore, you can use this powerful, concentrated formula once in a month for the septic tank up to 1500-gallons. You need to pour the powder and flush twice to the clogged drain. This drain cleaner powder contains no harmful or harsh chemical to damage the plumbing system.

Reason To Buy
  • Safe and easy to use with powerful formula.
  • Breaks down grease, oil, protein, and paper.
  • Long lasting and continuously breaking down formula.


The blockage in the drain is the prime reason behind the rapid growth of harmful germs. Besides, it prevents the smooth passage of water from your washing basins, kitchen, bathroom, and water pipes. There is no more need to cleaning the drain manually as the above-listed best drain cleaners, the blockage will get disintegrated and pass through the drain smoothly. You should definitely use them at regular interval never to cause any blockage again.