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10 Best Can Crushers in 2024

The can crushers have become one of the important additions to every household lately. As the problems with waste disposal and pollution increases, can crushers serve an important purpose? These devices help you to simply crush the cans for ease of recycling and disposal. Furthermore, they ensure your personal safety too. Crushing the cans with bare hands can obviously be very troublesome.

Most importantly, this practice can bruise or cut your hands. With can crushers, you will be able to put these problems to rest completely. The crushers are obviously very easy to use. Plus, they can efficiently crush the cans without any trouble. Also, they are childproof too. In this list, we are highlighting best-selling can crushers for the ease of choice making. So, go through the list and be sure to make a wise choice.


Best Can Crushers in 2024 Reviews

10. Dial Industries Easy Pull Crusher

Dial Industries Can Crushers

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Taking care of your trash is important, and this product will reduce a heap of your trouble. This can crusher is extremely efficient, reducing 4 bags of uncrushed cans to be able to fit into one bag by crushing them down. Moreover, the product is completely from the USA.

Thus, it comes with a collecting bin that has an American flag decal. One interesting feature of this product is that it has a patent pivoting mechanical system. This makes the crushing 75% easier. Touching the sharp and sticky can after crushing might be dangerous. For that reason, the product offers you auto-dispensing, so that they fall straight into the bin.

Key Features:

  • In order to ensure the safety of your child, the product comes with a special function. It protects the tender skin on the fingers from pinching.
  • Perfect for any individual belonging to any age group.
  • Clean this without spending much effort behind it.

9. The Crusher 77701 Can Crusher

The Crusher

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With the complications that come with recycling, this product helps to reduce your time and effort put into the process. The product is excellent at handling both 12-inches and 16-inches can without any trouble.

Next, this product has an all-steel construction. Construction is known for providing sturdiness to the item. On top of that, it is able to increase the durability of the product by making the product free from any risk of getting rusty. The cans easily reduced to a mere 1-inch, taking up much less space in the bin, and making storage easier.

Key Features:

  • One great thing about this is, it can easily hang from any wall. So, it will not take any space on the counter.
  • To make things even more convenient, this comes with an ergonomic handle which is really easy to operate.
  • This has a construction that simply ways 4.6-pounds.

8. Basic Industries International 77703 Can Crusher

Basic Industries International Can Crushers

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Once you get this can crusher, you will wonder how you went on without this product for so long. The can crusher is able to load up to 6 12-ounces cans at a single go. Therefore, the time and labor necessary for the job reduce by tenfold. As a matter of fact, those 12-inch cans easily crush to a mere 1-inch with this tool.

As a result, you save much more on the storage. Besides, your trips to the recycle bin will also witness a notable reduction. With steel as the material for the product, this product is bound to last you for a very long time.

Key Features:

  • Touching cans after crushing can leave you with cuts on your fingers. This product automatically ejects the cans into containers.
  • This is certainly something that will help to keep the environment clean.
  • It comes with a white paint coating that makes the whole look pretty appealing.

7. Commercial Zone CanPactor

Commercial Zone

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Meant to handle heavy-duty tasks in commercial places as well, this product will certainly not disappoint you. Moreover, you get the benefit of a collector bin as well as a can crusher in the same product. The crusher has high-density polyethylene as the main component.

This makes the crusher weather resistant. Besides, it promises to be immune to any chipping, or dent either. Also, the product is rustproof as well that will keep it hygienic. As an added bonus, the product also comes with a trash bag fastener. This product can crush both bottles and cans alike.

Key Features:

  • You can feel a little proud of your purchase. This product is constructed with 25% post-consumer recycled content.
  • The collector bin is able to hold a good 400 cans together before you need to send them to the recycle center.
  • Since the product is completely hand-operated, no pollution is created while you crush your cans easily.

6. Delta Prime Savings Club Can Crusher


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This is a very compact product, which hardly comes in your way, or takes up much room. Further, having the wall mount design, this can conveniently rest on the wall, without cluttering your kitchen. This is a heavy-duty product, which will crumple your cans to a disc.

Given that, the product also has the feature of a bottle opener at the bottom. Therefore, you do not have to struggle with your bottles anymore. With the foam on the grip of the crusher, you can crush the cans comfortably without easily fatiguing your hand.

Key Features:

  • If you are not impressed with the efficient operation, the product wins you with the option of two alluring colors of grey and red.
  • The product is capable of taking care of both 12oz and 16oz cans with the same precision.
  • As it is a recycling tool, you are opting for an eco-friendly method and doing good for nature.

5. McKay Metal Can CrusherSmasher


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The only functionality is never enough. To suit the interior décor of your kitchen, this little crusher is available in 4 different attractive colors to choose from. With this product, recycling will become fun. This product is able to serve more than one purpose. With the built-in bottle opener, getting those bottle caps to pop will be a breeze.

In fact, the product has heavy gauge steel as it’s construction. Steel is known for providing strength to the product. The operation of this product is fairly simple as well. With only 2 moving parts, the handle just needs to be pulled down.

Key Features:

  • To cater to cans of different sizes, this product is available in two different sizes.
  • The fat cushion grip provides ergonomic comfort to get those cans crushing in no time.
  • It also adds the useful trinket of all the hardware that is required for mounting the crusher.

4. Ram-Pro Can Crusher

Ram-Pro Can Crushers

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This can crusher helps you with your responsibility towards the environment. Any aluminum can be efficiently handled with the help of this crusher. If you do not have many accessories required to mount the crusher, no need to worry. The Phillip mounting screws required for the mounting are added with the package.

Therefore, make instant use of it. With the joints of the product also in steel, the product promises to last you through a lifetime of crushing cans. Finally, this is perfect for crushing 12-inches cans in a blink and the 16-gauge heavy-duty body can easily deal with it.

Key Features:

  • This product being weighing only 2 pounds does not run any risk of affecting your wall.
  • The convenient bottle opener attached to the bottom of the product, help you with your beer bottles as well.
  • It is mountable on walls, as well as tables.

3. MasterCrush Can Crusher


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This product does more than just can crushing. The crusher can be used to crush aluminum cans as well as plastic bottles. Thus, it helps you to reduce a lot of recyclable garbage for easy storage and cuts down your walks to the recycle center.

This product not only has a solid steel body, but that is coupled with powder coating. Quite obviously, this product will last you for a really long time with no complaints. If that was not enough, the inserts of this product are from high-quality brass. With the mounting instructions, you can do the job by yourself even if you are not great with tools.

Key Features:

  • In order to finish a neat job, the product has a handle with the non-slip design.
  • The product is mounted both vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Much of your installation work has been pre-done for you. The product comes with pre-drilled holes and pressure relief holes.

2. Dial M92 Can Crusher

Dial Can Crushers

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Maintaining a consistent, and exceptional performance, this product has rightfully won the title of Amazon’s Choice. The can crusher helps to get the job done much quicker, with fairly lesser time than it would usually take.

Loading up 10 cans at the same time, one pull of the handle gets all the cans reduced to flat discs. Furthermore, this helps to lessen 5 bags of uncrushed cans into one single bag. As a plus, this product does not require any assembling and only needs to be mounted.

Key Features:

  • Since the product does not need any batteries or electricity, this is a good eco-friendly alternative.
  • The product vouches to maintain it’s appearance throughout without any chipping of paint or rust on the body.
  • You get the necessary hardware required for mounting with the product itself.

1.Meliconi Crusher


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Innovation has a new name with Meliconi. If you want to avoid the hassle of mounting, this is ideal for you. The product stands by itself on the counter without requiring any support. Besides, this sleek design is made available to you in 5 different colors to suit your preference.

Being compact in size, this will hardly take up any space on your kitchen countertop. If you are not sure about the quality, the product is made as well as patented in Italy. This product will help to save up on the logistics cost of waste management. The product guarantees to reduce the volume of the item by a good 80%, saving a lot of space in the collecting bin.

Key Features:

  • Containing no polluting substances, you can be assured about the safety of the product.
  • This crushes empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans alike for you.

After you are done emptying all of the cans, put it in a commercial can crusher and give it a nice crush. Keep the environment clean and vouch for a hygienic environment.