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10 Best Cherry Pitters in 2024

Removing cherry and its pit is really a tiring as well as a boring task. When the world has made so much advancement, a simple tool can do the task for you. A cherry pitter is a useful tool to have as cherries are delicious berries but their pits are quite irritating. If you are thinking of making the most exquisite beverages or confectionaries using cherries without pits, Not only that, it is even ideal for other small fruits as well.

If you are wondering what to buy and from where to buy, these cherry pitters online will let you give the best performance. So, why don’t you take a look?


List of Best Cherry Pitters Review

10. YouTensil Cherry Pitter

YouTensils Cherry Pitters

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For all its functionality, you can try the YouTensil Cherry Pitter. This is easy to use a device that can be operated with just one hand. It is simple to use and lightweight and does not cause any fatigue to the hands. The pitter is from high-end materials that are sure to serve you for a very long time. You can easily pit bigger or smaller cherries with this device.

For obtaining the perfect piece of cherry, it comes with a locking mechanism. This even turns into compact dimensions for efficient storage.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a warranty from YouTensil. If it breaks while use within 120 days of purchase, then they will instantly replace it for free.
  • Indeed a heavy-duty product that will not let hand fatigue bother you.
  • You can simply put it inside a washer and there will be no incidents of unwanted staining or discoloration.

9. OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter


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Certainly, an amazing device to add to your kitchen that gets you to pit fewer cherries any time you need it. This device is manufactured using die-cast zinc which makes it quite sturdy while ensuring a lightweight. The handles are soft to touch as they are padded which also incorporates a non-slip feature. When you are not using this pitter, you can use the locking mechanism to pack it into a small size for convenient storage.

Furthermore, it is loaded with a splatter shield. Hence, captures the juices bursting out of the cherries and preventing a messy affair on your tabletop.

Key Features:

  • The splatter shield added to this device is easily removable. It means that there is no hassle in cleaning it after every use.
  • Ideal for bigger cherries such as rainier or bing cherries. And even the smaller ones can be easily handled using this.
  • This is lockable in nature make it easier to remove the pits.

8. Intpro Cherry Pitter Tool

Intpro Cherry Pitters

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The Intpro Cherry Pitter is a terrific and hardy device that will grace your kitchen arsenal for a very long time. This device is from stainless steel which gives it a very sturdy structure not likely to be easily damaged. When you are not using this you can keep it locked in a compact size for easy and convenient storage. This is a very simple tool that is very easy to use. It does not even fatigue your hands even after repeated use thanks to the ergonomic design of the device.

The tool comes with a versatile cup. This can hold a variety of fruits and berries other than cherries such as plums, grapes, olives, and so on. Finally, the locking design also ensures that you can easily carry it with you without much hassle.

Key Features:

  • The pitter is cleaned by simply putting it in the dishwasher and giving it a run.
  • Having a construction of 304 stainless steel, this will not get awful rusts and will not even corrode.
  • For its simplistic design, it allows one-handed operation.

7. Progressive International Prepworks Cherry Pitter

Progressive International

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This Prepworks Cherry Pitter is an efficient tool to pit cherries in your kitchen. The device has a patented design that allows you to pit up to 4 cherries at one go. Next, the insides feature zinc prongs that efficiently push the pits out of the cherries. There is a tray at the bottom that will collect the removed pits for easy cleaning and disposal.

When you are done using this innovative pitter, you can simply place it in the dishwasher. And now run a cycle to clean it. The tray in the bottom conveniently captures all the juices and splashes keeping the tabletop mess-free.

Key Features:

  • It features a padded base to give it a non-skid edge. Hence, gives you can seamlessly pit all the cherries you need.
  • With a little effort from your side, press it down and it will do its job.
  • Weighing only 9.3-ounces, you will have no reasons to worry about carrying it.

6. Hovico Cherry Pitter

Hovico Cherry Pitters

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The Hovico Cherry Pitter is useful to add to your kitchen arsenal as it has all kinds of advantages. The tool can help you to remove the pits from the cherries without damaging them because of its efficient design. Next, the simple to use device can be easily operated using only one hand.

It has an ergonomic design that ensures that your hands are not fatigued after using it, even after for a long time. The device is from high-quality ABS material that will not wear easily and last a long time. Finally, the handle comes with a lock mechanism to fix it into a small dimension for easy storage and packing.

Key Features:

  • You can use this tool to pit other kinds of fruits as well. These are such as berries such as dates, olives, grapes, and so on.
  • This is a space-saving design that can sit in any corner of your kitchen and no one will even notice.
  • Comes with a cup that collects the seeds and any juice that may flow out as you pit.

5. An Innovation Stainless Steel Cherry Pitter

An innovation

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The stainless steel cherry pitter is one of the sturdiest cherry pitters that you will find online. It is from all kinds of lightweight and durable materials including stainless steel that makes it very strong and long-lasting. The cherry pitter us 7.8-inches long and goes up to 4.3-inches wide when opened up.

When you are not using the pitter you can keep it closed using a push lock. Thus, it takes up a small dimension during storage. This pitter can easily pit up to 6 cherries in one go. Since it features a non-skid base, you can securely use it on any kind of surface.

Key Features:

  • The ABS plastic construction makes it exceptionally light while also keeping it very hardy.
  • With the dishwasher safe property, you can certainly clean it easily.
  • Its zinc prongs are efficiently designed, so you can easily pit the cherries without bursting or damaging the fruit.

4. ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter

ProTensils Cherry Pitters

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It is one of the most stylish and simplistic tools that you can bring home to your kitchen. This device is very simple to operate and having a zinc alloy construction is quite sturdy. The metallic prong attached to the device efficiently removes pits from cherries. Plus, it does so on a variety of fruits and berries without affecting the fruit.

Once you are done using the device, you can easily give it a run in the dishwashing machine. Therefore, completely clean it and ready for the rest of the use. You can easily pit bigger as well as the smaller varieties of cherries using this tool.

Key Features:

  • The premium Cherry Pitter from the house of ProTensils is backed by a 120-day return policy. If it breaks during use, you will get an immediate replacement!
  • One can securely close it using a simple lock at the base of one handle. Hence, you can conveniently store it in compact spaces.
  • This is heavy-duty for handling tough tasks like a professional.

3. Leifheit Cherry Pitter


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The Leifheit Cherry Pitter is a grand tool that helps you to pit lots of cherries at one go. It is loaded with a stainless steel plunger. As a result, it can efficiently remove the pit from all your cherries without damaging the fruit. The pitter is otherwise crafted from high-grade ABS material and loaded with a glass container underneath.

Moreover, the container can easily collect all the pits and juices coming out from the operation keeping your tabletop neat and clean. The box-type design measures 10.5-inches x 4.5-inches x 6-inches. Therefore, it is easy to store away when you are not using it.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a collecting bowl that catches the pits from the cherries. Plus, you can store any juice flowing out for easy disposal and a mess-free pitting experience.
  • If you are using this superb tool, then you can easily put up to 25 pounds of cherries in just 1 hour.
  • This is operated with a simple pressure of your hand.

2. Kebley Cherry Pitter

Kebley Cherry Pitters

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The Kebley Cherry Pitter features a simple and stylish design and comes in vibrant colors. It comes with a long pitting rod that can easily penetrate even larger cherry varieties easily to get rid of the pit. The attached cup collected the excluded pit and also any juice that may flow out. This ensures a mess-free operation keeping the kitchen top clean.

Once you have used to pitter you can also clean it very easily by simply using a dishwasher or soap and water.

Key Features:

  • Has a 6-month warranty during which period you can get a full replacement if the product breaks during operating.
  • The best thing about this simple tool is that you can efficiently use it with just one hand.

1. LISA ENJOYMEMT Cherry Pitter


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The LISA ENJOYMENT Cherry Pitter is a lovely and easy to use tool to have in your kitchen. Whether you wish to make exotic beverages or different confectionary items, this device is ideal pit all the cherries you need in no time. The tool is from stainless steel and hence is sure to be very durable. You can clean this device simply using soap and water or even run it through a cycle in the dishwasher.

As a matter of fact, it comes with ergonomic handles. As a result, these are good upon your hands and do not fatigue them even after long use.

Key Features:

  • All the materials are food-grade and without toxic substances and hence safe to use on eatables.
  • For customers who are dissatisfied with this or its services, LISA ENJOYMENT gives a full refund or instant replacement.
  • Due to its compact size, it is pretty portable and will fit your hand.

What makes the cherry pitters best?

Cherry pitters are a simple tool but you have to be clear about the one you are buying. There are many factors about a cherry pitter tool that you should consider before you make a purchase. The very first thing that you should consider is the material from which it is made. It is great to go for a plastic cherry pitter but there are always chances that they too will easily break.

Going for a metallic cherry pitter tool ensures a long time use. You should also be careful to choose a pitter loaded with a cup or collecting tray for the pits and juices. This is an added advantage as the cup will prevent a messy affair on your kitchen tabletop. If you are a baker or a confectioner who has to regular pit lots of cherries it is recommended that you choose a device with an ergonomic handle or a device that can put more than one cherry at a time!

Which ones are the best cherry pitters to buy?

There are many cherry pitter tools that you will find when you make a search online. It is recommended that you stick to the brands that are known for their kitchen utensils. However, this is a simple tool and you may not be as choosy with the brand. All you need is a highly functioning and easy to use the tool and you should go for whatever brand gets you that option.

How safe are cherry pitters?

Cherry pitters are extremely safe tools to use. They do not have any sharp edges or anything that can hurt your fingers or yourself in any way. All the cherry pitters that you find online are either crafted from high-grade ABS plastic or stainless steel materials. In spite of the material of construction, the cherry pitters are generally very safe. This is because mainly food-grade materials without any toxic and harmful chemical substances are sued to craft these cherry pitters.

Final Verdict

Now, you have got a handy solution for removing the pits of your cherries. The portable cherry pits will let you do the job effortlessly and in a clean manner.