Top 10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers in 2020 – Reviews and Buyers’ Guide

A self-haircut is something that most people prefer not to try out. But the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown situation has changed the whole market dynamic across the globe. The prolonged nationwide lockdown to combat this deadly Coronavirus situation has compelled people to take matters into their hands and turn into do-it-yourself stylists. Generally, this has resulted in a giant jump in the demands of hair clippers among the buyers, and the sale of hair clippers skyrocketed by 166%.

There are thousands of hair clippers available in the market, and tracking down the best clipper out of them is quite a challenging task. Investing in the best clipper is essential if you do not want to give yourself a terrible hairstyle. Keeping this thought in mind, we are providing you reviews of the ten best cordless hair clippers available in the market to guide you to choose the right one for yourself.

List of Best Cordless Hair Clippers in 2020

10. WONER Cordless Rechargeable Electric Haircut Kit

 Cordless Hair Clippers

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Equipped with a 3.7V powerful motor for low vibration, this ultra-quiet WONER hair clipper kit is designed to give you a quick, and efficient haircut. All you need is to use your finger to slide the switch and enjoy a perfect haircut experience.

WONER cordless hair clippers have seven different guide combs and five precise length control to give a wide variety of hairstyles and hair lengths. It is fitted with a Ceramic and a fixed Titanium blade for quick and smooth trimming. The 2000mA lithium powered battery, when charged fully for about 2-3 hours, provides up to 4 hours of continuous run-time. The clipper can also be used while plugged in. A 12 months’ free replacement warranty along with its easy to use status makes this clipper an ideal for all.


  • Indicator light displaying the charging status
  • Smooth and sharp trimming
  • Hard case for proper storage
  • Long battery run-time


  • Removal and installation of blades need better guidance

9. GEEDAR Professional Hair Clippers


Designed for professional barbers, this cordless hair clipper from GEEDAR has 11 adjustable speeds providing the smoothest and most precise haircut. The excellent self-sharpening and durable Titanium Ceramic blade, and high quality LED display make this clipper a desirable choice for all.

The machine runs on a premium 2000mAh Li-ion battery and operates for 5-7 hours with cordless mode, supported by corded mode for constant operation. The LED display indicates Power left status, Load status, and speed, and the machine’s bottom rim glows blue when in charging. The clipper has adjustable length settings with seven different combs, allowing you different smooth and precise hair-styles.  It also has an extraordinarily designed dock to place your clipper elegantly. A one-year warranty works as a bonus to the clipper.


  • Powerful adjustable Speed Motor
  • Superior Cordless Operation Time
  • Brilliant LED Display
  • Dual operation mode


  • More suitable for professionals

8. BESTBOMG Professional Hair Grooming Kit

BESTBOMG Cordless Hair Clippers

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With a stunning look, attractive touch, and effortless use, this professional hair grooming kit is ideal for both self and professional hairstyles. The 8W heavy motor and self-sharpening stainless steel blades give you all kinds of premium haircuts with ease and precision without making any noise.

The BESTBOMG hair clipper is designed for both corded and cordless use, and the blades can be easily removed for cleaning. The 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery runs for four continuous hours after a full 3-hour charge. The LED indicator signal lights up when in use or while charging. The machine has an adjustable trimming length, six flat guide combs, and is engineered to give you the option to don different styles. With worldwide voltage, it can also be used universally.


  • Suitable for dry/wet hairstyle
  • Ultra-sharp blade eliminates pulling or snagging
  • Low noise design
  • Soft-touch grip for comfort
  • Can be used as Pet clipper


  • Extra lightweight giving a feeling of compromised quality

7. Ceenwes Professional 16-piece Haircut Kit


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If you are looking for an easy-to-use and compact hair clipper for home purposes, then Ceenwes professional haircut kit comes to your rescue. Added with a sharp Titanium blade to cut through the thickest of hair. A self-sharpening Ceramic blade with low noise design, this clipper gives you an accurate, smooth, and quick haircut with ease.

The clipper comes with nine attachment guards and five precise length controls, allowing you to adjust the height and provide a perfect hairdo. The 2000mAh Lithium battery, when fully charged for 3 hours, provides four uninterrupted service hours, giving a smooth and flawless hair trimming experience.


  • Easy installation and removal of the blade
  • Convenient hard storage case
  • Low vibration and super-quiet design
  • No skin allergies


  • Non-waterproof body
  • Un-availability of LED indicator

6. SUPRENT professional Cordless Hair Clippers

SUPRENT Cordless Hair Clippers

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SUPRENT professional, smart haircutting kit has all that you need for a detailed and effortless hair-cut in the comfortable environment of your home.

This cordless hair clipper is equipped with a powerful 2000mAh Lithium battery and an ultra-high-speed motor, that can function for a constant 2 hours after a 3and a half hours’ charge. The LED indicator displays details about the battery percentages and oil indicators. With four precise length controls and six guide combs, the clipper gives you 24 different lengths and various coiffures. The smooth, sharp, and fast trimming blade of the clipper delivers the desired salon-style haircut with no carding phenomenon.


  • Compelling LED display information
  • 24 different lengths for your preferred look
  • Dual-mode of use
  • Ultra-high-speed motor
  • Suitable for dry/wet hairstyle


  • Does not support ceramic blade

5. Paubea Cordless Hair Clippers


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Paubea Hair clippers are all you need for a successful self-hair-cut at a reasonable price. This smart-looking handy hair clipper, designed with a self-sharpening Ceramic-Titanium blade, brings the gentlest, smooth, and precise hair cutting experience, without the risk of nicks and cuts.

The clipper is supported by trimming and guide combs to give you a wide variety of hairstyles and lengths effortlessly. It can operate on both corded and cordless mechanism and comes with a dual voltage design for international use as well. 2.5 hours of quick charge permits three uninterrupted hours of service. The dominant LED display shows the battery status and reminds you to charge your battery for constant performance. Its water-proof body makes it convenient to rinse it under running water for easy cleaning.


  • Elegant looking model
  • Water-proof body
  • Dual voltage design for world-wide use
  • 12-months of unconditional replacement warranty


  • Not suitable for a military hair-cut

4. Surker Professional Cord Cordless Hair Clipper

Surker Cordless Hair Clippers

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SURKER Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper is built for long-lasting durability with excellent performance. It works fantastically and gives you a smooth and detailed haircutting experience, making it a must-have for professional barbers.

This sleek and smart looking hair clipper uses a powerful 2500mAh Lithium battery that can be used continuously for 150 minutes when fully charged. The rapid speed of the self-sharpened stainless steel blade gives you the desired haircut with no pull or skin allergy and is suitable for both dry and wet hairstyles. Designed with a convenient, adjustable blade level, and six high-quality attachment guards, the clipper gives you a quick and effortless hairstyle with a powerful yet quiet motor. The LED display keeps you informed about the battery percentage.


  • Professional quality haircut without any nicks
  • Noise-free use
  • Long battery life
  • Protection cap to avoid accidental cuts


  • Force is required to affix clipper guards
  • Heavy to hold

3. HATTEKER 16-piece All-in-One hair trimmer


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Are you looking for a multi-purpose hair trimmer for styling your face, beard, hair, and body? HATTEKER all-in-one grooming kit is specially designed to give you an overall grooming experience with ultimate precision.

This multi-functional grooming kit comes with a long-lasting Lithium battery and gives about 60 minutes of continuous trimming time after 1.5 hours of charging. The waterproof body allows you to rinse it under running water for a quick and hygienic clean. The trimmer comes with a precision dial and an adjustable trimming comb helping you style your beard and body hair for any desired look with an edge, contour, and small/fine finishing details. The LED displays show the usage time left, advising you to put it for charging.


  • 1-year guarantee
  • Multi-functional grooming kit
  • Adjustable trimming comb and precision dial
  • 100% waterproof


  • Instructions manual should be more clear

2. Wahl Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Cordless Hair Clippers

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Designed specifically for professional hairstylists, this heavy-duty and adjustable 5-star hair clipper delivers sharp performance that experts demand and thus is an excellent machine for hair artistry.

This dual operation mode clipper features a high precision blade with zero-overlap for greater speed, and comfortable use and works flawlessly for blending and fades. The Lithium-ion battery delivers a runtime of 90+ continuous minutes when fully charged. The lightweight design lets you cut hair for long durations without any hand fatigue. This 5-star cord cordless magic clip is equipped with all the accessories required for professional use. The clipper is highly reliable and protects skin and hair from any damage while in use.


  • Professional precision
  • A super sharp blade cuts thickest of hair effortlessly
  • Light-weight for ease and comfort
  • Highly reliable for not causing injury


  • Extremely sharp blade needs professional handling
  • Expensive

1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco

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The 23-in-1 premium clipper from Philips is the ultimate choice for your overall grooming requirements – be it your beard, head, body, or facial hair.

This versatile kit comes with DualCut technology that provides maximum accuracy with minimum effort. The self-sharpening blades last up to 5 years, sharpening themselves as they function.  The powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery operates for a total run time of 5 hours per charge and can also be used while plugged in. The 14 trimming guards are uniquely designed with ultra-strong fiberglass to prevent bending and buckling and always ensures a uniform trim. The premium stainless steel body of the clipper provides long-lasting durability, and the rubber detailing gives a world-class comfort.


  • 100% washable body
  • Extra-wide hair trimmer to capture more hair
  • Non-corrosive and extremely sharp blades
  • Professional style trimming


  • Extra attachments are not for regular use

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Cordless Hair Clipper

Mentioned below are the factors to consider while purchasing the right hair clipper for your use.


The size, sharpness, and quality of the blade play a significant role in the efficiency of a hair clipper. Sharp and powerful blades guarantee evenly trimmed and stylish looking hair, with no cuts and bruises. The blades should always be made of self-sharpening stainless steel. Always check for the easy replace-ability of the blades.


The more powerful the motor is, the quick and effortless the haircut will be. The size and power of the motor differentiate the top models from the low standard ones. Cheaper motors burn out quickly and do not provide enough support to the blades for giving the desired cut.


A reliable and good quality clipper is what you should always invest in. A branded clipper always comes with trust, reliability, and long-lasting service, while an inferior quality clipper, bought from a local market will always go wasted after a few uses.


The quality of a clipper should always be on the top of your list. You should always check for things like the body of the clipper, blade guarantee, motor power, etc. A quick look at the customer’s reviews will help you make an informed decision about the same.

Frequency of use

You should always keep in mind the frequency of use to help you buy the right clipper. Two important points to remember are – whom you are purchasing the clipper for and how frequently it is going to be used? A hair clipper required by a professional barber will be different from what a person needs for his personal use.


All good hair clippers usually come with various accessories, such as protective blade guard, oil, guarantee/warranty, comb attachments, etc. You need to make a note of all the accessories that you need before purchasing the right one for yourself.


Investing in an excellent cordless hair clipper is always a bumpy road. However, if the product passes all the tests given above, it will be a long-lasting and satisfying purchase. I hope the article will guide you to choose the best cordless hair clipper for your personal and professional use.

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