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10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens in 2024

Microwave ovens have been an essential part of our households for quite some time now. From heating your coffee to processing food, they make our lives much easier. However, as technology advances, the convection microwave ovens are taking over the market. These new breeds of microwave ovens make use of convection heating and microwave to heat the food.

Hence, they are much more efficient and functional. Still choosing the right product can be seriously exhausting with endless options from different brands. Well, to help you out, we are outlining the 10 best convection microwave ovens that are dominating over the market. Here is our pick and what is yours?


The Best Convection Microwave Ovens Review

10. Equator-Deco Combo Microwave + Oven

Equator Convection Microwave Ovens

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If you want a professional level convection microwave oven, it is better to start your search with this one. An innovative oven, it makes cooking really fun and your life much easier. This product actually describes itself as an intelligent combination of microwave and a convection oven.

Therefore, it boasts having the best features from both microwave and convection oven. Of course, you can use it as a microwave with 800W power usage. Else, you can also opt for the convection mode at 1100W. Furthermore, this kitchen appliance actually allows you to make use of both microwave and convection heating to cook much more efficiently.

Key features:

  • This microwave oven has 6 different auto-cook menus. Plus, it also comes with a special defrosting system.
  • Furthermore, it can easily fit a dish of 9-inches width and 6-inches height into it.
  • Above all, you can keep your children safe and prevent them from tampering with the oven by setting up a child lock.

9. Sharp SMC1585BB Convection Microwave Oven


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An intelligent convection microwave oven, it combines the best of both convection heating and microwave technology. So, it is highly efficient and simply makes your life much better. Of course, in the convection mode, the oven can easily roast or bake and perform cooking functions. The microwave technology helps you to speed up the process of cooking to a great degree.

Most importantly, this kitchen appliance comes with precise cooking sensors. Thus, it can automatically set the cooking time as per requirement. It comes with 8 different power levels. Hence, it allows you to choose the one you need to help you with your cooking purposes.

Key features:

  • Of course, this oven comes with an LED touch control panel. So, controlling it is certainly a trivial task.
  • Furthermore, it comes with 12 one-touch options including reheating, defrosting as well as popcorn. Hence, it makes your life much easier.
  • The interior of the oven has a lit stainless steel finish. Therefore, you will never have any problem with cleaning it.

8. Farberware Black FMO10AHDBKC

 Farberware Convection Microwave Ovens

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Of course, a worthy inclusion, this convection microwave oven is undoubtedly a great choice for your kitchen. With 1 cubic foot of capacity, this oven certainly provides you with enough space for cooking. Next, the design of this countertop microwave oven is simply extraordinary. It has a sleek design and a stainless steel exterior with a black finish.

Hence, it is obviously pleasant to look at. The oven has a stainless steel interior too. Therefore, you can just clean it with a dry cloth. As a matter of fact, it offers three different wattages. So, you will be able to set the wattage as per your cooking needs. Lastly, you get 11 auto cooking modes for different food items. Thus, you will not have to do any guesswork. Just choose the right mode to have hassle-free cooking.

Key features:

  • The oven also comes with unique air fry technology. Hence, it allows you to enjoy deep-fried foods without consuming much oil.
  • It also has a grill function. Thus, it allows you to enjoy crisp grilled food easily.
  • Besides, the oven has a low-temperature control feature and it comes in five different levels. So, you can dehydrate or slow cook your food as you see fit.

7. Toshiba EC042A5C-BS Microwave Oven


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Toshiba is certainly a world-renowned name in the industry of electronic appliances. They offer high-quality appliances to a major class of consumers across the globe. So, this microwave oven obviously holds up to high standards. This oven also effortlessly combines microwave technology with convection cooking. So, you can use them separately or combine both modes to get a better result. The oven comes with intelligent sensors.

Therefore, it certainly sets the right temperature without causing you much trouble. Besides, it also comes with a special reheating function. Hence, you can easily reheat the food to the right degree of temperature easily. Finally, the oven comes with an automated menu for baking, defrosting and roasting. You will always be able to effortlessly choose the right mode.

Key features:

  • The convection microwave oven has a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. So, it offers enough space for preparing your food.
  • Its interior of the microwave is anti-bacterial and of stainless steel. Hence, it is definitely easy to clean.
  • Besides, it comes with an energy-saving eco mode. Therefore, you will save a lot of money.

6. Sharp Convection Microwave Oven

Sharp Convection Microwave Ovens

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A stalwart convection microwave oven for your household, this one from Sharp offers exemplary service. A countertop appliance, it comes with 1.1-cubic feet of interior capacity. Therefore, you will never have to worry about space to prepare your food.

Furthermore, with this oven, you will be able to reheat, defrost as well as keep your food warm as long as you want. Also, it offers an inbuilt exhaust system. Thus, you get the proper circulation of the heat thereby ensuring even cooking of your food.

Key features:

  • An amazing fact about this microwave oven is that it has a four-way convection technology. So, it is capable of baking, broiling, roasting as well as slow cooking.
  • Controlling this oven is also very easy with the auto-touch control panel.
  • Interestingly, it also offers eight sensor auto cooking settings. Thus, your job becomes much easier.

5. Chefman Convection Microwave Oven


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A highly unique product from Chefman, it helps you to live and eat healthily. The best thing about this appliance is the versatility that it offers. You can use this oven to cook, broil, bake and much more. In fact, it comes with a whopping 25L capacity.

As a result, you will be able to cook large portions and feed if you have a large family or expecting guests. It also offers a temperature range between 200-450°F. So, you can always set the right temperature that you need for preparing your food.

Key features:

  • Certainly, the oven comes with the approval of CETL. So, it assures you completely about user safety.
  • It can also act as an air fryer. So, you can easily deep fry different items while using just a tinge of oil.
  • Furthermore, the accessories of the oven are completely dishwasher safe. Thus, keeping it clean becomes all the way much easier.

4. COSORI Convection Microwave Oven

COSORI Convection Microwave Ovens

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Cooking can become a tiring ordeal after a long day at work. Thus, you need the right set of appliances to make the job easy for you. If you are looking forward to adding efficiency to your kitchen then this convection microwave oven is definitely a great choice.

Of course, the oven comes with 12 different presets. Therefore, it allows you to perform a plethora of cooking actions on a variety of food types easily. It also offers 5 different heating elements along with double fan settings. Hence, it offers even distribution of the heat and proper cooking.

Key features:

  • The interior of the microwave oven is completely non-stick. So, it is certainly convenient to clean.
  • Besides, it has a 30L capacity. Therefore, you can cook large portions easily.
  • Lastly, it comes with clear LED screen with easy to use dial for temperature and mode control. So, it is very convenient to use.

3. Oster Convection Microwave Oven


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Another great product, it not has a sleek design but also has an elegant look. A unique fact about this product is its double doors. Its design allows you to open both doors to take out your food. Obviously, it comes with a turbo convection technology. Therefore, it offers much more efficient cooking.

However, the digital controls make it very easy to operate the oven. Besides, you can accurately set the time and temperature. And it also has an auto-shutoff feature. Thus, you will never have to worry about overcooking the food.

Key features:

  • You can easily slow cook the food at 150°F without much hassle.
  • The oven also offers two racks. So, you will have ample space for cooking the food.
  • Also, it allows you to preheat the oven. Therefore, you can set it to a suitable temperature for a much more efficient experience.

2. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven

Toshiba Convection Microwave Ovens

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Here is another great product from Toshiba perfect for your kitchen. Like its predecessor, it also has a stylish stainless exterior. The interior of the microwave oven is also of non-stick stainless steel. So, you can conveniently wipe it clean without much trouble. The oven has ten different power settings.

You can obviously choose the one that suits your needs and cook properly. Finally, it has a unique digital display, easy controls, and a 12.4-inch rotating glass. So, you can cook the way you want without hassle.

Key features:

  • The microwave oven offers pre-set programs that allow you to heat your food items as per the requirement.
  • Also, it has a separate button for popcorn. And there are also two completely different defrosting settings.
  • Like its predecessors, it also offers an energy-saving eco mode. So, you can save a lot of money.

1. Panasonic Microwave Oven


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This one sets at the top of our list for all the right reasons. It is the best microwave oven with convection that you can opt for. With a 2.2-cubic feet capacity, you will never go out of space for preparing your food. Plus, it has a stainless steel body. It is not only durable but also elegant.

In fact, it comes with intelligent sensors that control the temperature depending on the food you are cooking. Thus, it absolutely makes cooking much easy for you. This Panasonic microwave oven comes with inverter technology. Hence, it offers a steady distribution of power for even cooking.

Key features:

  • Furthermore, you also get the turbo to defrost feature. So, you will no longer have to spend much time on defrosting.
  • It also has a keep warm feature that keeps your food warm even when the cooking has completed.

Time to experiment in the kitchen and be fully ready to make delicious food.  The convection microwave and oven and grill will never limit you to a certain type of dishes but will rather help to expand your skills.