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10 Best Cabbage Shredders in 2024

The time-consuming method of shredding is now easier. Shredding cabbages to the finest pieces may have killed a lot of time of yours. But now, it will just be a matter of a few minutes. The cabbage shredders are a boon to the society as it does the toughest job just accurately and smoothly. Having a choice of different blades, you can shred it as you want.

Wondering which product can make the process effortless for you? Go through our selection of products and feel no confusion at all!


Best Cabbage Shredders Review

10. K&K Keramik Cabbage Shredder

K&K Keramik Cabbage Shredders

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Love cooking? This cabbage shredder from K&K Keramik will reduce your prep time to just a few minutes. Made up of tough natural, unpolished Slovenian Beechwood, this hardy shredder has no harmful chemicals that may contaminate your meals.

Safety is certainly given utmost importance as it includes a detachable safety lock. As a result, it also helps to keep the shredder stable while in use. Moreover, the three top-quality stainless-steel blades are fixed with screws for easy removal.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-free cleaning. Just wipe it dry, that’s it.
  • A Germany-made product that is excellent in every way.
  • Indeed compact and so, store it at any given location.

9. Presto 02910 Salad Shooter


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Churning out chopped or shredded vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts and chocolate at 125 watts, Presto 02910 comes in handy for an assortment of tasks. All those needs are done is changing the blades as per chopping or shredding requirements.

Furthermore, these blades are included in the pack itself and the motor rotating these self-cleans its base. So, what are you thinking? Get it fast and rather start adding one type of content after another without even cleaning!

Key Features:

  • Having a compact structure, it is conveniently stored anywhere.
  • It is certainly safe for washing in the dishwasher and also by hand.
  • An electric-powered product that is making the daily job easy.

8. K&K Keramik Standard Cabbage Shredder

K&K Keramik Cabbage Shredders

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Another amazing shredder from K&K Keramik! Its super-sharp triple stainless-steel blades are attached to a durable Beechwood board from Slovenia. The board is left without any kind of varnish or chemical treatment so that no food is affected. As a matter of fact, the square wooden guard is indeed hooked on for safe working.

Even after shredding is done, cleaning the board is a breeze. The screws are placed under the board to avoid any garbage pile-up.

Key Features:

  • Grooves are rather added at the back of the board to prevent it from slipping while it is in use.
  • The handguard given for self-protection is also removable.

7. KitchenAid KSMVSA Shredder


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Why just a cabbage? Slice or shred any vegetable, fruit or cheese of your choice with the KitchenAid KSMVA Shredder. Its dual-action food pusher is good to go with any shape or size of vegetable or fruit.

However, it certainly features three blades of varying utilities. These include a coarse shredding blade, a medium shredding blade and a slicing one. Finally, it is simple to store too!

Key Features:

  • The product is indeed used in combination with any KitchenAid stand mixer.
  • It is safe for the dishwasher as well as manual clean-up.
  • A mere weight of 1.3 pounds aids you to pick it up and take it to places.

6. Shimomura Cabbage Shredder

Shimomura Šé”Ì Cabbage Shredders

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This Shimomura blade is flown to you, straight from Japan! Unlike its competitors, it has an ABS resin/stainless steel construction. This means that the blade will remain rust-free. But be careful! This blade is as sharp as an eagle’s claw.

In addition to that, the body holder rather allows a firm grip. Above all, the weight of 400g helps in swiftly carrying the product.

Key Features:

  • Shred a lot of other things like semi-frozen meat, vegetables and fruit apart from cabbage.
  • Features heat-resistant and cold-resistant qualities.

5. Gourmia GMS9340 Cabbage Shredder


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A must-buy, multi-purpose chopper from Gourmia. Now slice up your vegetables, fruits, meat or even cheese with the mandolin chopper on top or shred these into fine threads for a quick coleslaw with the razor-like shredder on the back.

And while you are doing this, the handguard will keep your hands safe. Nonetheless, the blades are indeed resistant to rust which assures durability.

Key Features:

  • Food-grade plastic is BPA-free, therefore, making it free of toxic elements too.
  • A year-long warranty is rather beneficial.
  • A large-sized product that is appropriate for all vegetables.

4. Shredder & Slicer


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Not used to sliding and shredding? No worries! This shredder comes with a glove that will protect your hands from any bruise. Free of any varnish or harmful chemicals, the frame has a hardwood construction.

Moreover, the base is of European Beechwood, ensuring maximum strength. If needed, the blades of the shredder are certainly changed after prolonged use.

Key Features:

  • Coming from Poland, therefore, offering the best quality.
  • The shredder indeed does its work efficiently. That’s why shreds the vegetables faster.
  • Includes a finger safety box too for making this process harmless.

3. Raw Rutes Cabbage Shredder

Raw Rutes

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This eco-friendly shredder is the ancestral secret of a European family that makes these from scratch. Hand-made using bio-degradable Beechwood, this is furthermore fitted with a safety box. As a result, protects your hands during shredding.

Finally, the hardwood itself is chemical-free and is also devoid of any polish. So, the beauty of the product will rather remain intact.

Key Features:

  • The shredder is available in three different sizes- Compact, Standard and Giant.
  • It is certainly presented at International Home & Housewares Show 2018.

2. Weston Cabbage

Weston Cabbage Shredders

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Handling- easy, clean-up- easy, safety- promised, durability- assured; what else does one need from a shredder? The Weston Cabbage shredder is an amazing combination of all these. As a matter of fact, with the triple razor-sharp, stainless-steel blades, shredding is indeed done in no time.

Additionally, a safety guard is screwed in. It enables the user to hold the cabbage with his/her thumb as well as prevent it from cuts.

Key Features:

  • One-year guarantee, absolutely free from the manufacturer.
  • Hassle-free cleaning! You can detach the shredder before washing.
  • The frame of the board has pine wood construction for longer, enhanced usage.

1. Presto 02970 Professional Salad Shredder


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Truly a savior in the kitchen! Presto’s double duty slicer cum shredder is used for a large variety of edibles ranging from vegetables, fruits, cheese to nuts and chocolates. The best part is that it doesn’t require any wiping while switching from one ingredient to another as the base of the motor self-cleans.

Four blades are certainly included in the pack are changed as per requirement. The first one for chopping thick slices, the second one for giving the shape of ripples, the third for shredding and finally, another one for slicing into standard thickness. However, it releases the chopped or shredded form directly into the desired container or even on top of pizzas, tacos and other kinds of food.

Key Features:

  • Its compact design allows storing it almost anywhere without much fuss.
  • Complimentary funnel to help pour the contents without making a mess.
  • It is indeed washable both manually and in the dishwasher.

Buying Guide For Cabbage Shredders

  • Materials:

You will have to see if it is composed of high-quality materials. Always go for the one that allows you to use it for a long time. It is composed of different types of materials including wood, plastic, and stainless steel. Plastic cabbage shredders come at an affordable value. Stainless steel lets you use it for a long time. If you are looking to have an eco-friendly product, then you can go for the one that is composed of wood.

  • Blades:

The blades determine the overall performance of the cabbage shredder. You will have to see if it can shred vegetables quickly and smoothly. Consider investing in the one that remains sharp for a long time.

  • Safety:

Go for the one that comes with safety features. See if it comes with a finger guard system so that there can be reliable performance. Some can come in a complete set and include convenient gloves.

  • Versatility:

The cabbage shredder must allow you to use it for different purposes. Go for the one that is available in a versatile design and is suitable for shredding different types of fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, you can see if it can perform different tasks including cut, peel, and grate.

  • Design:

Cabbage shredders can come in different types of designs and offer different functionality. Select the one that meets your needs. You can find the one that allows you to hold cabbage and give with safe shredding. Some can come in the form of a chopper. There are also the ones that can include a bowl where you can keep this processed item.

  • Maintenance:

Always see if it lets you have easy cleaning. This is a vital consideration, and some of it will let you clean it in a dishwasher. You will have to see if it comes with a quick disassembling process.

  • Attachments:

To make sure there will be custom usage, you will have to see if it comes with multiple other attachments. This will let you have the consistency of your preference so that you can make the maximum out of it. The product has to be ideal for every kitchen, and you can see if it allows you to change the blades conveniently.

Shred the cabbages and all other vegetables into the finest pieces. The cabbage shredders will feel very effortless and you will get the desired results.