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 10 Best Car Window Curtains in 2024

Sitting inside a car and having the sun rays blocked from hitting your face directly is not an impossible task. The extreme heat can lead to severe headaches and also heat attacks. So, it’s better to keep the sunlight away with getting a car window curtain. If you are concerned about ruining your car’s beauty, well there is nothing to be concerned about. It will beautifully complement your car and give you protection as well.

If you are willing to know in detail about every product, then surely check our car window curtains review. All the points that will help you in making a decision are listed on it.


List of Best Car Window Curtains in 2024

10. Ovege Car Window Curtain

Ovege Car Window Curtains

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This car window curtain from Ovege is undoubtedly an excellent buying choice that you can make. The very first thing about this product that you will find interesting is certainly the protection that this product offers. Indeed, this window curtain can easily block 99.99% of UV rays from the sun. As a result, it prevents the interiors of your from discoloring and cracks.

Also, it protects your loved ones from sun glare and the heat greatly. Furthermore, these window curtains are completely opaque. Therefore, it also helps you to maintain your privacy without any issue. So, this product is surely a must-have for your road trips.

Key features:

  • With ultra-strong magnetic suction, it takes only 3 seconds to install. So, you will never have to face any trouble.
  • Most importantly, it offers universal fitting. In fact, you can easily fit this curtain on any SUV, MPV, sedans, and other cars.
  • It also provides you with 18 months of warranty. Thus, if you ever face any trouble, you will get immediate help.

9. Homesprit Car Window Curtain

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Here is another fantastic window curtain that you can opt for easily. This sunshade car curtain comes with a special magnet. Thus, you can easily attach it to your car window or remove it as per your requirement. The curtain sticks to your window perfectly. However, it does not scratch or damage or windows in any way. The best thing about this product is the fact that you can easily adjust it to the size of your window without any issue.

Moreover, even though it covers the interior of your car perfectly, it will never affect your visibility in any manner. Furthermore, it can easily fit any car with a metal window frame.

Key features:

  • You will 2 packs of front window curtains as well as two-pack of rear window curtains.
  • The curtains protect your privacy perfectly and help you to be comfortable and have a good time.
  • Completely light-proofs your car and keep the interiors cool by blocking UC rays and the sun glare.

8. Emosons Magnetic Car Side Window Curtain

Emosons Car Window Curtains

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Well, this product from Emosons proves to be an excellent product. The foremost thing about the product that you will find interesting is the protection that these curtains offer. Of course, these side curtains make your car completely light proof. They prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your car interior.

Most importantly, they also protect you from the heat and sun glare. Therefore, it makes sure that you always feel comfortable and cool while traveling. Furthermore, this product offers universal fit and the magnetic strip can fit with the windows of any car. However, if it does not fit, you can always make DIY cuts on the strip to fit it perfectly.

Key features:

  • This product is certainly easy to install with the help of the magnetic strips. It literally takes seconds to fit the curtain on your car windows.
  • It is highly durable and lasts you for a long time thanks to its construction from high-quality odor-free satin.
  • This protects your privacy completely and helps you to take a nap inside your car without any disturbance.

7. SYWAN Car Window Curtain


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This product is truly unique in all senses. It comes with four pieces of rails made from high-quality ABS. More importantly, it also provides you with 3M marvelous adhesive. Thus, it helps you to install the curtains conveniently and also makes it very easy to adjust it without any issue. Furthermore, this product has a black opaque design. Hence, it certainly offers excellent privacy inside your car.

In fact, the passerby’s will not be able to see anything inside your car at all. So, you will be able to have a cozy and comfortable moment inside your car while traveling.

Key features:

  • The curtains prevent your car from overheating and keep the interiors cool.
  • Furthermore, it also protects you from sun glare and UV Rays. So, you can travel without any trouble.
  • Lastly, you can easily drag the curtains to adjust them to your window.

6. WINOMO 2pcs Side Window Car Curtains

WINOMO Car Window Curtains

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If you are looking for the best quality curtains then this one from Winomo is surely a great choice. The most appreciable perfect this product is the fact that it is made from high-quality polyester fabric. So, it is completely durable and will not tear or wear off. Due to its excellent build-up, this curtain is also very easy to maintain and you will have absolutely no trouble in keeping it clean.

As a matter of fact, this product also comes with ABS rails along with 3M adhesive. Thus, you will be able to easily install it on your car window without any issue.

Key features:

  • Of course, this product can easily fit any window with a height between 44 cm to 50 cm.
  • It also provides you with curtain belts to tie the curtains when not in use.
  • Plus, it prevents your car from overheating and keeps the interiors comfortable.

5. PONY DANCE Car Curtains


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Occupying the middlemost position in our list, this car curtain from pony dance is surely a marvelous choice. This product comes as a pack of two along with three sucker tops of incredible power and a spare. Hence, you will be able to fit it on your car windows within seconds without having to face any trouble.

However, this product also boasts construction from incredible materials. In fact, it makes use of high-quality heavy yet soft to touch fabric in its weave. So, this product easily prevents 99% of impending light while reducing noise levels greatly. Due to its incredible build, these curtains also act as insulation and prevent your interiors from heating up.

Key features:

  • The curtains are easily compatible with a wide range of car windows. So, you can put it in your car.
  • You can tie or slide the curtains as per your requirement.
  • Having a temperature below 30 degrees, you can easily put it in a machine.

4. FEENM Car Window curtain

FEENM Car Window Curtains

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Certainly, this car curtain comes as a pack of four. Indeed, you get four curtains where two are for the front windows and two for the rear windows. Thus, you can easily cover the windows of your car easily without any trouble. Of course, it is very important that the foremost thing that is highlighted about this product is its construction. In fact, it makes use of high-quality polyester mesh in the construction of the product. The mesh is easily breathable and stretchy. Therefore, it protects your car from the UV Rays of the sun.

Finally, you can also roll down the windows while using this product since it will protect you from mosquito bites and ensure proper airflow.

Key features:

  • The curtain ensures cool driving since it prevents your car from overheating.
  • It can fit any car with a rear window height up to 48-inches and front windows height ranging between 30 to 51-inches.
  • This comes with special tape to keep it firm on the place.

3. ZATOOTO Car Side Window Curtain


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Car curtains are of course highly important. They not only block the harmful UV Rays of the sun but they also protect your privacy and help you to relax freely inside your car. The best things about this product are the fact that it offers complete safety while driving. In fact, this product allows you to see the rearview mirror easily without any hindrance.

Most importantly, the product also does not hinder the lowering and raising of the windows. So, you will be able to use this product with the utmost safety. Furthermore, this product has an opaque design. Therefore, it further protects your privacy completely.

Key features:

  • The product is very to install. In fact, it takes only 5 seconds to install this curtain on the window.
  • Plus, the satin fabric that the curtains use is completely breathable. Thus, you will have no trouble using them.
  • Besides, you get 12 months of warranty with this product. Hence, you will get immediate help in case of any problem.

2. Beicarin Universal Car Window Sun Shade Curtain

Beicarin Car Window Curtains

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With an excellent size as well as elasticity, this product is highly versatile and it can easily fit any car window. So, with a single size of the curtain, you will be able to use it in any car without any issue. This curtain comes as stretchy mesh spandex. So, it further allows you to install the product freely.

Due to its excellent construction, this also protects the interior of your car from the harmful UV Rays as well as sun glare. Moreover, the product also protects you from rain, sunburn as well as mosquito bites.

Key features:

  • You can easily the curtain and fold it for storage without any issue.
  • Plus, you can also operate the windows without having to adjust the curtains.
  • Furthermore, privacy is fully under control when you install this.

1. Manelord Car Curtain


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This product from Manelord is truly the best one out there. The product makes use of high-quality PVC material. Thus, it prevents 97% of the sunlight whereas preventing 85% of the heat entering your car. Next, you will be able to remain comfortable inside the car. Most importantly, this product is completely retractable. So, it will fit any window without ruining the beauty of the car.

As a matter of fact, the sun shades are rolling nature and so you can easily glide it. Plus, the foldable property will give it a sleek finish whenever not in use.

Key features:

  • Besides, it offers a universal fit. So, you will have no trouble fitting it in your car.
  • With the use of suction cups, the windows will stay in place.

What do you need to look for while choosing a car window curtain?

Of course, the very first thing that you need to look for in a car curtain is surely its fit. While most curtains say that they offer a universal fit, they really do not fit every car window. So, it is very important to check whether the product actually fits the window of your car.

Next, you need to look for the build quality of the product. A good curtain must be highly durable as well as easy to maintain.

Furthermore, the product must be install. It must not take more than few seconds to install the curtains. Most importantly, this product must be very easy to remove too. In fact, the product must not scratch your windows at all.

Plus, a good curtain must also allow you complete visibility such that you may not have any problem while driving.

Why do you need a car window curtain?

A car window curtain is obviously a staple for every car owner. These curtains provide you with complete protection against the sun glare as well as the harmful UV Rays of the sun. Furthermore, the curtains also protect the interiors of your car. As a result, you will have no trouble traveling in your car. Plus, it also protects the car interiors from any UV damage like cracking or fading.

Most importantly, these curtains also play an important part in protecting the privacy inside your car. While traveling on the road, there are few people who stare inside your car and make you feel uncomfortable. However, these curtains make sure that you will have no trouble in having a comfortable and cozy trip. Plus, these curtains are also completely breathable. So, even if you roll down your windows, the curtains will keep the air flowing and keep you cool as well as cool. You can have a great time on the road.