Top 10 Best Backyard Swing Sets in 2020

A backyard swing set is a perfect setup for your kids to develop agility, motor skill, and body strength. It is something that will get your kids out of the home and away from smartphones and other electronic gadgets. In fact, the kids in the locality can gather together and play in a group which will improve social skills and teamwork. There are different types of backyard swing sets available to choose from. Check out such top 10 best backyard swing sets in 2020 below.

List of Best Backyard Swing Sets Review

10. Metal Swing Set by Skroutz

Skroutz Backyard Swing Sets

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This metal swing set comes along with a slide to complete the whole amusement set for your kids. You can also stress-freely install this set in your backyard. Moreover, this playset is suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years old. The whole set accommodates up to six children. The sturdy and rounded edge construction of this entire set is suitable and safe for children.

This set also consists of a glider, saucer glider, wavy side, and two swings. Furthermore, the powder-coated paint finish of the whole construction makes this set ideal for outdoor use. This fun set helps your kids to maintain their physical health by involving in physical activities and exercises.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes along with various rides.
  • Suitable for any outdoor installation.
  • Ideal for playing in a group.

9. BestValue Go Metal Two Seat Swing Set

BestValue Go

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The powder-coated steel-tubes and hardware of this swing set make the construction sturdy enough to withstand water, weather, and rust. This set is also suitable to install it in your backyard or lawn of your house. Moreover, the entire set is ideal for four kids playing together. These swings are only safe for the kids aged between 3 to 8 years.

Each swing of this set is able to hold up to 100-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the adjustable ropes and ground pegs let you adjust the height of the swings as per your kids’ height. You can definitely install this set in the park or kindergarten. This set is very much easy to assemble by adults.

Reason To Buy
  • Powder-coated steel tubes for durability.
  • Adjustable ropes and ground pegs.
  • Water, weather, and rust-resistant construction.

8. Creative Playthings Charlotte Swing Set

Creative Playthings Backyard Swing Sets

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This beautifully-crafted swing set involves premium-quality solid wood construction. The pine lumber with a treated body also stands for extreme durability and longevity. Moreover, this set is suitable for residential purposes. The 42X60-inch deep paly deck comes with a 5-feet high wood roof with 9-feet peak. This set consists of a 10-feet porch green wave slide which is safe to use.

Apart from that, this set also comes along with an inbuilt picnic table. Furthermore, the high-quality swing hangers consist of three-position swing beam with two slings and a ring trapeze. The chains come with plastisol-coated for safety. This set includes a rock-climbing wall with a knotted rope. You get an access ladder with textured powder-coated galvanized steel rungs.

Reason To Buy
  • Unique pinewood house construction.
  • Comes with an inbuilt picnic table.
  • High-quality three-position swing beam.

7. ZENY Swing Spide Net Set


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This swing stand comes with the construction of sturdy steel powder-coated poles and A-frame for proper stability and balance. The 24-inch net swing also involves the construction of premium-quality polyethylene rope. The steel-frame comes along with adjustable 8-rings, eye hooks and industrial-grade stainless-steel carabiners for wear and tear-resistance. The 7-mm PE rope, with its sturdy weave, is able to hold up to 600-lbs of weight.

This swing is also suitable for any residential places, like backyard. Furthermore, the anti-abrasion rope casing offers safe and scratch-resistant environment. The eye-hook hanging connectors support extremely safety. The large space of this swing allows two children to swing around at a time with 300-lbs of weight.

Reason To Buy
  • A-frame offers extreme stability.
  • Eye-hook hanging connects for safety.
  • Large swing space accommodates two kids.

6. SUPER DEAL Kids Web Tree Swing

SUPER DEAL Backyard Swing Sets

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This heavy-duty swing set is suitable for more than one kid in a sitting or standing position. The 40-inch swing also involves the construction of web swing design for durability. Moreover, the padded and braided plastic rope wraps the steel poles around for weather, rain, and elements resistance. This set is suitable to install in your backyard.

The one-sheet metal frame is also able to hold up to 660-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the extremely sturdy ropes make this swing strong and resistant to crack, warp, rot, or splinter. This maintenance-free and stain-resistant playset is suitable for every kid. The pre-drilled components of this backyard swing set support stress-free and no-time assembly.

Reason To Buy
  • Web-design swing seat for durability.
  • Pre-drilled components for easy assembly.
  • Braided-plastic rope-wraps on steel-poles.

5. Costzon Toddler Swing Set


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The non-toxic HDPE material construction of this 3-in-1 playing set makes it extremely durable and safe for children. This colorful set also consists of a swing, smooth slide, and basketball hoop. Moreover, the whole construction of this set is perfect for any domestic outdoor use. All of the activity elements come with the size suitable for all toddlers.

The slide of this set is also able to hold up to 110-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the slide has a gentle sloppy surface and comes along with easy to climb steps for safety. The swing of this set comes with a maximum loading capacity of 66-lbs and has strong hangers for safety. This basketball hoop has the perfect height to match the height range of your little ones.

Reason To Buy
  • Non-toxic HDPE material construction.
  • Comes with a gentle sloppy surface.
  • Combination of multiple rides.

4. Kids Spinner Tree Swing by SLIDEWHIZZER

SLIDEWHIZZER Backyard Swing Sets

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This swing comes with a unique design to support all directional swings. The 40-inch swing also offers hours of endless fun all year-round. Moreover, the industrial-grade steel frame and commercial-grade rope of this set make this swing extremely durable. With the help of 600D polyester fabric, the seat of the swing effectively repels water and keeps you dry every time.

This outdoor swing is suitable for installing in your backyard. Furthermore, with the large diameter of 40-inch, this set is able to hold up to 300-lbs of weight. More than one child can easily play with this swing at a time. This playset supports easier and quicker installation as well.

Reason To Buy
  • Involves a multi-directional swing.
  • Comes with waterproof swing seat.
  • Comes with a really large swing-seat.

3. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing


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This 40-inch saucer mat swing offers enough space to hold up to two to three kids at a time. The well-built swing is also able to hold adults as well. Moreover, this play set is suitable to install in the backyard, playground, or indoor play areas. You can use this set as a chair swing for a tree, hammock swing for swing-set, swings for a playset and so on.

The unit also allows you to enjoy gentle swing with proper balance. Furthermore, this swing supports sensory needs and hyperactivity. This swing is able to hold up to 200-lbs of weight with comfort. The high-quality and heavy-duty padded polypropylene and oxford fabric seat of this swing makes it very much comfortable to sit.

Reason To Buy
  • Supports various types of installation.
  • Supports sensory needs and hyperactivity.
  • Suitable for both adults and kids.

2. Pioneer Swing and Play Set by Swing-N-Slide

Swing-N-Slide Backyard Swing Sets

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This backyard swings set for kids is suitable for the kids between 3 to 11 years old. With the help of heavy-duty 4X4 wood framing and 4X6 swing beam, this set is also able to hold up to 800-lbs. Moreover, the cedar wood of this set is naturally resistant to rotting, decaying, and damaging caused by insects. This beautifully-constructed set includes a pair of swings, wavy slide, sandbox, bridge, tower and more.

The whole construction of this set is also resistant to UV rays. Furthermore, this backyard swing set has durable swing chains and comes with a soft rubber grippy plastic coating to prevent pinches. This unit has a rock-climbing wall with 10 rocks and rope to help kids scale the 4-feet deck height.

Reason To Buy
  • Rot, damage-resistant cedar-wood construction.
  • Comes with a rock-climbing wall.
  • UV-resistant construction for outdoor purpose.

1. Sportspower Toddler Swing Set


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This swing set for the backyard is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. The unit also comes along with a safety harness to hold your toddler safely. Moreover, the playset is suitable for the little ones between 9 months to 36 months old. Moreover, this set involves the construction of sturdy yet lightweight powder-coated stainless-steel for durability.

The whole construction is also resistant to rust as well. Furthermore, the foldable design of this set helps you to store down it with ease. Even, you can carry this around everywhere. The safety harness, along with a single nursery seat, offers extreme security to your toddlers. The A-frame stands for stability and proper balance, even on an uneven surface.

Reason To Buy
  • Safety harness for toddlers’ safety.
  • Foldable design for convenient storage.
  • A-frame stand offers extreme stability.


There are a lot of factors to take care of while buying a backyard swing set. Since there is a safety concern involved, you should not buy a cheap product. You should check the weight capacity, the overall construction, and the height from the ground. Apart from that, the durability of the product is a concern as it is an outdoor product, and it has to face harsh weather conditions. We have taken care of all these factors while listing the best backyard swing sets.

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