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10 Best Beverage Tubs in 2024

Are you planning to throw a party? Parties are lifeless without beverages! Just like a birthday is incomplete without a cake, any party (pool party, bachelor/bachelorette, game night) is boring without some alcoholic beverages and cold drinks.

But, if you are throwing a party, you would need chilled drinks. As you are aware, beer tastes good when it is chilled. When cold drinks come down to room temperature, they start tasting weird. Hence, you need a beverage tub to keep the drinks cool and good for drinking.

The good part about owning a beverage tub is that it is easy to clean, and is portable. You can take it for picnics and outings too!

We took the liberty of jotting down the 10 best beverage tubs in 2024. If you are unaware of the best products in the market, this post will educate you about the things to consider and the best products.


List of Best Beverage Tubs Review

We have selected all the top 10 products carefully. The selection is on the basis of personal experience, genuine ratings/reviews, and survey.

Please take a good look at each product and pick one on the basis of your budget and personal preferences.

10. Artisan Double Wall, Stainless Steel Beverage Chiller Ice Tub

Artisan Beverage Tubs

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The ARTISAN double-wall chiller ice tub has an interesting design. The double-wall design makes it worth the purchase. Once you go through our buying guide, you would know that double-wall designs are far more superior. The beverages stay cooler for longer and there is no needless sweating on the table.

The product is classy-looking and can be used as a decorative piece as well. Plus, it can hold many bottles all at once. Overall, a good product to buy. It comes in 17 qt size.

The looks are stylish and there is ample of space for lots of beer bottles. So, go ahead and check it out.

Reasons to Buy:

  • This has a double-wall design for long-lasting cooling and less sweating.
  • The product is highly spacious. It can fit many bottles all at once.
  • The product looks good on the outside. It is an attractive beverage tub.

09. Ice Bucket Clear Acrylic 8 Liter Plastic Tub

SKOL Tribe

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Are you fond of glass beverage tubs? Before buying this, you must ensure that your drunk nights do not turn too wild! Glass can break, but a responsible being will be able to take care of this good-looking beverage tub.

You can fit at least 4-5 bottles of wine or champagne in this. It has the ability to hold at least 8 L of alcohol. There are grips for holding the tub which means you can easily carry it around.

We love it as a decor item too! You can make it a part of your wedding event or other important gatherings.

Reasons to buy:

  • The product is good-looking.
  • It can fit 4-5 bottles of wine and champagne.
  • The product has a grip to hold it efficiently.

08. Twine Jute Rope Wrapped Farmhouse Galvanized Ice Metal Tub

Twine Beverage Tubs

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TWINE brings to you a jute rope wrapped metal tub. The rustic ice/beverage bucket looks cool at parties. You do not want the guests to make peace with room-temperature beer, right?

The unique design of the product is alluring. Even the handles are rope-wrapped. They are non-slip and sturdy too! You can carry the beverage tub around or get it refilled with more bottles.

Speaking of more bottles, the product has the ability to hold a dozen of cans and beer bottles. The space-saving and the rustic-looking product come at an attractive price. Plus, you can choose a different colour too. You may not get the jute variant in others, but the colours are attractive.

Reasons to buy:

  • The product can hold dozens of beer cans and bottles.
  • It looks rustic.
  • The product has a sturdy and non-slip handle.

07. Artland Masonware Party Tub with Stand


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When it comes to buying Artland Masonware party tub, you can either buy the tub or you can buy both the tub and the stand. It all depends on your requirement. Would you want something to keep the tub in? Bending down to take a bottle of beer can be gruelling for those with back issues.

All you need to do is throw some ice in there, and place the bottles. Get started with the party, and let the guests walk and pick a bottle. It is THAT easy! The product has a rustic design and it can catch anyone’s eye. The black stand that comes with it is elegant and supports the tub efficiently.

Reasons to buy:

  • It is available with a stand.
  • The product is good-looking.
  • It can also be used as a planter, water hole, or a bathing tub.

06. Igloo Party Bucket Cooler

Igloo Beverage Tubs

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Unlined tubs have the tendency to start leaking. The Igloo Party bucket cooler comes in 20-quart size. It has a lot of space to hold your beverages.

It is made of a durable material known as, ‘polypropylene.’ The nestable design allows you to store the product easily. These days everyone is looking for space-saving ideas, and this product helps you do JUST that.

There is a drain plug in case you wish to drain out the melted ice. This feature makes life easier! Overall, we loved the design of the product and is excellent for both home and commercial use. Perhaps not a decorative item per se, but it surely catches the eye when you make it a part of the party.

Reasons to buy:

  • It comes with a handle (comfortable grip)
  • The product is made of durable polypropelene.
  • It also has a drain plug in case you want melted ice to slip away.

05. Tablecraft Galvanized Oval Beverage Tub, 5.5 Gallons


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The TABLECRAFT beverage tub comes in three sizes. You can choose the best one for your home or commercial use. Moreover, you will also find different styles online. You can opt for the galvanized version or something that comes with a stand. The choice is yours!

The product has handles which makes it easy for you to carry it around. Portability is important, especially when you are buying a beverage tub.

With the TABLECRAFT beverage tub, you can serve the drinks in style.

Plus, TABLECRAFT brand has been around for more than 72 years. People across the globe trust the brand’s products.

Reasons to buy:

  • The product is available in three sizes.
  • Easy to carry around the product with handles.
  • The product looks good for parties and gatherings.

04. BIRDROCK HOME Hammered Double Wall Round Copper Beverage Tub

BIRDROCK Beverage Tubs

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The problem with most tubs is that they start sweating. The wetness can damage your furniture. Hence, get a tub that is double-walled. BIRDROCK round copper beverage tub is double-walled. That’s not all! It is made with 18/8 high-quality stainless steel.

When you are throwing a party at home, people expect you to keep enough drinks for the night/day. The good news is that this product can house at least twelve bottles of beer or soda. That’s decent space, right?

Perhaps you can put this beverage tub on display for the upcoming gaming night.

The three-gallon tub has a beautiful design. You will certainly appreciate the beauty of this beverage tub. Plus, your guests appreciate YOUR taste too!

Reasons to buy:

  • The product is beautifully designed.
  • It has double walls so the drinks will stay cool for long.
  • The product is made of high-quality and durable material.

03. BREKX Rose Copper Stainless-Steel Insulated Double-Walled


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The BREKX Rose Copper double-walled metal beverage bucket is a good purchase. For starters, it is highly durable, and the copper colour is always going to be classic.

The bucket is made of high-quality and durable material. It will certainly last for years. However, the selling point of the product is that it is double-walled. Even on a hot sunny day, the ice will not melt easily. It will keep your beverages cool and delicious for long!

The stainless steel tub is environment-friendly and rust-free.

Reasons to buy:

  • The product has double-walls so it keeps your beverages cold for long.
  • The beverage bucket can be used for multiple purposes.
  • It is made of high-quality and durable material.

02. Twine Rustic Farmhouse Decor, Ice Bucket And Galvanized Cheers Tub

Twine Beverage Tubs

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If you are searching for the finest party decor item or something to hold the beverages, the TWINE Rustic Farmhouse decor ice bucket is a good one. It holds your drinks and keeps them cool for a long time.

There is just one colour available, but a merry ‘CHEERS’ is printed on top of it. The product has robust handles, and can easily hold a dozen of beer bottles (perhaps more).

The product can hold beverages up to 6.3 gallons. As we said, it is worth purchasing this product.

Reasons to buy:

  • It has a great design and colour.
  • The product can hold dozens of beer cans and bottles.
  • It comes with a robust handle.

01. Behrens TV205351 Steel 0GS Galvanized Round Tub


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Here’s the #1 product available in five sizes.  That’s good news, especially for someone who is looking for the ideal-size beverage tub.

You can use it as an ice bucket or even bathe your pet in the beautiful-looking galvanized round tub.

The brand claims that the product is good for storage, planters, seeds, beverages, and decor. The wire-reinforced rim is especially used to give some extra strength to the product.

The Behrens TV205351 variant is recyclable and durable. It is so much stronger than plastic and will last for years to come. Moreover, the price is just right.

Reasons to buy:

  • The product is weather-resistant.
  • It is recyclable.
  • Available in two colours and five sizes.

Quick Buying Guide For Beverage Tubs

Before you purchase any product, it is important to check the ‘buying guide.’ These are the things you need to consider while buying the best beverage tub for your alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages.

  •  Portability: For starters, you need a product that is easy to carry. If the product is too heavy or does not have handles, then you are opting for a pointless product. Ideally, it should have comfortable handles so that your hands do not freeze. Handles would make it easy for you to carry the tub. Additionally, it should be easy to carry the tub from one place to another. Look for a product with double walls because it will keep the beverages cold for long.
  • Design: Although it is not necessary to opt for something just because it looks good, many buyers consider this an important factor. This is quite subjective! But, you need to pick something which is durable. The majority of the products are made of stainless steel. But, if you need the product for a wedding or a party scene, you can go for something decorative yet durable.
  • Capacity: This totally depends on the number of people you have at the party. If you are going to use it at home, a 30 oz capacity beverage tub would do. However, if it is a bigger party, you would need a bigger tub. Some people take beverage tubs for events and large gatherings and in that case, you would need a big beverage tub.

These are the three important things that you need to consider while buying the product. So, you must choose wisely. The budget is subjective as everyone has a different budget.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that the 10 Best Beverage tubs in 2024 post helped you to make an informed decision.

We strive to jot down the best products in the market. Ideally, we suggest buyers head to Amazon for genuine products. Moreover, you get to see the ratings and reviews on the platform.

Before buying the beverage tub, you should look for something that is durable and comes with a warranty.

Make sure you pick a product that is visually appealing and highly efficient!