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10 Best Dog Carrier Slings in 2024

Carrying your little ones into your arms can be very much stressful for hours. To keep your dogs close to your body while keeping your hands-free, you need a dog sling carrier for your pets. These bags are also available in many sizes, styles, and color schemes.

In comparison to the pet strollers, these pouches are very much functional. You can walk, travel, and do other physical activities without making your little friends and yourself uncomfortable. Check out the top 10 best dog carrier slings in 2024 below.


List of Best Dog Carrier Slings Review

10. SlowTon Pet Sling Carrier


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This dog carrier sling with a padded sponge shoulder strap makes your traveling convenient with pets. The drawstring pouch also keeps your little furry friend safe and protected from the harshness of weather. Moreover, breathable mesh design offers consistent airflow to keep your dog comfortable. This breathable, machine-washable cotton carrier comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of less than 9-lbs.

The shoulder strap also includes an integrated zippered pocket to keep your necessary valuables. Furthermore, you can use this sling as a cross-body shoulder bag. The flat bottom design allows you to place this sling on the ground without any difficulty.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Zipper pocket, drawstring, and a flat bottom.
  • Sturdy, comfortable, and soft for pets.
  • A great choice for young puppies.

9. Puppy Eyes Waterproof Pet Carrier Sling

Puppy Eyes

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This multifunctional dog carrier sling includes an additional zippered pouch to store purse, mobile, and other knickknacks. The bag also comes along with an adjustable shoulder strap. So, you can simply adjust the length as per your requirement.

Moreover, this sling offers enough space to accommodate small to medium-sized dog breeds. You can also use this sling for carrying a dog up to 17-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the safety net inside of this pouch protects your pet’s delicate skin from hurting. The inner leash keeps your paw friend safe while traveling. You can use this sling for walking, hiking, traveling with your pets.

Reasons To Buy

  • Safety net and inner leash.
  • The front pocket and comes in handy.
  • Easily adjust to your needs.

8. Jekeno Small Dog Carrier Sling


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With a beautiful stripe pattern, this dog carrier sling looks very pretty. The gender-neutral pattern also makes this bag suitable for both men and women. Moreover, the security lock on this shoulder strap allows you to lock the dog harness or collar.

Therefore, your pet can stay comfortable while roaming around with you. The metal buckles also help the user to adjust the length of the shoulder strap according to your needs. Furthermore, this bag comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 13-lbs. The dual-sided design makes this bag usable in 2 different ways. The chiffon exterior keeps your pet comfortable and breathable.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Security lock on the shoulder strap.
  • High practicality and big capacity.
  • Perfect design and soft material.

7. RETRO PUG Pet Carrier


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Suitable for the small to medium-sized dog breeds, this dog carrier sling makes your travel convenient with pets. This cross-body sling also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. So, you can hassle-freely carry your paw friend without straining your shoulders and bag.

Moreover, this sling is perfect for holding a dog up to 20-lbs of weight. This front carrier also offers resistance against water to keep your paw friend dry and cozy. Furthermore, the 3-second strap of this bag offers extra protection to your medium size dogs. The extra-wide padded, lightweight, and the breathable shoulder strap makes walking convenient with pets for hours.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Safe and painless for a pet.
  • Premium waterproof material keeps the dog dry.
  • Ergonomic design that’s easy and lightweight.

6. Slowton Hand Free Pet Carrier


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This dog carrier sling comes along with a padded and adjustable shoulder strap. So, you can carry this bag without any discomfort. This unisex bag is suitable for both men and women. Moreover, the sponge shoulder strap of this bag makes your travel convenient with your pet.

The additional safety belt keeps your paw friend secured inside of the pouch while resting. This bag also provides plenty of space to accommodate a pet up to 13-lbs. Furthermore, the breathable, soft cotton fabric keeps your dog breathable for hours. The skin-friendly fabric does not cause any harm to your pet’s delicate skin.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Suitable for different people, universal use.
  • Supports pets to the new shelters.
  • Customized suitable length for the different height.

5. i’Pet® Hands-Free Reversible Sling Carrier Bag


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This stylish dog carrier sling comes with a reversible design to promote versatility. This travel tote bag is also comfortable for both dogs and cats. Moreover, this sling comes with an adjustable strap. So, you can use this sling as a cross-body shoulder bag for pets. This bag comes with the construction of soft cotton and polyester fabric.

The sling also comes with machine-washable fabric construction to provide hassle-free cleaning. Furthermore, this sling-style bag comes with carrier loops over the shoulder. So, your paw friend can sleep peacefully inside of it. With the help of additional security hasp, this pouch prevents your pet from accidental escaping.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Prevent pets from jumping out.
  • Features external security hasp.
  • Reversible and hands-free sling-style carrier loops.

4. Furry Fido Pet Sling Carrier


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With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 13-lbs, this dog carrier sling makes an ideal traveling pouch for small dog breeds. Made from high-quality, soft cotton fabric, this sling also offers enough breathability to keep pets comfortable.

Moreover, the bag has a reversible design. So, you can alternately change the sides as per your needs. This cross-body tote also provides plenty of space for little paw friends. Furthermore, this machine-washable fabric construction makes this bag very much easy to clean. The safety collar hook allows users to attach the harness or collar of your pet for safety. You can use this bag for your little kitties as well.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Soft, comfortable, and machine are washable.
  • Safe, reversible design, and convenient.
  • Holds pet easily with collar hook.

3. YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier


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This dog sling carrier involves the construction of high-quality, breathable fabric to keep your pet cozy. From puppies to small-sized doggies, this carrier also carries your paw-friend without making them feel weary. Moreover, this bag comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 10-lbs. You can effortlessly adjust the length of the shoulder strap as per your needs.

The reflective strip design on this carrier also keeps your paw-friend visible even in low light conditions. Furthermore, the sturdy buckle with long-lasting zipper closure makes this sling widely functional and long-lasting. The breathable mesh exterior keeps your paw friend breathable for hours.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Hands-free design with compact storage.
  • Made of leather and mesh.
  • Soft, breathable, adjustable, and durable.

2. TOMKAS Small Dog Carrier Sling Bag


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This cute-looking sling makes both you and your paw-friend happy during walking. The dog carrier sling is also very much comfortable and functional. Moreover, the bag comes with the construction of the plush, cozy, and breathable fabric.

Therefore, you can use this sling to keep your pet’s sensitive skin from getting damaged. With a depth of 10.5-inch, the sling also offers enough room. So, your pet can rest properly on the go. Furthermore, for additional safety, you can simply lock the ring on the harness or collar of your dog. The reversible design lets you use this bag in 2 ways.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Zipper pocket a reversible design.
  • Adequate convenience and comfortable material.
  • Machine washable and breathable soft fabric.

1. Alfie Pet Reversible Pet Sling Carrier


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This machine-washable dog carrier sling comes with the both-side usable design. So, you can also alternate the sides to match your outfits. Moreover, the pouch offers ample space with a 9-inch depth. Therefore, this carrier can hold a pet up to 12-pounds. You can use this sling to carry small to medium-sized dog breeds. The sling also provides the hands-free movement with your dogs.

So, this bag is perfect for everyday walk and outings with your paw friends. Furthermore, the safety collar hook keeps your pet safe while traveling. The adjustable shoulder strap helps users to adjust the length of the carrier accordingly.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Adjustable shoulder strap and hook.
  • Extra security with safety collar hook.
  • The best mix of style and convenience.

Buying Guide For Dog Carrier Sling

Here is the list of the parameters to keep in mind for buyers.

  • Comfort Level 

These dog carrier slings are an ideal alternative to the dog backpacks. Similar to the baby slings, these pouches provide enough comfort to both pets and users. However, unlike the dog backpacks, these slings allow pets to see their owners’ faces at any time. The slings with a padded bottom and shoulder straps keep both owners and pets comfortable at any condition.

These pouches help your pets close to your body without making you feel discomfort. Some of these slings come along with padded shoulder straps to add extra comfort. However, it is better to look for a sling that comes with a design to equally distribute the bodyweight of your pets.

  • Lightweight 

A dog carrier sling with heavyweight will not be a good option for the users. The heavy ones can slow down your speed while walking with your pets. So, it is good to search for a pouch that comes with lightweight yet durable material construction.

Size And Weight Limit

Available in different sizes, these sling bags have various designs and weight limits. Therefore, you can select any of them wisely to fit your dog’s needs. Most of these pouches are perfect for small to medium-sized dog breeds.

So, most of the manufacturers provide their slings with the maximum weight limit of 18-pounds. A dog carrier sling has to be according to the weight and height of your pets. The adjustable straps help users to customize the length of these pouches according to users’ heights.

  • Medical Condition 

If your pets have some recent injuries or other health conditions, then traveling with your pets can be troublesome for both you and your paw friends. So, you can easily select any one of them to keep them comfortable while traveling.

  • Fatigue, Security, and Carrying 

Generally, small dogs get tired first while having a long walk. Therefore, you must carry a sling bag to keep them relaxed. If your pet really gets angry or annoyed faster, then it is good to carry this pouch along with you while traveling. However, if you want to travel hands-freely with your pets, then buying a sling is ideal for you.


There are different types of dog carrier slings available, and you have to consider a few factors so that you buy the best one for your convenience. The buying guide contains certain important parameters to check, and you should compare the products before selecting one. As far as quality goes, they are top-notch and worth buying.